"Alfit 9 mastopathy": reviews, user manual

Modern pharmacology offers a variety of different drugs. Physicians try to prescribe for the treatment of diseases precisely proven medicines represented by different trade names. However, patients are increasingly trying to use natural remedies. To such it is possible to carry herbs, tinctures, broths and so on. How effective are they? Today's article will tell you about the drug "Alfit-9 Mastopathy."Reviews, instructions for use and other important information will be provided below. It is important to remember that the article is not an excuse for self-treatment. All appointments should be made by a doctor. Therefore, before using the product, consult a doctor.

So, first, let's look at the composition.

alfite 9 mastopathy reviews

"Alfite-9 Mastopathy"

Comments from consumers indicate that the medicine is made of natural ingredients. Indeed, its composition contains a variety of herbal preparations and there is not a single chemical compound obtained by artificial means. The instruction points to the following components:

  • peony;
  • Highlander( sporish);
  • red root( kopeck tea);
  • ordinary oregano;
  • of the zipper;
  • motherwort.

The preparation is produced in the form of compressed briquettes. They, in turn, are placed in a plastic tube. In a large cardboard box you will find two such containers. One should be used in the morning, and the other before bedtime. The difference in the composition of these packages is small. In the evening portion there are motherwort and peony, and in the morning there are no such components. On the facade of the packet and both tubes there is a trade name for the preparation: "Alfite-9 Mastopathy".Comments of consumers and doctors about it will be presented further.

composition alfite 9 mastopathy reviews

How does the tool work?

Many consumers who first encounter a drug are interested in its mode of action. Often in patients there is a lack of confidence in biologically active supplements. After all, people are used to using chemical drugs. Despite this, "Alfite-9 Mastopathy" reviews are positive. Its effect is due to the composition and content of plant substances.

  • Tea penny has an adaptogenic and immunostimulating effect on the body. It helps to restore the balance of hormones, a failure in the synthesis of which often leads to mastopathy, endometriosis and fibroids. This substance removes inflammation, normalizes blood circulation and clears the lymphatic system.
  • Sporesch contains ascorbic acid, tannins, sugars, oils, vitamins A and C. It is a natural remedy for removing excess fluid from the body( it has a dehydrating effect).In addition, the ligature contains glycoside aviculary. It has a mild diuretic effect, which favorably affects the treatment of edema, kidney pathologies and diseases of the mammary glands.
  • Ziziphora refers to antispasmodics. It relieves pain and eliminates discomfort. This is especially evident in the area of ​​mammary glands and pelvic organs.
  • Peony refers to sedatives. This component still has a different name - marjin root. It has long been used to treat mental disorders. Peony has antitumor, immunomodulating, relaxing effect.
  • Motherwort enters exclusively into the evening composition of the drug "Alfit-9 Mastopathy."Reviews about this component are certainly known to every person. It has a calming effect, relaxes, normalizes sleep and helps to eliminate pain.

alfite 9 mastopathy customer reviews

Indications for use and contraindications

When should you use the phytospora "Alfite-9 Mastopathy"?Doctors advise not to start therapy on their own. For recommendations, you should visit a doctor and get individual recommendations. The instruction says that the remedy can be used to treat the following pathologies:

  • mastopathy;
  • condition after mastitis and mastalgia;
  • is an easy form of gynecomastia;
  • prevention of cancer.

Also, the remedy is used for gynecological abnormalities, minor violations of the hormonal background. But in these cases, the phytospora is combined with other drugs.

What can I say about contraindications to the use of the product "Alfit-9 Mastopathy"?Reviews say that the annotation does not specify cases when the use of phytosboric is unacceptable. The manufacturer reports that the remedy is not a medicine. In this regard, it is recognized as safe and permissible to use in all cases. But doctors remind that most of the ingredients of this drug are allergens. Therefore, if there is an intolerance to any substance, then they should give up therapy by choosing other medications.

phytosphere alfit 9 location-based reviews

How to use: dosage and preparation of

What do they say about the method of using the drug "Alfite-9 Mastopathy" reviews? The use of an additive is quite simple. Consumers note that, unlike other herbs, this remedy does not need to be infused with a water bath or boiled. This is an important plus, since the preparation of the drink does not take much time.

The instruction recommends taking one briquette of phytospora in the morning and before bedtime. To do this, take a compressed tablet, put it in a cup and pour it with boiling water. Insist the remedy for 10 minutes. Then use inside. The duration of therapy is an average of one month. In especially severe cases, 2-3 courses are conducted with seven-day breaks.

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Probability of Adverse Reactions

What else can we say about the drug "Alfit-9 Mastopathy"?Reviews herbal collection has a positive. But there are registered cases of negative reactions. Of course, consumers complaining, were dissatisfied with the described drug.

The most common side effect is allergy. All substances that make up the drug can provoke it. Therefore, if at the beginning of the application you are bothered by new unpleasant symptoms, you should contact a specialist. Most likely, the doctor will change the scheme of therapy and pick up another medicine. Allergies can be manifested by itching and rash, reddening of the skin and mucous membranes, hives and swelling. Since the medication is ingested, it can cause indigestion. But it happens quite rarely.

Possibility of use in pregnancy and breastfeeding

What do they say about the possibility of treating pregnant and lactating women with the help of "Alfit-9 Mastopathy" reviews? The instructions for use contain information that the medication can be used during the period of breastfeeding only as prescribed by the doctor. More often it is required to get rid of mastitis and other diseases. With the development of an allergy in a child, the remedy is canceled or temporarily discontinued breastfeeding.

During pregnancy, doctors are not advised to use the described phytospora. Despite its safety, the medicine can have a negative effect on the unborn child. Clinical studies in pregnant women have not been conducted. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly what will happen when treating this drug at any gestation period.

alfit 9 mastopathy reviews user manual

Treatment of mastopathy with phytosegraph

You already know that the drug "Alfit-9 Mastopathy" is used to treat breast diseases. Reviews about medications with such a composition are usually good. The medicine removes swelling from the chest, removes excess fluid from the body. Also, phytospora increases immunity, anesthetizes and relieves anxiety. With its application, the patients feel better, sleep is normalized.

What do clinical data say? After the course of the drug, improvements are clearly visible. Patients feel good, and the ultrasound picture shows a decrease in foci. If we talk about the treatment of mastopathy, then the drug is recognized as sufficiently effective and safe. What about the rest of the cases?

Is it permissible to use the drug in malignant breast formations?

Often, oncology makes patients think about folk treatment. After all, medical therapy is recognized as quite serious, it has consequences. Can I use the drug "Alfit-9 Mastopathy" for the treatment of breast cancer?

Doctors do not recommend such a therapy. With cancer, some herbs are contraindicated. Therefore, it is not known how your body and tumor will react to this compound. In addition, a positive effect is probably not forthcoming. After all, if oncology could be cured with herbs, this would already have been known. However, as a prophylaxis, this remedy is used quite often.

alfit 9 mastopathy reviews application

"Alfite-9 Mastopathy": customer feedback on tea

What do patients say about the dietary supplement? An important plus of dietary supplements is the cost. You can buy a phytospora for only 150 rubles. In this case you will receive 40 briquettes in the package. This amount is enough for 20 days of treatment.

Tea after brewing has a herbal residue. It is not very pleasant to eat. Therefore, many patients strain it. But this is not entirely correct. If you use the rest of the herbs, you can achieve a more pronounced effect of treatment.

The taste of the drug is for an amateur. Many patients are uncomfortable using an herbal drink. But in a few days, if you believe the reviews, people get used to and almost do not notice a bitter-sweet taste.

Opinions of doctors about dietary supplements

What about the phytosphere "Alfite-9 Mastopathy" reviews of doctors? Doctors say that the drug has a positive effect on the body. He is able to eliminate mild forms of mastopathy and to put the hormonal and nervous system in order. However, serious cases of diseases require the use of more serious drugs.

Phytosbora is sold in many pharmacy chains and on the Internet. Doctors do not advise buying goods from people who do not have permission to sell it. After all, you do not know what made this medicine, and it can be a fake. Also, before using tea experts recommend that you carefully read the instructions and study the composition of the drug. Remember, if you have ever had an allergy to these ingredients. If there is such, you must refuse treatment and consult the doctor for further action.

alfite 9 mastopathy reviews user guide

In conclusion

The drug "Alfit-9 Mastopathy" has good reviews. Only some consumers were dissatisfied with the therapy. More often these were individual cases of intolerance to one or more components of the drug.

At the same time, it should be noted that the treatment of mastopathy with phyto-phyto "Alfit-9 Mastopathy" is not a panacea. Therefore, do not rely on only positive feedback from other people, rush to find this drug. Before using, always consult a doctor and find out his opinion about this dietary supplement. Take the drug according to the instructions. Do not exceed the indicated doses and duration of treatment. A speedy recovery for you!