Homeopathy."Ignacy": indications for use, instruction

Depression and psychosomatic disorders, to which mankind has been exposed for hundreds of years, are very cunning diseases. It seems that there are no significant problems with the body, it functions without visible deviations, there is no cough, no runny nose. .. and yet a person loses joy in life, everything seems gray and dreary. Any stress or emotional shock only aggravates this condition.


With this condition, the homeopathic preparation "Ignacia" successfully fights. Homeopathy uses this medication very widely: it treats a variety of diseases, but most actively acts on the nervous system.

It is also effective in the defeat of other organs and systems - it is proved that at least 75 percent of the diseases originated for psycho-neurotic reasons. That is, the basis of most diseases is a nervous or emotional shock or mental trauma. It can be fright, jealousy, unsuccessful love, someone's death, overstrain and much more that carried with them negative emotions. Homeopathy can not cope better with such ailments, as it treats the cause, and in a special way.

The advantages of homeopathy

Many are distrustful of homeopathy, but it is gaining increasing popularity as an alternative preventive and curative method, because in practice it proves its effectiveness. At the heart of homeopathy is the frequent intake of small doses of the drug, which would cause a healthy person symptoms of the disease. Treatment like this allows you to get rid of acute and chronic diseases.

homeopathy application

Homeopathy is especially effective in the early stages. It is also worth noting the completely natural origin of the drugs, a mild effect on the body without side effects, a wide range of diseases in which homeopathy is indicated."Ignacy", the indications for the use of which are quite extensive, is one of the most famous drugs.

What is the ignition

The homeopathic preparation "Ignacy" is made from seeds of Chinese beans( they are also called beans of St. Ignatius).This is the fruit of a plant from the Loganian family growing on the Philippine Islands. The greyish- and reddish-black seeds of this fruit are odorless, but bitter to the taste, because they contain a large amount of strychnine. In large doses, they cause spasms and suffocation until death. Dry seeds of fetuses are ground, the powder is used to make granules and drops.

homeopathy indications for use

According to the principles of the action "Ignacy" is similar to the homeopathic drug "Nuks vomica", since it contains the same alkaloids. But in practice, what exactly is suitable in each case, the principles on which homeopathy is mastered are decided."Ignacy", the indications for the use of which are in many respects similar to some other homeopathic medicines, are more often prescribed to women, "Nuks vomica" - to men.

Indications for use

In nervous and psychosomatic disorders, one of the most popular drugs that homeopathy uses is "Ignacy."Indications for use include anxiety, frequent mood changes, melancholy and tearfulness. Excellent antidepressant properties of the drug are useful in:

  • depressions of various origins, including those caused by nervous disorders and menopause;
  • obsessive states, manias, tantrums;
  • psychosomatic disorders;
  • asthmatic spasms;
  • whims and tearfulness in children;
  • tension, nervousness;
  • menopause and premenstrual syndrome.

The founder of homeopathy - the German doctor Hahnemann - noted that "Ignacy" is a female drug. He suits most brunettes, sensitive, easily excitable, whiny, even hysterical, suffering from mood swings. Nevertheless, it is successfully used in the treatment of any patient, regardless of their appearance and sex.

In addition, the properties of the drug are useful in other diseases, which treats homeopathy."Ignacia", the indications for the application of which cover a very wide spectrum, is indispensable in dizziness, difficulty speech and thinking, increased absent-mindedness."Ignatia" - an excellent antispasmodic, helps with pain in the abdomen, uterus, muscles, joints, back. Due to its medicinal qualities, it is used to reduce hearing, and in combination with other drugs, "Ignacia" is effective in treating atherosclerosis, accompanied by headaches, stomach diseases, for example ulcers.

Contraindications to "Ignacy"

Like any other homeopathic drug, "Ignacia" has virtually no contraindications. It is safe and often prescribed even to pregnant women and children of the youngest age. However, if the body exhibits an individual reaction during treatment, it should be refrained from taking Ignacia and it is necessary to consult a doctor about hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Forms of the preparation

"Ignacia" is available in two forms:

  • "Ignacia compositum" - homeopathic granules of 10 g;
  • "Ignacy homaccord" - drops of 30 ml.

200 homeopathy indications for use

"Ignacy" in granules contains, in addition to proper ignition, also active substances such as Kalanchoe, snake venom. This type of drug is indicated in menopausal and premenstrual syndrome, which are accompanied by hot flashes and sweating, as it has sedative, antidepressant, antispasmodic properties.

"Ignatia" in drops is shown for various types of depression, psychosomatic disorders, etc. It includes the secret of the male musk deer, which works well on the body with fussiness, nervousness, tearfulness, etc., as well as the seeds themselves, useful forhysteria and nervous exhaustion.

Features of the application "Ignatia"

It is known that one of the important factors of homeopathy is the dilution of the active substance. With the increase of dilutions, the action of the homeopathic preparation increases, the sphere of its application becomes wider. Extraction from seeds of ignition is most often used in the dilution spectrum from 3 to 30, depending on this, the direction of the drug changes. For example, with hysteria, it is effective at the 6th dilution with admission from 3 to 6 months. When anxious dreams and convulsive twitching of the extremities are used for falling asleep, the 12th breeding is used. With more severe convulsive reactions with pain, the number of dilutions can be increased. The drug in the 200th dilution can be useful in bloating, loss of appetite, and also with dryness in the throat, weakness, shortness of breath - "Ignacy 200".

200 homeopathy instructions

Homeopathy, the indications for which are very high in this case, recommend the use of drugs alone or in combination. For example, "Ignacy 200"( homeopathy) is included in a number of other drugs that improve sleep, removing fear and anxiety.

Ignacion rules

Ignacy homaccord is applied orally or sublingually half an hour before meals or 2 hours after in dosage:

  • 10 drops - adults and children over 12 years;
  • 7 drops - children from 6 to 12 years;
  • 5 drops - children from 2 to 6 years.

Before taking the drops, they are bred in a teaspoon of water.

On the first day of treatment or in acute conditions, the medication is taken once an hour, but not more than 9 single doses per day. In other cases, you can take this drug no more than 3 times a day.

"Ignacy compositum" is taken sublingually. Single dose - 5 to 10 granules no more than 5 times a day( unless otherwise indicated by the doctor).

200 homeopathy

The duration of taking the drug is determined by the attending physician in each case, depending on the disease, its course, concomitant symptoms and other factors.


Extract from the seeds of ignition has sedative properties, so patients who take this drug are advised not to drive vehicles. Also, activities related to concentration of attention should be avoided.

Although the drug is considered harmless and there is no evidence of its negative effect on the course of pregnancy, treatment of pregnant women should be done with extreme caution. Since the reaction to the components of the drug is individual, intolerance or allergy may occur.

Please note that the extract from the seeds of Chinese beans can be part of complex preparations, for example, the presence in many sedatives of 200( homeopathy).The instructions for the preparation must contain information about this component.

Despite the confirmed safety of homeopathic remedies, including extractions from ignition, it is forbidden to self-medicate with their help, because it can not only not bring the desired result, but also harm the body. Only the doctor can prescribe the drug, its dosage and the frequency of reception, in order to obtain the effect necessary for treatment. Therefore, before the course of treatment, and also if unusual feelings occur during therapy, the patient is required to consult with a specialist whether he can take a drug such as Ignacy.


Homeopathy, the indications for use of which are extensive, and the contraindications are minimal, with proper treatment will help in many times to improve the quality of life and regain the joy and meaning of existence.