Cytomegalovirus in children: its manifestation and methods of treatment

Cytomegalovirus infection of the genus Herpesvirus. This virus is found in all developed countries, in Europe it affects about 3% of newborns, in Russia this figure is slightly higher, about 5%.Most of the children born with this infection are quite healthy, no different from their peers. Often, cytomegalovirus in children has a passive character, i.e.the child has no manifestations of this disease.

The virus is transmitted from mother to child in a number of cases in the prenatal development, it penetrates there through the placenta. Infection of the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy with miscarriage( artificial abortion) or complete damage to the brain, internal organs, nervous system, as well as lagging behind in psychomotor development is manifested.

Cytomegalovirus in children, especially in newborns, can be very severe and even fatal. However, with timely diagnosis and comprehensive treatment under strict control of the level of antibodies to this virus in the blood, the chances that the baby will survive increase.

Cytomegalovirus: symptoms of

Most parents, whose children are infected with CMV, do not suspect that their babies are infected with this virus, becausethey have no signs of disease. The clinical picture can appear only when the immunity decreases. Quite often, cytomegalovirus in children manifests itself as an ordinary cold. The baby raises fever, there is a runny nose and sore throat, palatine tonsils can increase.

Just because the symptoms are erased and resemble a banal ARD, most parents are not aware of the existence of this virus in themselves and the baby. In newborns with a cytomegalovirus infection, there are almost never any symptoms. Only a few have temporary manifestations, which eventually disappear. In very rare cases, the symptoms remain with the child throughout life.

Temporary manifestations in newborns with congenital CMV:

· Jaundice of the mucous membrane of the eyes and skin;

· Lung inflammation, liver and spleen;

· Insufficient weight gain;

· Cyanotic-violet rashes on the skin.

With a constant clinical picture:

· Small head size( disproportionate to the trunk);

· Violation of traffic coordination;

· Mental immaturity;

· Impairment or loss of vision or hearing;

· Lethal outcome.

Constant symptoms may appear in the baby only after a few months or even years. The most common signs: a violation of sight and hearing, in the future complete blindness and deafness. To timely start treatment, to regularly observe and undergo the necessary studies in order to prevent the disease from progressing, you need to know exactly whether the child is infected or not.

Cytomegalovirus - treatment of

Drugs for treatment are prescribed by a doctor depending on the severity of the virus. Children under one year and newborns are treated in a hospital, they are prescribed immunotropic and antiviral drugs for recombinant interferon. As a rule, the course of treatment is very long.

Often against the background of infection, inflammatory diseases occur, in which case antibiotics are prescribed. They are necessary for the destruction of bacterial infection. Also, the treatment of those diseases, which provoked the infection, is carried out.

In addition, general restorative therapy is prescribed. Sometimes an auxiliary method with the use of homeopathic medicines, herbal medicine and other alternative methods that contribute to the recovery of the child's health are added to the traditional treatment. The diet of children should be rich in sour-milk products, proteins, microelements and vitamins.

In complex treatment, cytomegalovirus in children from acute stage passes into a safe latent form that does not disturb for a long time.