Davit whiskey: the causes of pain in the temples

Headache is a long-time companion of mankind. Any representative for his life repeatedly shook his head. So everyone knows how much this unpleasant feeling. Doctors strongly believe that the headache is almost the only thing that is extremely contraindicated to endure: you need to immediately take action, if pressed by whiskey, the causes can be established later. However, postponing their clarification for a long time is not worth it, if:

  • pains are systematic, that is, appear regularly;
  • symptom lasts a day or more;
  • marked increase in sensations;
  • you not only crushes your head, but other disturbing symptoms also appear: dizziness, coordination disorders, nausea, or pain in other organs.

In these cases, you need to run to the clinic urgently - maybe it's signs of a serious illness. Although it is not necessary to panic at once and it is not worth much: from a hundred people, to whom the whiskey presses, the reasons are brought to the hospital bed of only five. the pressure of whiskey causes

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Easy causes of

Of course, they can be considered light only in comparison with others, which are dangerous for general health, and even life. When a person has a feeling that he is being squeezed by whiskey, the reasons considered relatively harmless are as follows:

  1. Cold or viral illness begins. However, the accompanying symptoms - a runny nose, coughing and so on - may not appear immediately.
  2. If you feel pain in the temples and forehead, and you suffer from myopia or farsightedness, remember if the glasses have not changed recently. Incorrectly selected optics very often causes such sensations. They arise and in the event that before you did not use glasses - just the visual apparatus has not yet got used to your "crutches".
  3. If there is pain in the left temple and parallel shoots for the same ear, there is a high probability of dental problems. The same goes for the right side.
  4. Temporal pain, accompanied by recoil directly into the auricle and drawing sensations in the nose, may indicate the occurrence of otitis or maxillary sinusitis, and possibly their totality.
  5. Feeling of heaviness in the back of the head and simultaneously pressing down the whiskey - the reasons, most likely, in the uplifted pressure. Such a painful inconvenience is well known to hypertensive patients.
  6. Pressure in the temples can be caused by abnormal joint work between the lower jaw and temple, for example, with a jaw dislocation. It is complemented by gnashing of teeth and recoil in the back of the head, or even scapula.
  7. Hormonal leaps in women also cause pain in the temples and forehead. For the duration of pregnancy, this ill health ceases, but with the onset of breastfeeding can return.
  8. Poisoning - both food and alcohol intoxication - often leads to the pressure of the head.

pain in left temple

In any case, the appearance and retention of such symptoms require a visit to the doctor. If the trouble is caused by problems with the ENT organs, teeth or vision, the headache will pass away, as soon as they are eliminated.

Painful foe: migraine

With her familiar statistics 30 percent of the population. Most sufferers are between the ages of 25-45 and are women. And the pain in the left temple( sometimes on the other hand) is supplemented by other unpleasant manifestations: a painful perception of sounds and bright light, numbness of the hands-feet, nausea, often leading to vomiting. Worst of all, that neither the causes of migraine, nor ways to get rid of it by medicine are not known. Even to predict the nearest attack it is impossible. It is impossible to remove migraine pain by standard methods: they are cleaned only with triptans prescribed for prescription.

crushes the head

The specifics of the work of

Often and regularly puts pressure on those who work day in approximately one pose. In the modern world, this applies in the first place to those who communicate a lot with the computer. Even if they are given an ergonomic chair, the position of the body remains practically unchanged, so the muscle groups( facial, cervical, shoulder) are fixed and cause a headache. It is removed by any analgesics, but it is better not to let it appear: every hour get up and engage in alternative activities. Ideal would be production gymnastics, but it is probably naive to rely on. ..

"Neurotic Helmet"

So doctors call post-stress conditions, in which the whiskey is very sore. Pressure on the head, however, is felt throughout the circumference of the head, as if a tight hoop is worn on it. The phenomenon is caused by a prolonged emotional overstrain, aggravated by physical fatigue. Even stronger are the "helmet" manifestations of those who smoke;in some cases, it provokes clips, put on the lobe at a certain point, or a tight cap. As to remove the pain in such cases is quite difficult, doctors recommend to start to eliminate the nervous tension for the beginning: drink tea with chamomile, do aromatherapy, soothing self-hypnosis or respiratory gymnastics. The head self-massage with the help of a usual hair brush achieves very good results: blood circulation in the skin increases, and the associated muscles relax rather quickly.

how to relieve pain

Attention: vessels!

The pressure in the temples is often caused by vascular spasms. The primary cause is either osteochondrosis of the cervical region, or vegetative-vascular dystonia. In sufferers, this kind of exacerbation occurs with a sharp change of weather or on the threshold of menstruation. With problems with blood vessels, the best way to relieve pain is to take antispasmodics like "No-shpy" or "Stugeron."At the same time, you can knead your neck with your head. The wet compresses cope well with spasms: with blushing the face hot, with redness - cold.

Nutrition and headaches

Not so long ago, one more thing was clarified why the whiskey is pressing: the reasons are in the composition of what we eat. Some chemical compounds provoke the occurrence of headaches:

  1. Tyramine, which is found in hard cheese, chocolate, salted fish, canned seafood, smoked products and beer. It is noteworthy that the substance increases in quantity the more the longer the product is stored.
  2. Sodium glutamate, an indispensable component of Asian dishes. However, those who shy away from Eastern dishes can face him in chips, quick soups and crackers.
  3. Caffeine acts on the reverse. The pulsation in the temples is caused not by its presence, but by its absence in the body of one who is accustomed to drinking coffee in large quantities. Therefore, those wishing to delete the drink from their daily menu should do this gradually.

People who often press their heads should take a look at the list of favorite products: maybe the pain is caused by an abundance of insidious ingredients.

Why does the head ache

when tilting? Often people complain that they only have whiskey for bodily movements. Most often, when they bend down. The most common factors causing such feelings are the following:

  1. Various kinds of problems with cervical vertebrae. Among them: osteochondrosis of the corresponding department, cervical spondylosis( deformation of osteophytes), trauma in the form of stretching or subluxation.
  2. If the head is hurting when it tilts, it may be the muscles that are affected by myositis, or those that are compacted due to sedentary work.
  3. This can be affected by allergic reactions, especially if they occur in a stormy form: with tearing, sneezing and runny nose.
  4. Often when the head is tilted with asthmatics.

However, there may be a primitive explanation - the neck has grown very tight from the uncomfortable posture. whiskey sore pressure

Increased danger: arteritis

Disease affecting people who have crossed the threshold of 60 years. It is characterized by chronic inflammation of large and medium arteries, including ocular, temporal and vertebral arteries. Vessels of the hands, neck and upper body are very rarely affected. Arteritis in the first manifestations is marked by difficulties with the turn of the head. Later there is a sharp painful pulsation in the temple. The complication of arteritis is a complete and unrecoverable loss of vision;in some cases, it leads to a stroke. The treatment is quite complicated, and can last for years, so the early diagnosis in this case is fundamentally important.

Terrible diagnoses

When the whiskey presses regularly and with increasing pressure, the reasons need to be clarified as quickly as possible, because they can be very dangerous. In particular, pain can cause a benign tumor of the pituitary gland, which in the early stages is treated medically, and in advanced cases requires surgical intervention or radiation therapy. Even more dangerous glioblastoma of the brain, which with a sufficient degree of success can be cured only in the early stages.

In elderly people, regular pain in the temples and forehead can speak about beginning atherosclerosis. His early detection delayed the sad consequences of the developing disease for a long time.

Than to treat

What to drink from a headache, the doctor should solve, leaning against the put diagnosis. In general, the trends are as follows:

  1. If the head is pressured in cases of cerebral circulation disorders, drugs that stimulate it are prescribed: Cavinton, Theonikol, Pikamilon.
  2. Hypertonics are prescribed medications that reduce blood pressure: Anaprilin, Enap, Lorista, etc.
  3. When inflammatory processes are detected, sulfonamides such as Norsulfazol, Urosulfan, and Phthalazol help.

However, treatment should be professional and systemic. In the case of force majeure, a person should know how to remove the pain, and no more. In most cases, the task is cope with Tempalgin, Aspirin, Sedalgin, Nurofen. what to drink from a headache

Folk remedies for headache

Many people avoid unnecessary use of medications - and they do it right, unless they contradict the doctor's prescriptions. They can be advised several ways proven by generations how to relieve pain.

  1. Rub whiskey essential oil of lavender or mint. Or light an aroma lamp with oils of the same plants or lemon.
  2. With migraine pain, good results for their elimination are given by tincture of aloe in chicory juice.
  3. It's a good idea to remove a headache from a leaf of cabbage-white-beetle, attached to the forehead.

And if you are aching whiskey as a result of the transferred stress, just have a drink of valerian. Only not a chemist's infusion or tablets, but brewed alone. pain in temples and forehead

Unusually, but effectively

Some folk recommendations sound somewhat ridiculous, but this does not detract from their effectiveness.

  • For example, the headache disappears for a long time, if you rub a kilogram of fresh potatoes, mix it with a pile of milk, after half an hour, squeeze out a lot of mass and make a compress-cap before going to bed an hour and a half.
  • Even a sharp headache passes if you lean your forehead against the glass. It is said that it can have an electrostatic origin, and the glass removes the accumulated charge.
  • A narrow scarf made of natural wool, tied around the head, will help: in front on the eyebrows, and behind the back of the neck.