"Restylane" - what is it?"Restylane" or "Yviderm" - which is better?

In the modern beauty industry, contour plastic is a very popular procedure that allows you to restore youth and health to the skin. Among numerous preparations one of the most effective was the filler "Restylane".What is it, we will consider further.

According to the manufacturer of the famous drug, more than 10 million procedures with "Restylane" have been carried out all over the world. Produces rejuvenating produt Swedish company Q-Med, part of the huge concern Galderma. It justifiably takes a leading position among companies specializing in aesthetic cosmetology.

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The drug "Restylane" - what is it?

"Restylane" is a natural medical preparation made on the basis of hyaluronic acid. The remedy is widely used in cosmetology to restore skin youth. Subcutaneous administration of a miraculous biogel allows skin cells to retain water molecules, restoring health and beauty to it.

Consistency "Restylane" is a gel substance. According to the technique of administration, the drug is a filler.

Modern women no longer try to disguise imperfections with the help of cosmetic products. Injection fillers perfectly cope with complex flaws.

With the help of the famous drug, cosmetologists manage to remove signs of age-related changes in their patients: eliminate wrinkles and nasolabial folds, correct the oval of the face, change the shape of the lips.

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Composition of "Restylane"

Like other effective fillers, the drug "Restylane" is based on stabilized hyaluronic acid. The fact is that it is the lack of this valuable substance that causes aging and dehydration of the skin.

Thus, the drug contains 20 mg of hyaluronic acid, 9 mg of sodium chloride, 0.3 mg of phosphate buffer, 1 ml of water for injection.

The preparation "Restylane" is distinguished by a unique process of stabilization. Polysaccharides in its composition are subject to chemical changes only by 0.5-1%, which allows them to maintain their active structure. This feature determines the high biological compatibility of the drug with the structure of the dermis. It should be noted that similar fillers made on the basis of hyaluronic acid contain polysaccharides, whose modification of molecules reaches 20%.

Principle of the

filler The hyaluronic acid contained in the preparation enters the dermis and attracts water molecules. Formed elastic joints densely fill the space between wrinkles. The furrows and folds of the skin are smoothed out.

Innovative technologies allow modern scientists to create highly flexible chains of hyaluronic acid molecules. They have an excellent "filling" effect, which underlies all contour plastics.

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As the human body ages, the amount of hyaluronic acid it contains decreases. As is known, it is the main supplier to water and nutrient cells. Also, acid plays a primary role in the synthesis of elastin and collagen, the healing of wounds and cracks.

Restylane, according to the manufacturer, has a biodegrading effect. Substances that are part of the gel filler, completely emerge from the body, giving excellent rejuvenating results.

Types of injection rejuvenating drugs

Cosmetologists use fillers "Restylane" for a variety of skin problems of a certain consistency. So, there are the following types of dermal filler:

  1. One of the most commonly used fillers is considered to be "Restylane".What it is? A product that is traditionally used to eliminate wrinkles and wrinkles of medium complexity.
  2. To get rid of superficial dermal imperfections or shortcomings on the delicate skin of the face, it is enough to take the drug Restylane Touch.
  3. Filler of thick consistency "Perlayn" differs strong viscosity. The product shows excellent effectiveness in the fight against serious skin defects. Cosmetologists stop their choice on this drug, when you need to eliminate deep wrinkles, return the contour of the face clarity.
  4. Patients wishing to tidy their lips, give them volume, adjust the shape, recommended by Restylane Lipp.
  5. The filler "Restylane Vital" is used for general rejuvenation of tired skin. However, it is used for both age skin with noticeable signs of aging, and for young, but dehydrated.
  6. "Restylane Vital Light" is used as a preventive against early aging.
  7. The area of ​​the chin and face oval are adjusted mainly with the help of filler "Restylane SubCube".

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Advantages of the injection drug "Restylane"

A huge number of women choose this particular filler. The reason for this was its numerous advantages:

  • lasting effect from contour plastics( can last up to one year);
  • as a result of the use of "Restylane" very rarely allergic reactions occur;
  • high biocompatibility of the drug;
  • manufacturer uses hyaluronic acid, obtained by bacterial synthesis;
  • the effect of the procedure can be estimated after seven days;
  • the duration of the procedure( manipulation takes from 15 to 30 minutes).

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Carrying out the procedure

Before prescribing the Restylane injection, the cosmetologist should make sure that there are no contraindications. He carefully studies the characteristics of the patient's body, which makes it possible to prevent possible complications.

The procedure starts with anesthesia. Then only "Restylane" is introduced. Reviews of cosmetologists suggest that anesthesia can significantly reduce discomfort. In this case, the gel filler is introduced into the problem area very easily. If necessary, the beautician before the introduction of the drug performs a light massage."Restylane" is introduced using a thin needle, evenly distributed.

Side effect of

As the reviews show, after the procedure using Restylane, the following side effects may occur:

  • pain and itching at the injection sites;
  • redness;
  • swelling;
  • skin puckering.

Typically, the negative effects disappear after a few days if the gel filler was injected into the skin of the face. If we are talking about the lips, then for the disappearance of negative effects may take a little longer - a maximum of a week. This is how Restylane works. The face photo after using the filler confirms the extremely high effectiveness of the drug.


Use "Restylane"( the manufacturer draws special attention to this), it is not always possible. So, traditional contour plasty with this drug can not be done in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • after chemical peeling, laser treatment or dermabrasion;
  • in the presence of inflammatory elements on the skin;
  • if there are particles of implants in the area of ​​the proposed injection that did not have time to resolve.

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Tips of cosmetologists

Immediately after the injection, beauticians recommend adhering to certain rules:

  • the skin can not be overheated and supercooled;
  • do not use cosmetics if possible;
  • avoid strong physical exertion;
  • for a week to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.


Specialists pay special attention to the fact that the filler "Restylane", whose composition we reviewed above, is used exclusively as an intradermal implant. The syringe can only be used once, without repeated sterilization.

Cosmetologists note that the drug is strictly forbidden to enter the interior of the vessels, above the dose, and also mixed with other fillers.

"Restylane" or "Yuviderm" - what is better?

Those who have decided on contour plastics often ask the question: "Which filler to choose?" Only a professional cosmetologist, having become familiar with your problems, will be able to advise the best option for you.

Earlier we reviewed the gel remedy "Restylane"( what is it, now it is clear).The characteristics of this drug and "Yuviderma" are somewhat different. These two popular remedies are a gel filler. Their effectiveness in correcting natural and age imperfections is noted by many specialists.

Synthetic hyaluronic acid is the basis of the preparations. They differ in the auxiliary components. Cosmetologists do not recommend injecting with "Restylane" and "Yuviderm" at intervals of less than 6 months. Note that this involves the treatment of the same skin area.


Consider the features of the drug "Yuviderm".The gel packer is produced by the American company Allergan. According to the manufacturer, the product solves many problems, while being safe and painless. The main advantage of the injection is a prolonged result. The drug will last about 18 months.

restylane or juviederm what is better

The painlessness of the procedure is achieved due to the presence of lidocaine in the formula."Juuderm" perfectly copes with the expanded pores, mimic and deep wrinkles, as well as with the dullness and sluggishness of the skin. Many women ask the question: "What is better than" Restylane "?" Answer: "Yuviderm."

However, let's return to "Restylane".

Biorevitalization by the filler "Restylane": the effect of the

procedure In case of signs in the skin wilting clients caused by hyaluronic acid deficiency, cosmetologists are advised to perform biorevitalization. Microinjection into the problem area stimulates the dermis cells to self-regulation. In other words, the procedure awakens the skin's internal resources.

Biorevitalization is carried out by the filler "Restylane Vital" or "Restylane Vital Light".The patient receives a natural, but rather persistent, rejuvenating result. After the procedure, the skin becomes more elastic, smooth and well-nourished. Injection allows you to get rid of dilated pores, pigmentation and couperose mesh. restylane reviews of beauticians

Price of injection "Restylane"

The cost of rejuvenation with filler depends not only on the price of the drug. Important factors are the complexities of a particular case and the pricing policy of the clinic. On average, the cost of the injection fluctuates within 10 thousand rubles. In some centers the rejuvenating drug "Restylane" can be purchased with an action discount.