Electronic cigarettes "Pons": instruction manual, features, testimonials

Many smokers, wishing to make their habits as safe as possible for themselves and others, turn to electronic vapor devices. Nowadays this not-so-familiar method is becoming more popular. An excellent option for such an experiment can be electronic cigarettes "Pons".

Product description

Recently, people are increasingly showing interest in substitutes for traditional cigarettes. After the medicine slightly opened the veil and showed everyone what a danger to the body is tobacco products, many began to wonder whether it was worth taking the risk of indulging your own desires. People with strong willpower and completely quit smoking, and those who are unable to cope with the long-standing habit, are forced to look for a worthy alternative. It was for them that the new Russian company Pons Technology LLC started to produce electronic cigarettes Pons from 2006.

electronic cigarettes ponce

To convince the consumer of the quality of its goods, it took some time. A few years later the company started talking seriously, and in 2014 she received an honorable "Product of the Year" award for her electronic cigarettes "Pons".This does not mean that other companies with a worldwide reputation have become worse. Among the steamers, Joyetech, iSmoka, Innokin, Kanger and Vision are still popular. But, having tried domestic products, many of them concluded that electronic cigarettes "Pons" are in no way inferior to foreign analogues.

Customer Reviews

Once the product was on sale, many smokers decided to try new samples on themselves. Each of them had their own opinion about the product with the unusual name "Pons".Electronic cigarette reviews have received a wide variety. Most of the steamers recognized the undeniable dignity of the new brand. They recognized that the product is an excellent alternative to a traditional cigarette.

ponce electronic cigarette reviews

Its main advantage is that it does not force anyone to immediately abandon the long-term habit. After all, any reasonable person understands that making such a step is not easy. Such an act requires great moral and psychological efforts on oneself. Rarely, who can constantly restrain and control each step. And an electronic cigarette makes it possible to leave a mechanical habit, eliminating all harmful consequences from it."Pons" were not worse than the famous Chinese or German apparatus. They are also convenient to use and allow you to choose the right nicotine content with the help of various types of liquids. But there are also those who are negative about such devices. Their main trump card is that electronic cigarettes do not allow you to completely abandon the habit of smoking. But the fact is that the producers did not set such a goal. Basically, all their efforts are aimed at stopping people from smoking tobacco products, causing harm to their bodies and creating discomfort for those around them. And with this task, "Pons" are excellent at coping.

The veiled harm of

However, many doctors are still confident that the new vaporisation apparatus is not so safe. In this case, we mean all such devices, including the electronic cigarette Pons. The harm of these smoking devices is carefully hushed up by the producers.

electronic cigarette ponce harm

Nevertheless, any novice steamer should understand that:

  1. Even in the purified form, nicotine remains a dangerous substance for the human body. Of course, his influence is not so great. But from this he does not cease to be poison.
  2. The absence of combustion products makes the smoking process softer. This makes it difficult to control the amount of nicotine that enters the lungs with each puff. In such a situation, the likelihood of an overdose is high.
  3. Smokers with experience sometimes do not tolerate a complete rejection of nicotine. Replacing it with fragrant mixtures only strengthens cravings and worsens the general condition. The only assistant in this case can only be medical intervention.
  4. Some independent laboratories, when examining electronic cigarettes, found carcinogens in them. True, the experiments were conducted informally, therefore the results obtained do not have a legal status.

All this leads to the idea that the myth of absolute harmlessness of electronic instruments for soaring is greatly exaggerated and far-fetched.

Refilling Tools

Those who decided to use the product "Pons", liquid for electronic cigarettes better choose the same company. Manufacturers have taken this into account. Each user can choose any accessory he needs when buying a product. The Russian company produces a smoking liquid in small bottles of 10 and 18 milliliters.

Ponce liquid for electronic cigarettes

In the trading network the product is represented by a variety of samples:

  1. "Virginia".The product does not contain flavorings. Depending on the nicotine content, there are: High, Lights and Zero.
  2. "Strawberries"( Zero and Lights).
  3. "Coffee"( High and Lights).
  4. "Cherry"( High and Lights).

The company uses the most popular flavors for production. This makes it possible to satisfy the need of most supporters of electronic floating. The liquid from Pons is chemically more safe than the products of other companies. The reason is that glycerin is used as the basis, and not propylene glycol, which in some people can cause allergy. In addition, this mixture does not contain harmful resins and is suitable for any kind of electronic apparatus.

The simplest version of

Some people who want to join the steam, are embarrassed by the need to independently service the smoking device. This makes them return to normal cigarettes again. But with such a problem, electronic cigarettes "Pons" can be easily handled by one-time cigarettes.

electronic cigarettes ponce disposable

They have a number of significant advantages that can not be ignored when choosing. Among the advantages of this type of products is worth mentioning separately:

  1. Cost-effectiveness. They are much cheaper than reusable devices.
  2. Ease of handling. In order to "smoke", you just need a good time. In the absence of air flow, the cigarette simply stops working.
  3. Disposable copies are very similar to ordinary cigarettes. This allows the steamer to have fun, without attracting additional attention.
  4. You can change the fragrance with them at any time. A small price allows you to do this at any time.

Disposable cigarettes can be worn in a pocket without using additional tools for storage. This is very convenient in the case when you want to smoke right on the go or for this there is very little time.

A conscious choice

The more a person thinks about a problem, the harder it is for him to make some decision later. This is exactly the opinion of those who chose the electronic cigarettes Pons for themselves. Harm or benefit are two mutually exclusive concepts. But at the present time there is practically no such product, speaking of which it is possible to draw an unambiguous conclusion. Of course, the liquid in these cigarettes contains nicotine. But after all it is necessary for the person in the first time after refusal of smoking. This is to ensure that the body does not feel a sharp transition.

electronic cigarettes ponce harm or benefit

Over time, you can go to the non-nicotine options and forget about this poisonous product forever. Scientists could not prove the presence of carcinogens. And to breathe a ferry was never considered a harmful occupation. In fact, it is the same aerosol, enriched with a certain flavor, which is used in inhalers. Medicine now is just advocating a similar method of treatment. It remains only a mechanical habit to hold in the hands of some device and perform with it the usual actions, which have already become a certain tradition. But in fact this action is more harmless, that with it to conduct such cruel struggle.

Where can I find the product?

Supporting the domestic manufacturer, many Russians choose for themselves e-cigarettes "Pons".Buy in Moscow, this product will not be difficult. It is best to refer to the tenants of the company itself. Moreover, she is directly in the capital. With representatives of the company you can contact by phone or use the services of an online store by going to the official website. Being the # 1 brand on the market not only in Russia, but also in other CIS countries, Pons works in close contact with many trading companies. Among them: Crossroads, Magnolia, Victoria, Trading League and Quarter. The partners of the well-known firm are also many filling station chains. When you fill your car, the driver can buy the goods needed in parallel. In addition, branded stores are in different parts of Moscow and the region. The largest of them are in the shopping complexes "Zelenogradskiy" and "Chas Peak", entertaining center "Ladya" in Mitino. Points of sale can also be found in the institutions of MEGA Khimki and Belaya Dacha, and in Zelenograd on Kryukova Street. Here you can find popular products in the widest range.

Terms of use

In the hands of non-traditional smokers is increasingly an electronic cigarette "Pons".Instructions for using the device are in each package.

electronic cigarette ponce instruction

Even an absolutely ignorant person can understand it. The accompanying document contains all the information necessary to operate and maintain the acquired device. In the case of a one-time sample, no assistance is required. For other models, you need to follow a certain sequence:

  1. The first thing you need to fully charge the battery.
  2. Then replace the empty cartridge, which is used in the sale, to the full one. It is provided by standard equipment.
  3. Tighten and inspect the device carefully. If the indicator on the opposite end of the cigarette is lit, this means that all operations are performed correctly and the device is ready for operation.

In the process of operation the first outage can leave the battery. To restore its working capacity, it is necessary to perform charging. To do this, use a cable to connect it to the network for 6 hours. The time will be enough for the cigarette to be able to provide a minimum of two cartridges. Used containers can be refilled independently, acquiring a special liquid, or simply throwing out, replacing them with new ones.