How and what to treat dry cough

In medicine, two types of cough are considered - dry and wet. Dry cough is a cough that does not produce sputum, it can stand out, but in very small amounts, which is not enough to recover. How and what to treat a dry cough, consider below. But first you need to determine the causes of dry cough. First, the cause of this cough may be the initial stage of the disease. Secondly - allergic exacerbation and thirdly - other diseases, such as pertussis, measles, tuberculosis and sinusitis. Cough can be accompanied by fever and runny nose. Wait that the cough itself will be transferred to the stage of a "wet cough" is not worth it, since it can lead to bleeding. Dry cough does not allow to sleep, it gives discomfort, does not allow to breathe calmly. That is why it is worth treating such a cough, than treating a dry cough - let's consider in more detail.

When a person has started a dry cough, he should consult a doctor who will prescribe an anesthetic for him, which can soften the mucous membrane. Any remedy for dry cough can be bought at the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. Many anxious mothers ask - than to treat a dry cough in a child? There is an unequivocal answer to this question - the agent should appoint a pediatrician, only he will recommend the right remedy for a child's cough. The most common means for coughing, which can be used by children, are - ATSTS, Gerbion, Ambrobe, Sinekod and licorice root. All these products are sold in the pharmacy in the form of medicine. They cope with a dry cough in a child in a few days, and transfer the cough to the stage of a "wet cough."Also, during a dry cough, the child should be given more drinking, such as fruit drinks, juices, compotes and herbal teas. To cough, the chamomile will help, it will not only cure a cough, but also a throat. Chamomile must be brewed and drunk during the day. You can also drink tea with honey and lemon.

How to cure dry cough for pregnant and lactating women? In this case, the same antitussive drugs that are sold in the pharmacy can help. But you should carefully read the instructions, and it is better to consult a doctor, drugs should not be present in the medicine. It is best for pregnant women to treat dry cough with the same means as given to children under three years of age. You can do inhalations - to breathe over the decoction of potatoes, mineral water or baking soda. Also help the broths of chamomile, plantain, St. John's wort, sage and lime color.

Probably there is no definite answer to the question - how quickly to cure dry cough, but if only use antitussives, gargle, do inhalations, drink herbal decoctions, and also do breast massage during the day. If it is good to be treated all day, alternating these funds, you can get rid of a dry cough within one or two days.

The causes of dry cough may be as follows:

- smoking;

- inflammation of the mucosa or pulmonary trachea, or larynx;

- bronchial asthma and bronchitis;

- ingestion of food, more often in infants and young children, in the respiratory tract;

- pleurisy;

- inhalation of various harmful substances;

- pertussis;

- infectious diseases;

is a lung tumor.

It is possible to be treated independently only at a stage of a bronchitis and an inflammation of a mucosa of a larynx, well and in other cases nevertheless it is necessary to address to the expert. For children, only the consultation and referral of a pediatrician follows.

In no case should the child be banned from coughing, because he can not expectorate sputum, and the words of his parents - "do not cough, calm down, stop," can complicate matters. Let the child cough and, at the same time, it is necessary to clear his throat. So, we found out what to treat dry cough, its causes and symptoms.