"Lady Bon" - a remedy for menopause: indications, instructions for use, composition and reviews

Sooner or later all women face such an unpleasant period of life as a climax. Some very easily tolerate it and do not feel all the side effects. Others resort to the help of doctors to alleviate this condition."Lady Bon" is a remedy for menopause, which is specially developed for women. More details about it will be discussed in our article.

The onset of menopause

In simple terms, this is the end of menstruation. But in fact, everything is not so simple. The organism undergoes a serious hormonal reorganization. Cope with this difficult matter will help "Lady Bon" - a remedy for menopause. Indications, reviews, side effects of it you will learn further from our article.

lady bona remedy for menopause

The age at which the menopause occurs is different. But on average, it ranges from 45 to 50 years. At this time, the metabolism in the body slows down, hormonal restructuring occurs, "female" diseases become more acute, which almost did not disturb in youth. It is believed that during this period, the reproductive function disappears. Now the woman practically does not need her, as she has more to bear children and will not have to give birth. The organism is preparing itself for rebuilding in a new way.

Many at this time feel a strong malaise, weakness. Begin to disturb the so-called hot flashes, when it suddenly becomes hot, the skin turns red. At the first stage, these signs are not so pronounced. However, due to a shortage of hormone production, a woman becomes more irritable, falls into a depressed state. The body is not used to this. Menstruation becomes irregular, it is difficult to determine the duration and duration of the cycle.

The difficult period of

In the second stage, which begins about a year and a half later, some symptoms subside. Gradually, the body adapts to new conditions. Now, the menstruation does not appear almost, and with them go away such diseases as myoma or ovarian cyst. This is because estrogens fall to a critically low level."Lady Bon" is a remedy for menopause, which will help to support the production of hormones.

lady bon cure for menopause reviews

The whole period can last from four to five years. Some women complain of pain when they urinate. Others are concerned about severe itching and dryness in the vagina. And here to all the blame for hormones. They play such an important role in the life of the beautiful half of humanity that when women change their level they experience a rather difficult period. After the termination of menstruation begins such a stage as postmenopause. The organism, rebuilding, ceases to experience stress. All the side effects of this condition go away.

How does the medicine work?

This is one of the remedies that alleviates the symptoms of menopause. It prevents the occurrence of tides, night sweats. With his reception there are headaches, and also bones are strengthened."Lady Bon" is a remedy for menopause, the reviews are good.

lady bon drug with menopause price

Medication will save women from the risk of developing osteoporosis. This disease manifests itself when the body badly needs an important hormone - estrogen. During this period, many with minor bruises receive a fracture of bones. The most terrible, as you know, is a fracture of the neck of the hip, after which it is very difficult to recover.

The general condition and well-being of women is also improving. Insomnia disappears, a good mood appears. These tablets help the body more easily cope with the transition to a new stage. They gradually feed it with a small dose of hormones. Against the background of his reception menstruation continues. However, they may not be as long as they used to be. What is important, the drug restores libido. Just at menopause, all desire for women disappears. This tool will return to your family love and peace.

"Ladybond"( tablets): analogues and the price of the medicine

Almost every drug has an identical generic. So called analogues of known drugs, worth less than the original. For example, Lady Bon is a remedy for menopause, whose price is very high. For a pack of twenty-eight tablets you will have to pay about a thousand rubles. If you want to buy a large pack, where eighty-four pills, you will spend 2500 rubles.

In this case, this drug is considered one of the most inexpensive. Similar to him, "Levial" is much more expensive: almost two thousand for 28 pieces. It has the same spectrum of action. Many consider it more effective than Lady Bohn. It is noted that side effects are less pronounced. It is accepted in the same way as any similar preparation.

Another analogue of this medication is "Femoston".Replacing the lack of hormones, this remedy will save tides and headaches. The estradiol included in its composition will prolong the productive function. Throughout the reception, menstruation will continue. When they stop, you can reduce the dosage of "Femoston" and continue to drink it to maintain youth and beauty. For a pack of pills you will give from eight hundred to nine hundred rubles. At the moment, it is considered one of the most acceptable in value.

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The next analogue is Proginova. From its "fellow" is different in that its blister is only twenty-one tablets. By pharmacological action, it is no different. This drug is a drug that replaces such an important estrogen. The price is very attractive: for packing it is necessary to give about four hundred rubles.

ledibon tablets reviews description analogues price

Now we know what generics have "Ladybone"( tablets).Reviews, description, analogues, price - all this is covered in detail in our article. However, remember that it is not necessary to undergo treatment independently. Any medicine is prescribed only by the doctor on the basis of the necessary analyzes of


The moment when you should start taking substitution therapy, you can feel for yourself. As soon as the first signs of menopause begin: headaches, cycle failure, tides, you need to start taking action. In addition, our pharmacies sell special tests that will tell you if you have an estrogen deficiency."Lady Bon" is a remedy for menopause, the indication to which the doctor will appoint. It is recommended to start drinking these pills already at the very beginning, even in the period of the so-called premenopause. When the menstruation has not stopped, all the signs of the beginning menopause have already begun to appear.

If you did not turn in time to the gynecologist, then you can take this medicine at any stage of the climacteric period. Some go to the reception when problems with the bone system begin. Women are worried about osteoporosis. It is expressed in the weakening of bone tissue, pain in the joints, fragility and fractures.

Instructions for use

Many women prefer "Lady Bon".The medicine for menopause has its own scheme of reception. It's simple: take one tablet every day at the same time. At first, some people report increased swelling, but eventually it passes. The main thing is not to miss the reception of this remedy. Hormones should enter the body regularly. With any, even a short-term cancellation, bleeding may occur. If you forget to take a pill, then try to take it in the next twelve hours. After the pack is finished, take a break for 2 days and continue to receive.

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Do not take this medication if:

  • you are predisposed to allergies. Carefully read the composition and make sure that it does not contain those substances that you do not react well to.
  • You have problems with veins. It can be both varicose veins and thrombophlebitis.
  • There are diseases of the liver and kidneys.
  • There are a history of heart disease or blood vessels.
  • There is currently bleeding not related to menstrual bleeding.
  • You are already taking a similar drug. Simultaneously with other hormonal drugs it is forbidden to use it!
  • There is a pregnancy.

Side effects of

Lady Bon is a remedy for menopause, which has some negative consequences. Among them there is dizziness, blurred vision, drowsiness. In the gastrointestinal tract, pain in the abdomen, nausea. In rare cases, women complain of diarrhea. Any side effects are manifested, as a rule, at the very beginning of admission. Among those women give puffiness, especially the legs. This is due to the time delay of water in the body against the background of taking the drug.

Some people notice how the weight of their body varies. Not necessarily in a positive way. Sometimes women lose pounds. There may appear hair on the face, it is also noted a skin itch. If these "pobochki" do not pass with the passage of time, you need to see a doctor to replace the drug with the same.

lady bon remedy for menopause readings reviews


In our article, we described in detail what the "Ladybond" tablets are. Reviews, instructions, the price of this medication is now known to you. Just remember: there is no independence in choosing hormonal means! And do not chase the price. Only the doctor knows which of these medicines will suit you. Follow the instructions for use and do not increase the dosage. It is also dangerous to throw these pills in the middle of the pack. This is fraught with bleeding.