Circumcision in men: reviews after surgery, why it is necessary

This part of the male organ is considered a symbol of sexuality. It is a piece of strong tissue that takes part in sexual intercourse. At the same time, it is often removed to men around the world. And although religion, social traditions and the desire of a person sometimes require carrying out this operation, the usefulness of the procedure itself can be questioned.

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Removal of one piece of skin can split the activities of religious communities, academia and public organizations. The meaning of circumcision is a kind of politics. It is difficult for a person to read an article and treat its content with indifference. One group of people supports, and the other denies the proposed point of view. Few take up an intermediate position. What is this piece of flesh about which such passions are seething?


In an adult male, the surface area of ​​the foreskin is 37 square centimeters, which is about 1/3 the length of the entire penis. On it there is a fold of the skin, which spreads when it increases. Like the rest of the body, the fold plays an important role in keeping the foreskin clean.

While the child is small, the foreskin is attached to his penis and closes it completely, so during the first three years the boy needs to be shown during bathing, how to wash this part of the body. This is just as necessary as cleaning your ears and washing your head. But do not go to extremes: wash the mucosa under the foreskin a few times a week for the boy will be enough.

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It turns out that the foreskin performs a very simple function - it protects the head. Under the fold of the skin, a fluid is produced, thanks to which the mucous membrane of the penis remains tender and sensitive. There is an opinion that the penis, covered with a fold of the skin, is an internal organ, and in the absence of such it should be called external. In the second case, the head becomes drier and the skin is coarser. A male circumcised has a proliferation of mucous tissue on the organ and the formation of several layers of skin. It becomes somewhat rougher than a person who has not undergone such an operation. His penis remains more smooth, sensitive and tender. It is difficult to draw an unambiguous conclusion and form a correct attitude to this phenomenon.

Opinions and reviews

Discussions about the benefits and harms of circumcision were based on how sensitive the penis is to a man who was not circumcised. Does the growth of the mucosa lower the pleasure threshold for a man during sexual intercourse, and its presence can add pleasant sensations? Opinions were divided. Circumcision in men( reviews after surgery for removal of the prepuce are generally positive), special problems associated with a decrease in the sensitivity of the genitalia, does not deliver. Studies in the field of sexual relations are very rare and very few. Therefore, it remains questionable what circumcision means for this sphere of human life, and whether it can disturb the harmony of feelings. For example, those who do not have a prepuce, did not feel any violations in the vicinity. On the contrary, the operation promotes a longer sexual intercourse. Therefore, the benefits of circumcision are obvious from this point of view.

The properties of the "extra" skin

The only truth is that the foreskin is a unique material resembling a tissue with an unusual cellular structure - it is called fibroblast. It is able to expand and perform the function of the skin. It is these properties that were used in the development of two companies that create new materials with the help of special technologies. They are able to restore the skin of people affected during a fire, cure ulcers in diabetics. The company's specialist for creating new materials said that a fragment of the foreskin allows you to grow a piece of new skin.the area of ​​which would be comparable to the area of ​​two football fields, and this work is performed on the basis of material that has an unusual cellular structure. And only after the conducted researches many began to understand, what important details of a body have lost.

Unable to restore

While it is still unclear what specifically circumcision of men. Before and after surgery, it is necessary to take into account that this material will be lost forever, and it is impossible to restore it. No stretch marks can replace the natural skin. Replacing something lost by something artificial is the best that men can expect to restore their foreskin. But it is impossible to restore the nerve endings and sensitivity of the genital organ, as well as the muscle tissue that covered the foreskin. This function will be permanently lost.

circumcision in men reviews after surgery

Some parents pay tribute to fashion when they agree to circumcise the foreskin from their sons. They think that the procedure improves the appearance of the penis, and some fathers want their sons to look like them. A small child is indifferent to the type of his body, and the term "circumcised or not circumcised", causes unpleasant associations. Most people agree that you can not make a decision in favor of fashion.

Benefits of Operation

Circumcision for adult men suggests several arguments in its favor. First, if a fissure forms on the foreskin, the man experiences pain during the removal of the damaged tissue. Such an injury can be prevented in infancy. Doctors believe that the cracks of the prepuce - this is the most innocent of the problems, which can be prevented in advance by circumcision. There is an opinion that the operation reduces the likelihood of penile cancer in adult men. Indeed, if circumcision is done in men, reviews after surgery do not indicate the occurrence of cancer of the penis. Such a form of illness they simply do not occur. But this is not an argument, because the disease is quite rare. The risk of penile cancer appears only in those men who never remove the foreskin and have chronic illnesses, and sometimes a whole bunch of infections.

circumcision in men reviews after surgery

Dispute of adherents and opponents of circumcision

The probability of infection among toddlers who were circumcised is in the first year of their life 1 case per 1000. It's not great and the number of infected adult men who did not undergo surgery was only 1 per 100 people. All arisen inflammations can be cured with special creams, without resorting to removing the foreskin. Another argument in favor of circumcision is: a man with a penis covered with foreskin, more easily acquires and transmits sexually transmitted diseases, in particular, HIV.In the presence of foreskin, the viruses get on the mucous membrane and remain viable in small cracks and scratches on its surface, but this is just an assumption. According to the conducted studies, the factor of human behavior, and not circumcision, the price of direct risk of getting sick. Probably not the presence of the foreskin, and indiscriminate and unprotected sexual contacts become the causes of dangerous diseases.

Circumcision is performed in infancy so that the boy does not experience painful sensations at a later age. An adult man experiences severe pain during the time when circumcision is performed in men. Reviews after surgery with anesthesia, however, do not indicate discomfort. Most of the arguments in favor of circumcision are based on the fact that the presence of the foreskin creates a number of problems for the man.

Complications and Risks

The main argument of the opponents of the operation is that they go through with complications. Often this leads to changes in the head, the shape of which can no longer be corrected, especially if the circumcision heals badly after an unsuccessful procedure. Any surgical intervention is fraught with risk, it is also known about deaths during the operation. Sometimes after the operation, the penis became shorter, and serious injuries also occurred. In addition, operations on the genitals are very painful. And if the circumcision is not performed frequently by the doctor, then he lacks the skills. Most surgeons rarely remove the foreskin, and because of the lack of experience with such a doctor, patients do not have the opportunity to get qualified help.

"Do no harm!"

Fortunately, complications are rare. Inflammation of the urogenital tract and penile cancer are also rare. All the arguments do not support the circumcision. Is this operation so necessary? One of the ancient commandments of Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, says - "Do no harm."And before taking up the scalpel, the doctor should be sure that the operation will benefit the patient or the patient will receive more benefit from the treatment than harm.

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Indications for circumcision

And what does medicine say about the benefits or disadvantages of circumcision? Everything depends on how to present the information received. Risks are also increasing with the preservation of the foreskin in men. All these arguments have a political underpinning. But there are also substantial arguments of opponents of such an ancient circumcision in men. Reviews after the operation are too emotional and do not have a clear medical justification, which is also bad. There is a strange situation when people discuss centuries-old traditions, the expediency of which is difficult to understand. Millions of circumcision operations have already been done, but it is necessary to explain why this happens. Studies of recent years indicate that circumcision has positive aspects, but physicians do not have statistical data to confidently recommend the procedure to everyone.

The procedure is a partial or complete removal of the fold of the skin located on the foreskin and covering the head of the penis. If earlier removal of excess skin was carried out for social and religious reasons, now it is recommended for some medical indications. Among the most common are various kinds of phimosis, associated with the narrowing of the foreskin.

Often, a similar procedure is performed to eliminate premature ejaculation, as the permanently open head of the penis loses its sensitivity, which affects the duration of the act. The procedure of circumcision serves as a preventive measure against certain pathologies, oncology, AIDS, balanitis, and genito-urinary infections.

Indication for the operation for a modern man can serve as the presence of various abnormalities in the structure of the body. For example - phimosis, paraphimosis, xerotic obliterating balanitis, benign lesions and some other problems. Adult circumcision of the foreskin can be performed and at will. After surgery, nothing prevents the free opening of the head of the penis. Special rehabilitation and treatment with antibiotics after circumcision is not prescribed.

For children, the procedure for circumcision is carried out for medical reasons: difficulty urinating, inflammation of the prepuce, which are chronic.

The advantages of circumcision in some cases are in reducing the risk of developing and developing urinary tract infections. It also simplifies the hygiene of men. For circumcision, the price in Russia varies between 15 thousand rubles.

Religious customs

Circumcision among the Jews is an integral part of the culture of the people, for them this is a very simple operation and completely safe.

Circumcision among Jews passes without any conditions, just because traditions are so ordered. Everything is predetermined in advance. This phenomenon in the Jewish faith symbolizes the agreement between man and God. The rite has become an integral part of culture, and even unbelieving Jews insist that their sons should be circumcised. The first person to conclude an agreement with the Lord was Abraham, and since he is the patriarch of Islam, the rite also passed into the Muslim culture. It so happened that circumcision is done at different ages in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Sometimes they make circumcision( the child's age at the same time is shocking) on ​​the 7th day after birth, sometimes it is postponed until adulthood. Islam does not give clear instructions on the timing of the ritual.

Circumcision has become an integral part of the culture of many peoples, this procedure is more than 4000 years old. Even those who oppose surgery in infancy for medical reasons attach great importance to this religious rite. It is believed that all Jewish boys must undergo this ritual. Circumcision among the Jews is an integral part of the culture of the people, for them this is a very simple and completely safe operation. And it is useless to refer to the Bible if a group of people believes that the rite is part of their religion.

circumcision in men reviews after surgery


But there are people who hold a different point of view. They suffered from the operation and want the state to protect their point of view. So, circumcision in men, before and after it, remains a topic of controversy for centuries. The basis is based on religious beliefs, cultural traditions, experiences and scientific justifications. Science believes that circumcision has its positive aspects, and they are not indisputable. The operation can damage the health of a man, but even this point of view is disputed. And what is the correct point of view, the parents of the child will decide. Their choice will depend on religious beliefs, the traditions of society and personal considerations. Debates will continue, and scientific research shows that this operation will remain the most common in countries where circumcision is meant to observe the laws of society.