"Krainka"( health resort, Tula region): description, services and reviews

Planning a holiday has always caused a lot of questions for citizens. It's not always clear how you want to spend your free time. Some choose active rest, someone prefers to stay in a hotel in a picturesque place. And some prefer to be treated. But do it with comfort. Fortunately, now many people have such an opportunity. Enough to go to a sanatorium. For example, in the "Krainka".What can this institution offer? Are they satisfied with the visitors? To understand all this will help numerous reviews of visitors, which every year more and more. They usually do not agree on the attractiveness of this place of rest - only reflect the pros and cons, as well as the possibilities of the sanatorium. But the conclusions have to be made independently.

So, we are interested in Krainka( sanatorium, Tula region).krainka health resort Tula region


Rest and its planning for many causes problems. I always want to have a good time and do it with good. Help in solving this issue, a variety of boarding houses and health resorts. For example, the sanatorium-resort "Krainka" of the Tula region.

What is it? A place intended for rest, entertainment and simultaneous treatment of Russian citizens. It is located near Tula, which allows you to easily and easily reach it. Here you will help to improve your health. But if there is no such goal, you can simply go here as a resort.

"Krainka" is famous for its peat mud, as well as miraculous healing water. Having arrived here, it is possible to recover really well.

Practice shows that Krainka( sanatorium, Tula region) is suitable for family holidays. But they do not go here with very young children, and it's already possible to take years with 4-5 kids to rest in this place. There are many elderly people here, too, but this does not bother anyone."Krainka" is a place that is suitable for everyone. Then you will not be bored!

rest and treatment in the sanatorium krainka Tula region


Where is Krainka( sanatorium) located? Tula region, Suvorovsky district, in the forest, near the regional center. It is here that you can see this place of rest. There are no more exact addresses. It is not difficult to get to the institution and skip the sanatorium among the wooded area.

How to get there?

We have found out exactly where the "Krainka"( sanatorium) is located, - Tula region. How to get here, so as not to miss this resort on the road? There are several ways to do this.

The first option is a trip from Moscow. Here you need to take the bus Moscow-Krainka, which departs at 15:30 daily. You need to leave the bus station "Novoyasenevskoye".The bus will take you directly to the resort.

krainka health resort Tula region prices

From Tula, you can also arrive relatively quickly in the "Krainka".And you can also do this with a bus that runs the route Tula-Krainka. He leaves at 13:00 every day.

Also from Kaluga, you can get to this place with a few transfers. To do this, you need to get to Suvorov by bus Kaluga-Suvorov, there you change to transport, which follows Chekalin, Staroselya or Mitin plant. Exit is necessary at the stop "New Cherepet"( Krainka).Buses run at intervals of 60 minutes.

As you can see, it's not so difficult to get to the Krainka sanatorium in the Tula region by public transport. But on your own car to make a better way with a GPS-navigator. He quickly helps to solve the question posed.


How to contact this institution? You can use several methods of communication.

The first option is to fill out the feedback form on the website of the organization called Krainka( sanatorium, Tula region).Find the appropriate fields in the "Contacts" section. They will appear on the right side of the screen. The sanatorium receives good reviews about this service. Customers really answer all the questions that arise. Only an answer will have to wait a few days. health resort krainka Tula region reviews

Therefore, telephone communication is in great demand. In order to get through to Krainka, use the numbers 7( 487) 635-55-31 or 7( 487) 635-55-24.The administrator will answer all your questions. If you want, you can book a room directly by phone.

By the way, through the site "Krainki" booking is also possible. To do this, select the number, and then click on the "Book" button. Enter your personal information, then confirm the request. And that's all. It is for such a modern approach that reviews about the hotel Krainka( sanatorium, Russia, Tula) remain positive.

Medical services

What else should I pay attention to before contacting this institution? An important point is the fact that treatment procedures. After all, if you consider the "Krainka" as a sanatorium, then it is on treatment that you need to sharpen your focus. What can this place offer?

Practice shows that the resort uses treatment methods with peat mud and medicinal water. So, here you can get help from specialists in the field:

  • digestive system;
  • of gynecology;
  • proctology;
  • endocrine system;
  • Neurology;
  • of the musculoskeletal system;
  • rehabilitation;
  • skin diseases;
  • of the musculoskeletal system;
  • of Otolaryngology;
  • exposure to radiation;
  • infertility;
  • metabolic disorders.

It is noted that this place is perfectly suitable for ordinary rest and normalization of a person's psychoemotional state. Here is a universal and useful place - "Krainka"( sanatorium, Tula region).What else can she give?

sanatoria krainka in the Tula region with treatment

Special features of

This institution has special procedures that many similar sanatoria can not offer."Krainka" in the Tula region( with treatment) distinguishes among its features:

  • inhalation;
  • balneotherapy;
  • hardware physiotherapy;
  • meditation;
  • mud treatment;
  • manual therapy;
  • Climatotherapy.

And this list of possibilities of this institution is not limited. Simply indicated areas are most often of interest to the population. For them, the organization receives mostly positive feedback. After LLC "Sanatorium-resort" Krainka "(Tula region) is a place where you can get comprehensive help and organize yourself a good rest.


Leisure plays an important role for any resort. It is noted that "Krainka" is not much different from similar sanatoriums, but it pleases clients. Visitors indicate that you will not be bored here - there is always something to do. Among the organization's capabilities, it is possible to highlight the presence of:

  • sports grounds;
  • playgrounds;
  • bar;
  • movie theater;
  • beauty salon;
  • hair salon;
  • phytobar;
  • library;
  • drinking gallery;
  • sports complex.

All this - at your service. There is also a swimming pool and internet. Cultural component also takes place - a variety of concerts and other social events within the organization are held regularly. The resort also offers its visitors a variety of excursions, which is very pleased customers.


Sanatorium-resort "Krainka" of the Tula region is a place that allows you to rest with good health. But it is also important in what conditions. After all, I want to be in the place where maximum comfort is guaranteed for visitors. What can this organization offer in this plan?

Krainka health resort Tula region

As practice shows, very much. First, you have the right to book rooms with or without treatment. The price for the day of stay will depend on this. But about this a little later. Secondly, there are rooms for every taste. It is noted that everywhere is light and cozy, the furniture is new, there is everything necessary for comfortable living.

Rooms are available single, double and triple. Even a family or a small company will have a place to stay. Delight at visitors causes the possibility of booking multi-room( 2 rooms maximum).You can always choose the option that seems most attractive.

Pleases that all the amenities are within the rooms. There are no public toilets or showers. Everything is done for the comfort of visitors. True, on the forums there are still reviews pointing to the deterioration of furniture and "ruin" in the situation. This problem has been fixed for several years. And the customers do not have any complaints about the situation in the sanatorium.


How much does the "Krainka"( sanatorium, Tula region) offer an expensive holiday? The prices for rooms here fluctuate. They depend on many factors. However, as in any other resort. But in general, visitors are satisfied with the cost of recreation.

As already mentioned, you can take a number with or without treatment. In the second case, the day of stay will be cheaper. Price lists are set in moderate sizes. After all, "Krainka" is not the most budgetary resting place. The price still reflects the season of your arrival - at certain points the cost rises. Quite normal, albeit slightly frustrating, phenomenon.

On average, a single room( one star) will cost 1900 rubles per day without treatment, and in 2700 - with it. And if you want to relax with someone in a couple, then for a double room( without procedures) you will have to pay at least 1200( economy) or 1500( regular apartments) rubles. With the treatment of the day are 2000 and 2300 rubles, respectively. Not too much, if you think about it. And this pleases many.

health resort resort of the Tula region


Sanatorium "Krainka"( Tula region) reviews earn positive also for how they feed in this institution. It is noted that there is three meals a day. It is completely healthy and diverse. Not all, of course, the kitchen has to like, but nothing tasteless in the sanatorium is not served. Children are offered 4 meals a day. All this is included in the price.

Some diets are prescribed only for the purpose of doctors who work at Krainka. It turns out that in this organization you can eat delicious, useful and still lose weight! Just what you need a lot!

Instead of the conclusion of

Here we figured out what rest and treatment are in the sanatorium "Krainka"( Tula region).This is a good place, which pleases many. Negative to the resort almost does not express.

Should I go here? If you want to relax in the woods, but in comfortable conditions, dream of mud baths and healthy food at reasonable prices, then "Krainka" is perfect for you. You will not regret having rested here. You can come with friends or family. Classes here will be for everyone.