"Forest Balsam" - conditioner for gums: instructions, reviews. Oral Care

In a modern society it is difficult to find people who have absolutely healthy teeth. Among the main diseases - caries and periodontitis. And if the first leads to the loss of one tooth, the second can leave a person completely without them in a short time. And there are many more diseases. What to do to keep healthy teeth or significantly improve their condition? Than gargle inflamed gums?

Signs of gingival inflammation

Periodontitis is one of the gum diseases that deprives a person of teeth. The first signs of this insidious disease can be reddening and bleeding gums. Inflammation is noticeable already at the initial stage: if you look closely at the gums, you can find swelling, puffiness. But usually the first symptoms are missed and do not go to the doctor until they notice spotting. Especially they are manifested during brushing of teeth. And if the disease is not treated and progresses, then the blood begins to stand out when eating.

There are other gum diseases that cause discomfort, including itching and burning.

Than to gargle the inflamed gums to stop destructive processes?

A series of "Wood Balm"

For this, special toothpastes and rinses have been created. One of the famous and popular brands is "Wood Balm" - a conditioner for gums. The instruction for its use asserts that two weeks after the beginning of the rinsing of the oral cavity with this means, the gingival hemorrhage is significantly reduced, their condition, like the teeth, is normalized.

wood balm rinse aid for gums instruction

The drug prevents the growth of bacteria that contribute to the appearance of painful sensations.

Rinser eliminates dry mouth, increasing the secretion of saliva.

Often people who use removable dentures, initially feel very uncomfortable. There can be abrasions and other unpleasant consequences. Rinsing the mouth with "Forest Balsam" facilitates their well-being, removing inflammatory processes.

Variety of

products The "Forest Balm" series includes various dental and oral care products. They are designed to treat the inflammatory processes of gums and their prevention. It includes:

  • toothpaste on a decoction of medicines with extracts of fir and oak bark. It gently cleans teeth, treats gums and protects them from inflammatory diseases;
  • balm for the treatment of gums;
  • rinsers for medicinal herbs.

wood balm rinse aid for gums reviews

In turn, the rinse aid may be different, depending on the medicinal herbs that are included in their composition.


Under the name "Forest Balsam" there are several types of mouthwash rinsers. They have names corresponding to those herbs and plants that were used in their creation.

Oak bark promotes healing of wounds and removes inflammation, swelling. Fir protects the oral cavity from germs. Nettle supplies vitamins and microelements. Chamomile prevents the reproduction of bacteria. Birch juice tones and provides vitamins.

In addition, there is "Forest Forte Forte", which in its formula has 8 plant components and 90 percent consisting of decoctions of medicinal herbs, including raspberries and lingonberries( antioxidants), calendula( anesthetizes and soothes).This drug is effective for all diseases of the gums.

than gargle inflamed gums

The remedies from the "Forest Balm" series have proved their effectiveness during the clinical trials that were conducted in 2008.

Appearance and form of release

Rinse aid "Forest Balsam" is a liquid of green color. It is packaged in plastic bottles in the volume of 100, 250, 400 ml. They are protected against forgery by engraving with the manufacturer. The lid is also a measuring cup.

mouth rinse

Shelf life of the product is up to 3 years.

What substances are included in the rinse aid "Forest Balsam"?


The preparation includes water, ethyl alcohol, glycerol, various oils and extracts of medicinal plants. Decoction of five herbs removes inflammation, strengthens the gum and prevents the growth of bacteria. Oils soften the tissues, relieve irritation and itching. The agent also contains sodium fluoride. The mass fraction of fluoride is 0.02%, alcohol is slightly more than 1%.

The formula of the therapeutic rinse is the antiseptic triclosan, which fights harmful microbes.

There are in its composition and various benzoates, preservatives. But their content is insignificant. Otherwise, even a week of "Forest Balsam" - a conditioner for gums. The instruction allows the appearance of a sediment in the bottle. This is due to the fact that the composition of the drug includes various natural components. Sediment does not affect the quality and therapeutic properties of the rinse aid.

Application of

How to apply "Forest Balsam", a gum conditioner? The instruction says that it is used every day when caring for teeth. The amount of rinses depends on the condition of the gums. If you apply "Forest Balsam" for prevention( a gum conditioner), the instruction recommends doing this twice a day. If the gum problems have already occurred, then you can repeat the procedure more often, for example, every time after eating.

conditioner balsam

To do this:

  • brush your teeth with any paste,
  • dial the full rinse aid cap;
  • rinse mouth for 1 minute."Fortale wood balm" is used for 30 seconds. Do not swallow;
  • for a while after use, do not drink water or rinse the mouth with something else.

Users say that it is better to apply toothpaste "Forest Balsam".After all, it is developed on the basis of the same substances as the rinse. Therefore, the positive effect of the paste will be strengthened.

Result of

There are clinical indices of action of drugs.

"Forest Balsam" rinse, created on the basis of extracts of sage and cedar nut oil, with regular application, reduces gingival hemorrhage in more than 70% of patients. Blood ceases to be allocated to more than 80% of users. And the pain of eating and cleaning your teeth is no longer felt by all patients.

How do users evaluate "Forest Balm" - a conditioner for gums? The testimonials indicate that it refreshes the breath, heals the wounds in the mouth with accidental damage. In addition, they found that mouthwash slows the formation of plaque.

mouthwash for gums

Many users like the taste of the tool. Of course, he is a bit "vigorous".But this is due to the presence of alcohol in it. There is an opinion that the burning force depends on the condition of the gums. The more inflammation, the greater the pain.

"Forest Balsam"( conditioner for gums) does not help everyone. There are also negative reviews. Some patients complained that with severe inflammation, it does not help. To treat periodontitis, one has to resort to more powerful methods. Nevertheless, doctors do not recommend putting aside this mouthwash, for the gums. Having been treated with "Listerine" or other strong remedy, they advise to return to the series "Forest Balsam" for the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity.

Users complain that the tool is not very economical, quickly consumed. But its price is low, within the limits of 100-300 rubles, therefore to buy any preparation from the given series it will not be difficult.

Reviews of some users suggest that after they stop using this mouthwash and gums, inflammatory processes are resumed. This is not surprising, since the quality of water and products in the modern world is not always high. Therefore, to maintain the oral cavity in a healthy state, it is necessary to use daily products from the "Forest Balm" series.