Hospital 24 at the "Savelovskaya": the address, how to get there, the hours of visits, reviews

Hospital 24 on the "Savelovskaya" is one of the oldest in the Russian capital. The clinic was opened during the reign of Empress Catherine II.Perhaps, next to the metro station "Savelovskaya" hospital 24 is one of the most significant places, with a rich history.

Hospital for

At present, it is a versatile institution providing various types of medical services, including paid services. The clinic also has a perinatal center. When he is working a maternity hospital, considered one of the best in the city. The clinic also has a research and educational center, where specialists undergo advanced training in various educational programs.

Metro Savelovskaya: hospital 24

History of the hospital

In 1775( after the plague in Europe), Catherine II issued a decree insisting on the creation of a medical clinic for citizens, which would work constantly. This was opened in a year later in the wooden buildings of the former Quarantine yard at the address: Third Meshchanskaya street( currently Shchepkina street).The hospital received

the name of the Empress and was named Catherine. Later, more than a century later, the medical institution was transferred and equipped to a new address: the Golitsyn mansion near the Passion Monastery. The hospital was named the New Catherine, it became the largest in the capital. In the middle of the 19th century, the forces of leading Russian medical specialists were concentrated there( NA Semashko, PA Herzen, PI Rossolimo, AA Bobrov, AY Kozhevnikov), the best minds of Moscow State University worked there. Even Chekhov himself was once practicing here. The hospital was eventually renamed Imperial.

During the war years of 1941-1945, the institution did not stop its activities. Here was the hospital of the Moscow garrison.

And in 2009 the main building of the medical institution in question moved to the metro station "Savelovskaya"."Hospital 24, how to get to it?"- Now one of the main issues of Muscovites, old-timers, because they are used to the fact that all the familiar clinic is located on Strastnoy. However, the new hulls are no worse than the old ones, if not better. They are more spacious and modernized.

24th hospital on Savelovskaya: how to get

Surgical profile

Hospital 24 on "Savelovskaya" renders various kinds of medical services, but priority has been given to treatment of coloproctological diseases for almost half a century. In the clinic, there are five departments for this profile, three of them related to oncology.

The hospital 24 located near the metro station "Savelovskaya" is famous primarily for its surgeons. To them on reception or treatment many Muscovites and inhabitants of other cities wish to get. Reviews about the excellent work of specialists are the best and highest. In the department of general coloproctology, patients with a general proctologic profile are treated. These are diseases such as anal fissures, hemorrhoids, fistulas of the rectum, benign formations in the rectum, etc. Diagnosis is carried out, as well as conservative treatment of therapeutic patients. There are in 24 city hospitals( "Savelovskaya") and oncoloproctology department.

Address 24 hospitals in Savelovskaya

As for the surgical department, the priority direction of his work is the use of laparoscopic technology. Complex operations are carried out here, such as: resection of the large intestine, liver, stomach, pancreas. There are also extended and combined operations for malignant, benign and local tumors of the abdominal cavity. Hospital 24 at the "Savelovskaya" was one of the first in Russia and even in the world, where they began to apply the technique of laparoscopic surgery in the treatment of diseases of the rectum and colon. The first operations were carried out in 1993 and continue to be successfully carried out.

In the urology department several times a year for those who wish, days of open consultations are held. You can ask your question to a specialist.

Also in the hospital 24 on the "Savelovskaya" there are departments of phlebology( treatment of varicose veins in all its manifestations), gynecology( treatment of gynecological diseases and diseases of the female sexual sphere).

Therapeutic profile

In the therapy department, patients with respiratory diseases( asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc.), cardiovascular system( heart failure, ischemic heart disease, arterial hypertension, etc.) are treated. Also working here are specialists-neurologists, cardiologists, nephrologists. There is also a department of allergology and immunology where complex cases of allergy and other diseases associated with immunity and susceptibility of the organism to external factors are considered. Also, it is in hospital 24 on "Savelovskaya" that one of the five metropolitan Mezhokruzhny departments of multiple sclerosis is located. Reception of citizens is carried out by appointment.

Diagnostic profile of

This direction in the hospital is represented by the endoscopic department( gastroscopy, colonoscopy) and the ultrasound department. Colonoscopy in the clinic is performed with anesthesia, and if desired even under anesthesia. Specialists carefully treat each person who appeals to new clients. Attention should also be paid to the availability of modern equipment. Cost of a colonoscopy with anesthesia is 13 600 rubles. Beforehand, patients need to take tests and apply their results before proceeding to the procedure. Colonoscopy is not the most pleasant procedure, but very effective. It allows to examine from inside all departments of the large intestine. A procedure is performed using a medical tube with a backlight, which is inserted into the large intestine. When suspicious areas are detected, the doctor takes the material.


All kinds of colonoproctological operations are being conducted within the walls of institutions, which exist at the moment( more than 7000 annually).Moreover, some of them were developed by specialists working in the hospital 24 at the "Savelovskaya".Feedback from thousands of grateful customers is confirmed.

There are services provided free of charge, but there are also paid services.

Hospital 24 in Savelovskaya

Hospital 24 at Savelovskaya: address

The institution is located at: Pitsovaya street, house 10. The closest thing is to get from the metro station "Savelovskaya".It is necessary to go to the side of the first car from the center. Then go left through the glass doors to the street, then right along the stairs. On the right side there will be Savelovsky Station and the Savings Bank building. We need to move to Butyrskaya street, and then either go further to the 2nd Kvesissa( and then along it to the left), or immediately take it to the left of Vyatka. On the left after the house 27, p. 16 on this street after a couple of hundred meters and there will be a clinic.

24 hospitals on the "Savelovskaya" - how to get there by car? It is most convenient to move along the outer side of the Third Ring Road to the Lower Maslovka( right way), and then move to Vyatka Street.

Reception hours for specialists

Visitors need to know the specific time when you can come to a consultation in hospital 24 at the "Savelovskaya".Visiting hours of the consulting and diagnostic department :

- department heads are accepted from 15 to 17 hours( only Yu. A. Tkachuk - from 14 to 16) one day a week each;

- Coloproctologists: from 8:30 to 16:00.Some specialists take up to 19 hours.

All visits are possible only on weekdays. The reception hours are also available on the official website of the hospital.

Registry operating mode: from 8:30 to 19:00.

24 city hospital on Savelovskaya

How to record at the reception

Preliminary appointment for a primary appointment with a specialist is carried out on weekdays from 8:30 to 18:30.A personal presence of the patient or his representative is necessary. At the same time, the patient's medical record is also processed. When applying to the registry, you must have the following documents with you:

  1. Referral for consultation with the number, seal and stamp of the medical organization that issued the referral( the so-called form No. 057 / у-04).

  2. Insurance medical policy.

  3. SUNS.

  4. If there are - pictures, extracts of the case histories, test results, epicrisis.

Paid services in the hospital

Those who wish to perform instrumental or laboratory diagnostics on an outpatient basis on an institution basis are able to receive these services on a fee basis. To do this, consult the specialists of the clinic's advisory department.

Also services for money are provided:

- for nonresident citizens;

- residents of other states;

- in case of self-referral of a citizen( except for emergency assistance, as well as cases regulated by the federal legislation of the RF on protection of public health);

- in the provision of additional services not provided for by TPGG or not related to treatment of the underlying disease;

- when placed in rooms of high comfort.

Schedule of access to the registry: from 9:00 to 16:30.Weekends are Saturday and Sunday. You need to have a passport and payment confirmation. You can pay for services at the ticket office of the paid medical services. At present, payment by bank cards is impossible. A contract is concluded with the patient, and then a consultation with a specialist is already under way.

Perinatal center at the hospital

The main building of the clinic is located near the metro station "Savelovskaya".Hospital 24, however, also has other buildings, such as the perinatal center, which houses a specialized maternity hospital and a hospital for nursing preterm infants. These two areas are united into a single administrative system. The maternity hospital at hospital 24 was the first in the Soviet Union large medical institution for premature birth and nursing of premature babies, specializing specifically on childbirth that began before the 37th week. Babies, born in the 25-28 weeks of pregnancy, are nursed by specialists of the perinatal center. The humidity and temperature are maintained in the bowls. Bedspreads protect children's eyes from bright sunlight and daylight, creating conditions that are as close as possible to intrauterine. Babies are also provided with artificial ventilation.

The perinatal center also allows for paid delivery. Given the good reputation of the maternity hospital and the high quality of the staff, many want to give birth here, and this is possible for an additional fee. Parents are provided with wards of joint stay with the baby. There is a shower and toilet in the box.

Perinatal center is located near the main body - in Vyatsky pereulok( house 39).

Visit to hospital 24 at Savelovskaya

Research and Education Center Within the framework of advanced training, applicants can receive additional medical education. The scientific and educational center on the basis of the hospital is located on Piscova Street in house 10. There are various directions of medicine and pharmacology. On the basis of the clinic there are ten chairs from leading Russian universities. This, for example, general surgery, radiation diagnosis and therapy at RNIMU them. Pirogov, ultrasound diagnosis and surgery PFUR.In 2014, the center also launched a project - a surgical workshop called "Territory of Coloproctology."Professionals exchange experience among themselves, studying and improving modern methods of treatment. The surgical potential is also being increased.