Signs of stomach cancer

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As medical practice shows, about forty-five thousand lives annually in Russia carries stomach cancer. This disease is on the second place in the spread and death in the structure of pathology of oncological nature. Approximately two times less sick than women, than men. At the same time, the risk of oncology development increases with age.

Stomach cancer. Causes of

The main factors provoking tumor development include:

- drinking;

- irregular and irregular meals;

- smoking;

- abuse of acute and excessively hot food;

- heredity.

As a rule, an oncological disease occurs on the gastric mucosa that has undergone pathological changes( on the sites of polyps, ulcers, erosions, scars).

Classification of the disease is carried out in accordance with the location of the localization. So, define the cancer of the body of the stomach, its antral or cardiac division. The disease can have various forms. The most common include polypoid, mushroom, nodular, saucer-like, diffuse, ulcer-infiltrated tumor. By the structure of cells distinguish squamous type, carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and others.

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Symptoms of stomach cancer may not appear for some time. However, then the disease begins to progress. In the absence of serious symptoms, there may be minor first signs of stomach cancer. They are usually expressed in weight loss, the emergence of a feeling of discomfort, anemia, depression, decreased efficiency, disturbed sleep, appetite, which in some cases turns into aversion to food. Given such nonspecific signs of stomach cancer, you can identify the disease in the initial stages.

With the growth of the tumor, pain and heaviness occur in the epigastric region. Signs of stomach cancer when narrowing the lumen of the body are manifested in the rapid saturation of small portions of food, belching, nausea, vomiting.

Often, the development of the tumor is accompanied by complications in the form of bleeding, vomiting with blood veins or "coffee grounds", as well as melena - black stool.

Severity of symptoms depends on the location of the lesion.

Signs of stomach cancer in the cardiac part of the stomach are characterized by dysphagia( difficulty swallowing), pain behind the sternum, drooling. The tumor of the body of the body, as a rule, proceeds asymptomatically. The presence of the disease can be indicated only by non-specific signs of cancer intoxication.

The defeat of the antrum( outlet) of the department is characterized by disturbances during the evacuation of food into the intestine. Typical is persistent vomiting, which provokes severe dehydration and exhaustion of the body.

The basis of the diagnosis of the disease is considered a general examination of the patient. For patients characterized by pale and flabby skin, exhaustion, belly in the form of a ball. When palpation is often palpable tumor.

Radiography of the stomach with the use of barium contrast suspension can accurately detect the presence of cancer. In addition, this survey provides objective results in the analysis of violations of evacuation functions of the body.

Fibrogastroduodenoscopy is used for visual detection of cancers. This study also allows you to conduct a biopsy, evaluate the shape and size of the tumor.

With the use of computer tomography, it is possible to detect not only the degree of damage, but also the involvement of surrounding organs and tissues in the process.

Ultrasound can diagnose metastases in the pancreas and liver.

As a treatment for a cancerous tumor, only a radical method is used - surgery.