4 maternity hospital, Krasnodar: reviews, address, photo

Information about nearby maternity homes is collected by almost all future parents. The choice of this medical institution depends on the life and health of both mother and child. Every woman wants to feel the good attitude of the staff and get to comfortable conditions.

One of the most important items that should be specified when choosing a maternity home is the availability of modern resuscitation equipment to help in a critical situation for both the woman and the baby. Maternity hospital No. 4 in Krasnodar has equipped intensive care units, where urgent care is provided to all patients of the clinic.

Where is and how the

works This medical institution has several branches. In each of them there is a profile department. The official address of the maternity hospital № 4 in Krasnodar: st. Komsomolskaya, 44.

Another inpatient department is located on the street. Sedina, 50. This clinic also has several branches of women's consultations, which are located for the convenience of patients

at different addresses:

  • No. 1 - ul. Gymnasium, 93;
  • number 2 - st. Forging, 167/1;
  • № 4 - st. Kotovsky, 98;
  • № 7 - st.40 years of Victory, 146/5.

Stationary offices are open around the clock. Women's consultations are open to patients on weekdays from 8.00 to 19.00.

About the

clinic In 2002, by merging two maternity homes, No. 1 and No. 4, this institution was formed. Over 24 years of work, the quality of medical care has improved several times. And also the hospital № 4 in Krasnodar received new modern equipment.

repair in the maternity hospital № 4 of Krasnodar

The clinic has a diagnostic center. It has a modern laboratory, in which various studies are carried out. Results their treating doctors receive in short terms, therefore with statement of the correct diagnosis of problems does not arise.

In the maternity hospital № 4 there are several rooms with ultrasound devices. Their quality allows you to determine almost all pathologies in the initial stage, as well as monitor the course of pregnancy at any time.

Gynecological department of

In the maternity hospital № 4 in Krasnodar, the patient undergoes treatment with various diseases of the genitourinary system. Here, operations are performed using the laparoscopic method.

Thus, patients are several times more likely to be rehabilitated after surgery and after 3-5 days they are discharged home with good flow.

In a hospital, women are accommodated in 1-4-person wards with the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. Showers and toilets are equipped on the floor.

In case of placement of the patient in the paid room all these amenities are immediately there. Hospitals take patients around the clock in the ambulance or direction of the attending physician.

Department of the pathology of pregnancy

Often, women during pregnancy are in unpleasant situations about their health. In the body due to increased stress, failures or chronic illnesses occur.

In this case, patients are referred for inpatient treatment to the department of pregnancy pathology. In the hospital № 4 Krasnodar( photo in the article), he undergoes a comprehensive examination and prescribed the necessary therapy. Some women can spend in its walls for more than a month. Therefore, the department has all the conditions for a long stay.

conditions of stay in the maternity hospital № 4 of Krasnodar

In the chambers of the chambers there is additionally necessary appliances and a private bathroom. Patients are allowed from 9.00 to 19.00.Shared rooms are designed for 2-4 people. Showers and toilets are on the floor.

In the hospital there is a three-time feeding with a tasty and nutritious diet. Allowed relatives to bring in addition food, which the patients store in specially designated refrigerators for them.

Maternity ward

Highly qualified doctors work here, who can immediately make the right decision in a crisis situation. They helped to appear in the light of tens of thousands of children during childbirth of varying complexity.

A woman in the first stage of labor can freely move around the department and independently determine the position of the body in which she is least likely to feel pain.

maternity hospital № 4 Krasnodar

In the hospital № 4 Krasnodar( the address is indicated above) epidural anesthesia is used at the request of patients. It is performed by experienced anesthetists with accurate calculation of dosage in order to avoid side reactions.

During fights there is a constant monitoring of a condition of a fetus and the woman by means of US and KTG.If the situation requires, a caesarean section is performed. For this surgical intervention, epidural anesthesia is also used.

In situations where a woman or child is in serious danger, general anesthesia is used. The mothers can contract for medical care in this clinic. In this case, one of the relatives may be present at the birth and have the necessary time in the ward to assist the woman in caring for the baby.

Department of newborns

There are babies that are born with any pathologies or premature babies. And also, at the request of the mother, newborns can be employed by the staff for a certain period of time to allow them to rest.

birth in the maternity hospital № 4 Krasnodar

There are special cots in the unit that provide heating and lighting for small children. A neonatologist is on duty around the clock, who can at any time help the kids.

In this department all the newborns are provided with the necessary diagnostics to immediately identify possible pathologies. Children are checked by special apparatus. This procedure takes no more than a few minutes.

Resuscitation departments

In the maternity hospital No. 4 in Krasnodar, intensive care chambers are equipped. Here patients come in serious condition. The departments have modern artificial ventilation devices. And also there is other equipment for round-the-clock monitoring of vital body functions.

In the intensive care unit for newborns, the newest equipment for their nursing is used. In this department, babies can spend several months until all the body functions are fully stabilized.

resuscitation department of maternity hospital № 4 in Krasnodar

Here, newborns are placed in special cuvies, where conditions are created that are as similar as possible to the mother's womb. Constantly controlled temperature and humidity, as well as muted light.

In these offices around the clock are teams of resuscitators and neonatologists.

Maternity hospital № 4 in Krasnodar: feedback from

About this medical institution there are many comments on various sites. Women who formalized contractual services are fully satisfied with the attitude of the staff and all the services.

There are complaints about the general chambers. The mothers are dissatisfied with the large number of patients in one room, according to them, up to 8 women can lie at once.

There are also complaints about maternity hospital number 4( Krasnodar), who work in the children's department. According to reviews, they are not attentive to their mothers, junior staff is even frankly rude.

maternity hospital in Krasnodar reviews

Women indicate that brigades that accept delivery are mostly professional and treat the patients with goodwill. A little frustrating women using oxytocin in any kind, even if such a need does not arise.

On average, parturient women assess comfort and medical care here on a solid "4".They hope that the leadership will soon be able to correct all the shortcomings that moms and toddlers were in good conditions and treated with respect by their staff.