Fragrant pepper: useful properties. Application of sweet pepper

Not many of us have heard of the beneficial properties of sweet-scented peppers. In fact, it not only has a wonderful flavor, but is also very useful.


Fragrant, or Jamaican, pepper - spice, home to which are the Caribbean Islands and South America. Fragrant pepper is a blue-green fruit of a medicinal tree, which reaches 20 m in height and grows in countries with a hot tropical climate - Jamaica, Brazil, Antalya, Cuba, the Bahamas. It is worth noting that despite numerous attempts to cultivate medicinal piment in other localities with similar climatic conditions, it was not possible to achieve significant success. This plant very badly takes root in any other places. The reason for this lies in the peculiarities of the soils on which pymenta grows.

To get a fragrant spice, the unripened fruit, together with the inflorescences, is collected, and then dried under hot sun or in special ovens. Carefully dried peas acquire a brown color and become rough. In this form, the scented pepper, cleared from inflorescence, is shipped all over the world as a very fragrant and valuable spice.

sweet pepper

History of the distribution of

Indians in ancient times believed that sweet pepper has the properties of an aphrodisiac, especially in combination with cocoa. In India, piment was used for medicinal purposes, and the Maya tribes used it in rites to embalm the bodies of their leaders. In Europe, the piment was introduced by Christopher Columbus, who discovered it on the islands in the Caribbean in 1600.Since the beginning of the 18th century, sweet pepper began to be in demand in Europe, and especially among British gourmets, which gave it the name "all spices".

Characteristic feature of sweet pepper

The peculiarity of scented pepper is its unique aroma, combining the hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper and clove. Due to this quality, as well as sharpness, this spice has a wide range of applications. However, it is best to store the spice in the form of peas, because in its grinded form its delicate aroma quickly disappears.

application of sweet pepper

Chemical structure of sweet pepper

Useful properties of sweet pepper are due to its rich chemical composition. It contains valuable essential oil of piment( about 4%), which contains tannins, fatty oils, resins, and more such components as:

  • fellandren;
  • eugenol;
  • cineole;
  • is caryophyllene.

In addition, sweet pepper is rich in vitamin C, retinol and B vitamins, as well as minerals of the right kind: potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iron, magnesium, selenium, copper, manganese.

pepper fragrant properties

Fragrant pepper: useful properties

The component composition of sweet pepper gives it a whole list of useful properties, among which we can distinguish:

  • giving strength and vigor, restoring the vital energy of a person, toning properties;
  • anti-inflammatory effect in the fight against parasites, as well as internal foci of infections;
  • fixing effect, provided by tannins in the composition of pepper;
  • normalization of water-salt balance in the body;
  • helps with diseases of rheumatic nature, arthritis, jamming of vertebrae and nerve endings.

sweet pepper

Application of pepper fragrant

Slim spicy aroma and taste of sweet pepper has a demand in many spheres of life. In particular, pimenta is highly valued and is actively used in the industrial perfume industry for making perfumes and toilet waters. Sweet pepper is added in the production of personal care products, for example, toilet soap, and also include air fresheners to get rid of unpleasant odors.

Pepper fragrant, whose properties we consider, is especially widely used in cooking. Each careful housewife in the kitchen must have fragrant peppers, because it gives all dishes a delicate, exceptional taste and aroma.

As a rule, Jamaican pepper is used in the form of peas, but you can also use it in the grinded form. Ground allspice pepper has found application in confectionery products, for example muffins or biscuits, because it gives baking notes of cinnamon and nutmeg at the same time. Not infrequently fragrant pepper is added to drinks, for example wine from barley or mulled wine, as well as tea or coffee. Experienced cooks advise to grind the pepper immediately before use so that it does not lose its flavor.

treatment with scented pepper

However, the fragrant pepper-peas can be found especially often:

  • in the first dishes - soups, borscht, ears, ragout;
  • in main dishes - from fish, beef and pork meat, poultry, vegetables;
  • in sauces for salads and main courses, in fillings and marinades for meat and fish.

According to the recommendations of professional chefs, when preparing dishes, fragrant peppers should be added at the very beginning, as he needs time to give his taste and aroma. After the cooking process, pea pepper must be removed.

In the food industry fragrant peppers are primarily used in the manufacture of minced meat for sausages and sausages, sausages, pates and brawn.

In the production of some varieties of hard cheese, fragrant pepper is also used. In addition, this spice is an indispensable component of the famous and beloved Indian curry seasoning.

Treatment with pepper fragrant

Useful qualities of sweet pepper are widely used in folk medicine for the treatment of various kinds of diseases. In particular, for rapid relief in the case of digestive disorders, several peas of sweet pepper should be swallowed without chewing and drink them with clean water. Improvement should come after a short time. If there is no effect, you need to drink a few more sweet peas. This effect of pepper is caused by the presence in its composition of a large number of tannins, so it can serve as an economical alternative to expensive medicines. In addition, tea with the addition of several peas of sweet pepper can relieve flatulence and bloating.

Fragrant pepper is often used to treat rheumatic pains, as well as problems with vertebrae and nerve endings. For relief of pain from the sweet pea they make an ointment. It is made from pre-boiled and ground to a powdery state of sweet pepper.

If the pigmentation of the skin, i.e. vitiligo, is abnormal, the powder of sweet-scented pepper promotes active production of skin pigment. For medicinal purposes, it should be regularly added to food.

The treatment with fragrant peppers is effective for coughing, lack of appetite and digestive disorders, delays in menstruation and urine, it is also used as an anthelmintic. For these purposes, chopped peppers are taken before meals 3 times a day for 1 gram.

Magnesium, which is part of Jamaican pepper, is an essential component for stimulating brain activity. Therefore, applying it to food is useful for the brain.

sweet pepper during pregnancy

Restrictions on the use of pepper fragrant

Like any substance, sweet pepper has a number of restrictions when used, as well as contraindications. First of all, you should not use this spice for people with an allergic reaction and individual intolerance to fragrant peppers or any of its components.

Anyone who has any kind of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, use it for treatment is strictly not recommended.

Also with caution should be used sweet pepper in pregnancy, because in large quantities it irritates the digestive tract and can harm the child. It is advisable in this period to completely exclude it from the diet.

Stay healthy!