Cough Treatment with Folk Remedies

Cough is an involuntary exhalation that is caused by irritation of the larynx, bronchus, throat or lung tissue( tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma).Cough is manifested as a symptom of many diseases. It is dry and wet, periodic and paroxysmal. But, regardless of the types and causes of cough, it causes significant discomfort, and a run-in cough can lead to serious and dangerous consequences. Therefore, cough requires timely and correct treatment. It can be of two types: medical and folk. Clearly, the main advantage of medical treatment is a quick result, but the active use of antibiotics adversely affects the body and immunity. Treating cough with folk remedies on the contrary can last a little longer, but, on the other hand, it is absolutely safe. In addition, another advantage is the fact that cough treatment with folk remedies involves the use of mostly not expensive herbs, tinctures and other means. Therefore, it does not require large financial costs. This is very relevant for today, as the drugs are very expensive.

Treatment with folk remedies is particularly important when the child is ill, and I do not want to give him antibiotics, harmful to the liver, kidneys and other internal organs. If you decide to cure a child's cough, folk remedies are the best way out.

The easiest cough remedy is lemon and honey. It is necessary to pass a lemon through a meat grinder, mix with honey in equal proportions and drink several times a day, one teaspoonful.

Treatment of cough folk remedies is often based on the use of hot milk with various ingredients. It is useful when you cough to drink milk with birch sap( proportion 1 to 1).A drink is also used from hot milk with honey or mineral waters. From cough, you can boil an ordinary onion in milk and drink the resulting broth half a glass several times a day. A rather effective remedy( especially for children) is a decoction of figs in milk.

An ancient recipe for cough is turnip juice or radish. It must be boiled with honey and take one tablespoon every 3-4 hours.

In inflammatory diseases, diseases of the respiratory system, the wood-hearth is actively used, as it dilutes and removes phlegm, has an expectorant effect.

Useful for coughing and blackberries. This berry has anti-inflammatory and astringent effect. Blackberries are made of wine and tea, which are used to treat bronchitis, influenza, angina and other diseases accompanied by a strong cough.

Has an emollient and expectorant effect and marshmallow. Two tablespoons of the ground roots of this plant are poured into 0.5 liters of cold water and insisted throughout the day. Obtained infusion filter and take 1 tablespoon every 2-3 hours.

An expectorant, antiseptic and soothing action has a mother-and-stepmother. It is necessary to pour two cups of boiling water one tablespoon of her leaves and take a tablespoon several times during the day.

However, it must be remembered that folk remedies for coughing are not a panacea. Of course, that cough with tuberculosis can not be cured with herbs alone and tinctures. In such cases, the use of antibiotics and other drugs is mandatory. Although folk remedies in this case can be used as an additional means. In any case, cough treatment with folk remedies should be coordinated with doctors, since not always the recipes of traditional medicine can cure the neglected forms of coughing.