How much to wear compression stockings after surgery: features, norms and recommendations

The operation is the strongest stress for the body. The operative intervention is always followed by a prolonged recovery period, which includes medical and physical therapy, bed rest and the use of anti-embolic lingerie. The latter is an obligatory preventive measure of blockage of the arteries by blood clots and formation of thromboses of the cardiovascular circulatory system of the human body. About how and how much to wear compression stockings after the operation, what is their effect, how to choose the right after-use linen, find out in the article.

Assignment of compression stockings

Antibiotic stockings are a type of hospital compression knitwear, which is used after operations related to interference with the internal organs, the functioning of the lower limbs, the locomotor, and also during labor and cesarean section.

how to wear compression stockings after surgery The main task of anti-embolic lingerie is to protect the vessels and veins from the formation of blood clots in them. Without timely treatment of the latter, as a result of disturbances in the processes of nutrition of tissues and organs, tissue necrosis may develop.

Classification of compression stockings

The answer to the question: "How much to wear compression stockings after surgery?" - hides in the existing "classes" of anti-embolism. So, the purpose of use predetermines the division of the latter into four classes:

  • I degree of compression. This type of laundry is often called daily: it is acceptable to wear a stocking on a daily basis in the initial stages of development of venous diseases, in pregnancy, swelling, or a feeling of heaviness in the lower extremities, and is used to restore after surgical operations.

  • II degree of compression is designed for expectant mothers suffering from varicose disease of the second stage or survived severe injuries of the lower limbs. Appointed during the recovery postoperative period.

  • The use of Class III anti-embolism underwear is recommended for patients wishing to prevent the formation of blood clots and to accelerate the healing of ulcers.

  • Antithrombotic jersey IV degree of compression is used after severe operations, when the patient has a long period of compliance with bed rest. Physicians often designate this class of stockings for patients with severe forms of varicose veins and disorders of lymph drainage.

Regardless of the type of compression linen, consultation with the doctor is recommended: only he can prescribe the optimal therapy, determining how many days to wear the compression stockings after the operation.

Recommendations on the use of

The main advantages of wearing compression stockings ca is the outflow of blood from the veins, getting rid of edema and preventing the formation of blood clots. Increase in blood viscosity and loss in large quantities, decreased pressure - symptoms observed during and after surgical operations, as well as characteristic of a number of diseases. how long to wear compression stockings after surgery

For example, the wearing of anti-embolic lingerie is assigned to categories of patients with such diseases as, for example, varicose veins, disorders in the functioning of the cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus, obesity, blood clotting pathologies. The use of compression stockings ca is recommended for women in the position, as well as for older people.

How much to wear compression stockings after operation

The was noted above, compression knitwear can be divided into four categories, depending on the degree of pressure applied to the body area. In addition, there are 3 types of anti-embolic lingerie, which is prescribed by the doctor according to the developing disease in the patient. Thus, the term, how many compression stockings should be worn after the operation of , is determined by the medical worker.

Terms of wearing compression linen

The use of hospital linen is common among patients suffering from serious injuries and diseases that cause them to adhere to bed rest. This type of stock should be used, taking exceptionally horizontal position. How to wear compression stockings after operation ?Of course, one should obey the instructions of the attending physician. Removal of hospital stockings ca should occur at least a day after the operation. In case of surgical intervention on the veins, the period of wearing the laundry should last at least 3 days. how much to wear compression stockings after surgery

Medical knitwear is recommended to be worn after a few days after the operation, when the patient will be available physical actions associated with self-raising from a lying position, sitting, walking. Its compression action is designed for a person with low physical activity. At the same time, has no clear deadlines for wearing compression stockings after operation , : in this issue one should be guided by such factors as:

  • degree of complexity and type of operation;

  • state of health of the patient who underwent surgery;

  • the way of life of a person;

  • presence of chronic diseases;

  • age.

Preventive knitwear( first degree of compression) is rarely used in postoperative recovery. Much more often, these stockings are for preventive purposes. how much to wear compression stockings after surgery

With laparoscopic operations, the duration of wearing compression-knitted goods is on average 1 to 4 weeks. How much to wear compression stockings after cavitary operation ?1 to 2 months. It should be noted that patients who have undergone sclerotomy or phlebectomy, the terms of wearing anti-embolic lingerie need to extend to four months or six months.

Compression underwear and sports

L For people who prefer an active lifestyle, but who have undergone surgery, athletic compression hosiery should be used during exercise. how many days to wear compression stockings after surgery

How long does it take to wear compression stockings after the operation, if there is a need to do sports in parallel? Answer: at least a year.

How to care for the anti-embolism linen

The correct service of compression stockings largely depends on how carefully the owner treats them. So, in spite of the fact that the effect of compression provided by a hosiery product can last from 4 to 9 months, incorrect care of knitwear can lead to a shortening of the stocking life. Washing of the product should be carried out in warm water only in manual mode. The drying process should be natural: on the floor in expanded form. The use of heating elements to speed up the procedure for drying is unacceptable!

We put on stockings correctly

Full effect of compression stockings have on the risk area only in case of proper wearing of the laundry. The order of putting on medical knitwear is as follows: in the morning, without getting out of bed or beds in the hospital, after removing the jewelry on the fingers and toes, to assemble the stocking into an accordion. Put your hand in the hole of the product, and then put the stocking on the foot, firmly fixing in the area of ​​the fingers and heels. Gradually pull the stock up to the ankles or thighs, if necessary, stretch the product higher. The procedure of pulling the compression stockings greatly facilitates the use of silk socks or gloves. how much to wear compression stockings after a lumbar operation

Also an integral device in the process of putting on linen among patients suffering from obesity is the butler, designed to simplify the procedure for placing the stocking on the leg.

Wearing a knitted fabric made of compression knitwear is recommended to include in everyday life not only people who have undergone various operations, this product will become a real friend to those whose lifestyle is characterized by such features as a high-heeled sock, spending most of the day in a sitting position, a serious strain on the lower limbs. By the way, compression underwear is rightfully considered a universal preventive tool for varicose veins, swelling, heaviness and painful sensations in the legs among representatives of not only female but male. Health does not have gender boundaries!

People forced to use compression underwear due to their health characteristics are positive about knitted goods that help improve blood circulation: they note that the beneficial effect of stockings on health occurs during the first days of wearing. Comfort, slenderness and endurance of the feet - that's what hosiery products from compression jersey give to those who use this kind of medical underwear.

The main thing is to give preference to products made from natural fabrics in your choice, to choose a variant with the optimal pressure category and the necessary size( to solve a similar question recommended by the doctor's advice) and observe the rules of wearing anti-embolic clothes.