"Vita-Yodourol": drops from cataracts

Cataract is a disease, the fight with which often ends with surgical replacement of the lens with an artificial lens. But at the very beginning of the disease, vitamin complexes are struggling very effectively with it, which improve the supply of cells with oxygen and activate metabolic processes in them. It is to such drugs that the "Vita-Yodourol" agent should be included.

Vita Yodurol

Composition of drops

The composition of these eye drops is complex, including cysteine ​​and glutathione( they effectively purify cells of free radicals and other harmful substances), as well as vitamins useful for the lens( nicotinic acid, adenosine triphosphate, thiamine chloride) and compounds( magnesium chlorides,calcium iodide).The composition also includes some components for stabilization.

The "Vita-Yodourol"( drops) product is produced by the French company "Siba Vision For Forts Laboratory".Packed it in plastic bottles of 10 ml with a dropper.

Vita Yodourol drops

How the preparation works

The effect of eye drops is due to their combined composition. Nicotinic acid and adenosine improve the metabolism of the lens, thus reducing the risk of formation of seals, inhibiting the already begun turbidity processes.

Chloride compounds saturate cells with oxygen, improve their nutrition, inhibit the formation of opacities, and remove toxins. Vitamins improve the blood supply to the eye as a whole, than improve its nutrition, slow down degenerative processes in the lens and in the whole eye.

Indications for use

"Vita-Yodurol"( eye drops) is designed as a targeted drug for prevention and primary treatment of lens opacity. Ophthalmologists recommend this vitamin complex to be used for all types of cataracts:

  • senile;
  • traumatic;
  • contusion;
  • myopic.

But warn that it is most effective in the initial stage with a moderate decrease in vision( up to 0.5 D).In later forms, "Vita-Yodurol" will significantly improve the patient's condition( reduce pain, remove lachrymation), but he will not be able to cure cataracts.

Another condition for the use of these eye drops will be a consultation before using them with an ophthalmologist. In any treatment, it is important not to harm your body, and for this, before using the drug, it is better to consult a specialist( this drug is not an exception to the rule).

Vita Yodurol eye drops

When Vitu-Yiodourol should not be applied

The prohibitions on the use of these eye drops are primarily due to the individual intolerance of the components. So, if there are allergic reactions: pruritus, redness, puffiness of the eyelids - burying should be stopped urgently and consult a doctor.

Instruction for use does not describe the interaction of this drug with other drugs, but warns about the prohibition to take it or inject it.

If necessary, use several eye preparations at the same time to instill the drug "Vita-Yodurol"( drops) should be after an interval of 20-25 minutes( preferably the last).

Vita-Yodourol drops

Among the prohibitions to use will be mandatory for children.

But pregnant or nursing mothers are recommended to use it only in those cases when the expected benefit should exceed the possible harm.

For those who wear soft lenses, it is recommended to refuse them during treatment, and holders of hard lenses should be removed before the procedure and put back in no more than 20 minutes.

The instruction states that developers are not aware of the presence of side effects when instilling this drug.

However, there is a possibility of temporary blurred vision, therefore, when burying Vita-Yodurol for the first time, you should refrain from driving a car or working with complex mechanisms for at least 30-40 minutes.

Vita Yodourol drops price

How to drip and how to store the drug

Drip the drug into the conjunctival sac( slightly pulling the lower eyelid, into the space between the cornea and the eyelid).For convenience, it is good to do this sitting, slightly throwing his head. After instillation of the eyes it is better to close and lightly apply pressure on the eyelid( for 3-4 seconds).Then you need to blink.

The rate of instillation can be from 2 to 7 times a day.

During the procedure it is necessary to observe the rules of hygiene: hands must be clean, pipette should not touch the eye or any other objects. Be sure to seal the bottle after each instillation. Store it in a cardboard box.

The open vial should not be used for more than 14 days at a temperature of 15-25 C. The hermetically sealed medicine is stored for up to 3 years.

According to the patient's feedback, one of the most effective is the preparation "Vita-Yodurol"( drops) in the treatment of the initial stage and in the prevention of cataracts. The price for it is quite high - from 280 r. / 10 ml.

However, drops are good not only for treating cataracts, they effectively relieve side effects: patients note that the eyes are less tired from working at the computer or watching TV.Symptoms such as lacrimation and pain are significantly reduced, and often go away altogether. The drug brings considerable relief. In general, the price justifies the quality.