What is the tone. Tonus in pregnancy: symptoms and features

Throughout life, a person is in good shape. This is the so-called activity. It can be high or low. Today's article will tell you about what tone is. It turns out that this activity is not good in all cases. Sometimes it is required to reduce it, for example, during pregnancy.

What is tonus?

Tonus is a prolonged and persistent excitation of the muscles, tissues and nerve receptors of the human body. Often you can hear such a thing as "skin tone".What does it mean? When the skin is toned, you can say that it is in perfect condition. The dermis is moistened, it is elastic and full of vital energy. Outwardly this is manifested by a beautiful color, a flat surface, the absence of any defects.

What is the tone of the human body? It is the ability to maintain a certain posture and position in space. Man always seeks to improve his tone. The concept is determined by a combination of characteristics: mood, muscle condition, sanity and so on.

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Improve the tone of

What can I do to increase my tone? If we are talking about the body, then you can activate the muscles and the work of all the organs with the help of physical exercises. Athletes attend gyms in order to improve their tone. During physical exertion, blood circulation( tone of the heart muscle and blood vessels) improves, muscle work( muscle tone) and so on are activated.

You can also increase the tone with food. Now on many foodstuffs it is indicated that they increase the tone. Separately, we can say about energy drinks. When they are used, the work of the whole organism is activated. But doctors say that such a way to improve the tone is not the most correct. Women always strive to improve the condition of the skin. Many cosmetic products indicate that they contribute to an increase in tone.

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Uterine tone

Separately, the tone of the childbearing organ is considered. Throughout the menstrual cycle, it changes, it depends on the production of hormones. During menstruation, the uterine organ is actively contracting( high tonus).Some women experience pain.

In the middle of the cycle the uterus is in normal tone. If pregnancy occurs, then certain hormones are produced that relax the muscular organ. This is necessary for the normal attachment and further development of the embryo.

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High uterine tone in pregnancy: normal or pathological condition

If the uterus is constantly in tension, then this condition is not normal. In the early stages of pregnancy, the yellow body and adrenal glands secrete the hormone progesterone. This substance relaxes the uterus. If it is not enough, then there is a tone. One or all of the walls of the genital organ thickens and strains, the contraction occurs. If the time does not correct this state, then detachment of the membranes begins. Between the wall of the uterus and the embryo, a hematoma forms, tissues do not feed completely, blood circulation is disturbed. In the future, miscarriage or spontaneous abortion will occur.

At high gestational age, the tone may lead to premature birth. Therefore, it is necessary to inform the gynecologist about it. Note that at the time of contractions the uterus is always in a stressed state. This is normal. In some cases, reduced tone during delivery requires stimulation. For this purpose obstetricians and gynecologists use medicines( for example, "Oxytocin").The drug contributes to the reduction of the uterus and the rapid opening of the birth canal. Every future mother needs to know how the tonus manifests at different periods of gestation.

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Symptoms and signs

What does the tone of pregnancy have symptoms? Much depends on the gestational age. In the first weeks, the stress of the uterus can not be felt at all. But the higher the tone, the more tangible. In this case, the woman experiences pain in the lower abdomen. Sometimes they can give back. With high tone and detachment of the fetal egg, spotting from the vagina can be observed.

For longer periods of pregnancy, the symptoms of tonus look somewhat different. Pain in the abdomen is still noted. Only now it spreads throughout the uterus. A future mother can note the tension of the abdomen. The abdominal wall becomes firm and as if compressed. During increased tonus, fetal movements can cause discomfort. In addition, the child during this period is particularly active, thereby trying to get more oxygen.

Constant elevated tonus during pregnancy( the symptoms you already know) can have consequences: lack of nutrition for the baby and delayed intrauterine development. Therefore, in the presence of the described signs, you must always consult a gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe drugs that improve blood circulation and therapy, aimed at reducing the uterine tone.

Diagnosis of the stress of the uterus

What is the tone and what it has symptoms for women - described above. But how can a specialist determine this condition? Diagnosis of hypertension during pregnancy is quite simple. The doctor can note the tension of the uterus with a normal gynecological examination. It is worth noting that in some cases the examination itself provokes the stress of the genital organ.

To determine the increased tone, you can use ultrasound. On the monitor, the doctor will see the thickening of the uterine walls, which indicates their tension. In the early stages of pregnancy, the uterine tone tells the deformation of the fetal egg. In the third trimester, pathology can be detected during cardiotocography( CTG).

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Treatment features:

preparations In order to reduce tone when a pregnancy is threatened, appropriate therapy should be carried out. First you need to find out what caused the contraction of the uterus. This can be physical activity, sexual contact, nervous tension, hot bath, eating certain foods or taking medicines. After this, the cause of the pathology is eliminated. Further conservative treatment is carried out, the scheme of which directly depends on the gestational age.

In the first trimester, women are prescribed progesterone-based drugs( Dufaston, Iprozhin).Spasmolytics( tablets or injections of "Noshpa" and "Drotaverin", suppositories "Papaverin") are also prescribed. Sedatives are necessarily used( "Valerian", "Motherwort").In later terms, hormonal drugs are not prescribed. Instead, they use "Ginipral", "Partusisten".Also, future mothers may be prescribed a medicine containing magnesium and B vitamins in their composition. These drugs have a positive effect on muscles and the nervous system.

It must be said that treatment is indicated only with a constant tone of the uterus and a negative effect on the fetus. In late pregnancy, the tone can periodically appear and pass independently. If a woman does not experience any discomfort, then there is no need to adjust it. More detailed information is better to specify at the gynecologist as much depends on individual features of an organism.

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Prevention of hypertension in pregnancy

Has a contentious opinion of the concept of "tone."The doctors say that this is a normal condition. But during pregnancy it is better to reduce the contractile capacity of the uterus and not to provoke its tension. For the prevention of tonus, observe the following rules:

  • avoid physical exertion;
  • refuse sexual intercourse( as indicated);
  • adhere to proper nutrition;
  • follow the regularity of the stool, avoid constipation;
  • do not wear tight clothing( especially at the beginning and at a later date);
  • do not take any medication yourself( even conventional pain medications);
  • more rest and walk;
  • get positive emotions and avoid stressful situations.

If you sometimes have a tonus, tell your doctor about it. Perhaps, depending on your characteristics, the specialist will give individual recommendations.

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Summing up

Tone is good or bad? I will not be able to immediately answer this question. It all depends on the situation. Skin tone allows a person to look good and well-groomed. If it is lowered, then the body becomes flabby and ugly.

Tone uterus during pregnancy, on the contrary, can be dangerous. But it does not always require treatment and use of medications. It should be remembered that each case is individual.