Tincture sedative of 5 tinctures. Composition, preparation, application

Many herbs have a sedative, soothing effect. That's why specialists often prescribe drug alcohol tinctures for the normalization of the nervous system. Safe and most effective is tincture sedative of 5 tinctures of medicinal plants. You can prepare it at home. Each component in its composition enhances the action of the other. This helps to positively influence the weak points of the nervous system.

What is in the tincture?

Medicated soothing drugs have several advantages over costly antidepressants. A huge plus of such tools is the lack of addiction. Therefore, many patients try to choose natural medicines to restore the normal state of the nervous system.

Tincture sedative of 5 tinctures

Eliminate the symptoms of stress and depression with a sedative of 5 herbs: hawthorn, peony, valerian, motherwort and peppermint. There are also other combinations of the sedative mixture, for example, instead of mint, some prefer to use Coralol drops or eucalyptus tincture. But the first recipe is considered safer and more effective.

When should I take it?

Modern life constantly presents various surprises( and they are not always pleasant), it makes experiencing experiences and negative emotions. Every severe situation is a serious blow to the nervous system. There are failures in the work in the form of insomnia, a constant sense of fatigue, depression. The constant nervous overstrain leads to neuroses of varying severity. Of course, the most convenient way to eliminate the described symptoms is to take tablets with a sedative effect. But it is necessary to take into account the side effects of therapy with strong antidepressants.

Hawthorn tincture price

The soothing tinctures( alcohol), which can be purchased at any pharmacy, also have a pronounced soothing effect. Their cost is significantly lower than that of sedative tablets, and is available to absolutely every patient. Use a mixture of alcoholic pharmacy tinctures is recommended in the following situations:

  • arterial hypertension;
  • functional disorder of the nervous system;
  • is depressed;
  • sleep disturbance( insomnia);
  • stress;
  • a constant sense of fear and experience;
  • is a nervous excitability;
  • neurasthenic disorders of mild and moderate severity;
  • pathology of the heart( arrhythmia, tachycardia).

Therapeutic properties of the

tincture Experts say that the therapeutic effect of pharmacy liqueurs is weakly expressed separately. However, if the soothing tinctures are mixed, the therapeutic effect( albeit not the first time) will be more noticeable. Each component has a certain therapeutic effect on the central nervous system. The patient may feel a weakening, if not eliminate the symptoms of neurosis, depression, psychoemotional overstrain.

How does the hawthorn tincture work?

The price of this popular drugstore sedative on an alcohol basis is 18-25 rubles( 25 ml bottle).Despite such a low cost, tincture has a rather pronounced sedative effect. The effect is due to the presence of useful substances in the plant itself. For example, the leaves contain various acids: coffee, neo-grade, acanthol, chlorogenic. In fruits, there are also organic acids, tannins, pectin, fructose, essential oils.

soothing tinctures

The highest value of hawthorn is ursolic acid. It has antimicrobial, cardiostimulating, vasodilating, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective effect. It is also found that this substance is a part of collagen and can stimulate the process of skin regeneration. At a high value of blood glucose, allergies, atherosclerosis, weakness of the heart muscle, nervous exhaustion can help tincture of hawthorn. The price of sedative is 120-140 rubles.

Unique properties of peppermint

In addition to the incredibly fresh aroma of mint, the medicine has unique healing properties. The leaves of this plant contain such useful substances as ascorbic acid, menthol and carotene. Medicinal herbs can remove spasms in colic, stop the development and growth of pathogenic microorganisms, eliminate allergic skin reactions, disinfect the surface, relieve headaches caused by stress and stress, improve performance.

You can buy mint infusion in a pharmacy or prepare yourself. To do this, crushed fresh leaves of fragrant herbs are poured with alcohol in a proportion of one to two and left in the refrigerator.

Peony tincture

Another component of the soothing mixture of pharmacy tinctures - peony evading. The plant is known for its unique abilities to return a good mood and eliminate the slightest signs of psycho-emotional overstrain.

Calming alcohol tinctures

Tincture sedative of 5 tinctures almost always has this ingredient, which increases the production of endorphins, normalizes the work of the nervous system, positively affects the general condition. Pharmacy also has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, sedative, antispasmodic and analgesic effects.

How to cook tincture?

Tincture sedative of 5 tinctures of pharmacy herbs is prepared simply. First of all, you should buy bottles with alcohol infusions of medicinal plants. Mix the funds in a separate container. This can be a bottle with a twist cap or a small jar of dark glass. Each drug will need 20-25 ml. Mixing the ingredients, the infusion should be placed in the refrigerator for several hours, after which the product will be ready for use. Apply tincture on a teaspoon, mixing with a little clean water. It is recommended to start therapy with 10 drops and gradually increase the dose. Duration of treatment is 2-4 weeks.

Infusion of mint

It should be remembered that medicinal alcohol tinctures have their contraindications and are not suitable for every patient. Therefore, it is recommended to get a consultation with a therapist, neurologist or cardiologist about a sedative therapy.