Vitamin "Macrovite": instructions for use, contraindications

It's hard to believe that even a century ago, mankind only knew about vitamins. Modern people, however, learn about them in childhood and face this concept throughout their lives. These are such unique substances, the importance of which is simply enormous. At the same time, they are not included in the composition of cells and in themselves do not have nutritional value, but the correct metabolism without them is impossible. Daily dosage of vitamins is not great at all, but they are not synthesized by the body for the most part, and therefore it is necessary to ensure their intake from the outside.

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At the same time, the naturalness of food is often questionable. And the pace and conditions of human existence are now such that the use of synthetic multivitamin complexes is justified. The choice of such drugs in pharmacies is wide: for any needs and opportunities. Let's talk about one of them - the "Macrovite" vitamins from the Slovenian manufacturer KRKA.

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Who needs vitamins

What is the reason for the additional reception of multivitamin complexes, including such as "Macrovit"?Instructions for the use of this drug says that it should be taken with increased need for vitamins. And there may be such a need under the following circumstances:

  • unbalanced, irregular or poor-quality nutrition, including with diets, during seasonal deficiency of natural sources of vitamins;
  • increased physical, mental and emotional stress:
  • during pregnancy and during the natural feeding of the child;
  • on the background of alcohol and nicotine addiction.

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If in your life there is one of the listed circumstances, you can safely buy vitamins "Macrovit", the price for which is very democratic and does not exceed 180 rubles.for packing.

Composition of vitamins "Macrovit", form

Complex "Macrovit" is multivitamin, that is, it contains not one biologically active substance, but several. It is difficult to say which of these organic compounds can be considered more necessary to the human body, and which - less. Each of these substances has its own strictly defined role. Vitamins work like musicians in an orchestra. Each performs an individual part, but any incorrect note will immediately affect the composition as a whole. Consider the composition of the "musicians" in such a preparation as "Macrovit."Instructions for use asserts that there are vitamins A, C, E, group B( B1, B2, B3( PP) B5, B6, B12), D3.The roles of each of them will be discussed below.

Form of production of vitamins "Macrovit" - round bulging tablets in a shell of a cheerful orange color. Sometimes they are called pastilles. The fact is that these tablets do not need to be swallowed immediately. They need to dissolve, hence the name. The pastilles taste sweet, so children like "Macrovitus", reviews of adult vitamins are also very positive.

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The meaning and action of each vitamin in the "Macrovite" complex: vitamins A, C and E

Let's start with the first alphabet of vitamin A. By the way, it was not accidentally named the first letter of the alphabet. The fact is that it was discovered by one of the first, in 1913.In addition to the well-known fact of the importance of vitamin A for the visual apparatus, do not forget how great the role of this organic compound in the body as an antioxidant.

Ascorbic acid is generally to be consumed daily, because it is not possible to overdose it. At the same time, along with vitamins A and E, it has pronounced antioxidant properties, strengthens connective tissues, blood vessels, gives vivacity. Vitamin C protects its counterparts - A and E - from oxidation. It also enters the Makrovit complex. Instruction for use says that in each tablet it is 80 mg.

Vitamin E, in addition to the already noted antioxidant role, is responsible for the reproductive function, protects cells from deformation, aging and the appearance of malignant tumors.

Group B vitamins and vitamin D

All B vitamins are active participants in the metabolism. Six of them are presented in the "Macrovit" complex. Instructions for use lists them as follows: thiamine( B1), riboflavin( B2), nicotinic acid( B3, or PP), pantothenic acid( B5), pyridoxine( B6), cyanocobalamin( B12).The importance of these substances can be devoted to a separate article. All of them are immediate participants in metabolism. Vitamins B6 and B12 are extremely important for the nervous system, and D - is involved in the assimilation of calcium and not the least role plays in the mineral metabolism. In the preparation "Macrovit" it is represented by vitamin D3.

How to take the vitamins "Macrovit"

After eating, you need to rinse or chew the lozenge. Junior schoolchildren of 6-10 years can do this 1 or 2 times a day, and those who are older, - repeat the reception 2-3 times. These norms cover the daily requirement for essential vitamins. The intake of these delicious tablets can last up to 30 days, after which it is worth taking a break for 1-3 months. There are 30 lozenges in the package, but regular purchase of these vitamins will not damage the family budget, as, as already mentioned, the price of "Macrovit" is happy with its availability. Overdosage of "Mackerel" is unlikely, but do not take risks and take the lozenges in more than recommended quantities, and also combine them with other vitamins.

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As with any other pharmacological drug, there are contraindications to the "Macrovit" vitamin complex. Do not use this complex for children under 6 years old, with hypervitaminosis A and D, and hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. It should be borne in mind not only the active substances, but also auxiliary, without which the production of medicines is not enough: lactose, dextrose, sucrose, sorbitol, glycerol, flavors and dyes. All these substances the manufacturer honestly indicates in the instructions to the drug.

Side effects of

In general, consumers give positive feedback about the vitamin complex "Macrovit".But with excessive use of this drug can cause headaches and indigestion.