Barnaul, sanatorium "Ob": reviews and photos

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The "Ob" health resort in Barnaul is subordinated to the administration of the Altai Territory and is positioned as a regional health resort. However, the guest's testimonies indicate that this health-improving institution is known far beyond the Altai. Guests from Kazakhstan, Abkhazia and Germany come here.

Barnaul health resort "Ob"


One of the advantages of the administration of the health resort considers location, guests agree with this. The cozy buildings are located in the forest, among the relict pines. At the same time, the sanatorium complex is located in the city of Barnaul( Zmeinogorsky tract, 77).Many holidaymakers describe unique plants in a small park, unusual flowers on flower beds, cozy gazebos.

You can get there from the railway or bus station by public transport( buses 2, 55, 108 or tram number 7).

Many guests write about the well-groomed territory, thoughtful paths for walks, a good rental base, equipped places for outdoor activities in summer as well as in winter( bicycles, skates, skis, sledges).Many come here for the first time on preferential vouchers, and then go on their own( paying for the ticket completely).

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A lot of good reviews about the location of the health resort from their regular patients receive a sanatorium "Ob"( Barnaul).Photos posted by them, this is clearly illustrated.

health resort "Ob" Barnaul photo

Traditions and innovations in the treatment of

The clinic opened its doors to patients( community workers) in 1987.At that time only the cardiological and neurological departments worked here. Later( 1990), they opened branches for parents with children, and then gastroenterology. Today it is a wide-profile health resort, which Barnaul is proud of. The sanatorium Ob, according to the patients' reviews, is known far beyond the Altai Territory, it is famous for its medical base, modern equipment and unique own know-how in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

  • It treats diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Help patients with gastrointestinal problems. Including post-treatment after operations with ulcers( stomach, 12-duodenum), pancreatitis, removal of the gallbladder.
  • Carry out therapy for diseases of the nervous system.
  • Help patients with respiratory problems.
  • Treating metabolic and endocrine system disorders.

The reviews of patients visiting the sanatorium for dozens of years talk about the traditionally high quality of standard spa and wellness procedures, the correct and attentive attitude of the staff, the professionalism of medical workers.

Among the useful innovations, many people note the constantly updated medical equipment, effective own know-how( treatment with sour-milk products, hippotherapy) and the introduction of modern techniques of balneology( swimming pool, sulfur baths, carboxytherapy, snoring diagnostics and treatment, lamifaren, plasmolifting, etc.).The SPA center was opened recently.

city ​​Barnaul health resort "Ob"

Therapy with mineral water

Among the latest spa treatment technologies, many holidaymakers celebrate the mineral water "Zavyalovskaya".This chloride-sulphate water has an unusually high content of magnesium and potassium( more than 400 mg / l), which makes it irreplaceable for purification of the body. However, it is possible to preserve its unique capabilities only thanks to the latest technologies. In the health resort there is a pump room, unique for the whole of Siberia, only Barnaul can boast of it. The "Ob" sanatorium has a unique high-tech system( extraction and special containers with titanium coating), which allows preserving all the useful qualities of the Zavyalovskaya mineral water pipeline and applying it in balneotherapy of patients.

reviews about the sanatorium "Ob" in Barnaul

Therapeutic mud Miskovo

Among the proven methods of treatment can be called mud mud. Peat mud from Kostroma region( Miskovo) is successfully used in this health resort for treatment of a wide range of diseases. And although the city of Barnaul can not boast of its own sapropelic mud, the "Ob" sanatorium has also used the latest technologies here: for procedures, live and useful peat muds are used.

Patients in their reviews often mention the friendly and responsible staff of the medical building, write about good results in the treatment of headaches, male and female diseases, arthritis and arthrosis, osteochondrosis, skin diseases.

Barnaul health resort "Ob" territory

Unique sour-milk diets, oxygen cocktails and lamifarene

The treatment of fermented milk products( "Biolact", "Altai leaven"), which are produced right in the health resort, receives good reviews. This unique method of treatment with probiotics of local production gives good results in the treatment of gastrointestinal tract, allergies, dermatoses, intoxication of the body. Practically all the guests who came to Barnaul, the sanatorium "Ob" are described as a modern center of diet therapy. These unusual drinking products, as well as other innovations: oxygen cocktails( they are free in all vouchers) and lamifarene( a product of kelp) - are called effective dietary methods.

Horses: therapy and rest

Many good words about animals( and there are many of them), especially horses and special courses of therapy for children with cerebral palsy, is written in the stories about this health resort. Reviews about the sanatorium "Ob" in Barnaul are grateful to specific doctors and instructors, holidaymakers write about the individual approach to each patient, specially developed programs of recovery and a variety of procedures. However, here there is an opportunity not only to undergo a medical course, but also simply to ride or communicate with animals.

Barnaul health resort "Ob"

A little bit about accommodation and meals

According to the information provided on the official site, guests are accommodated in block rooms: 2 rooms for 2 people and 2 rooms for 1 person. In such rooms there is a bathroom and a shower for 2 rooms. There are also suites and junior suites( with the option to order food in the room).In all rooms there is a wireless Internet connection, in addition give out blankets and pillows.

Barnaul health resort "Ob" accommodation

Food 4-times dietary, but the diet is selected individually. Prices for vouchers( accommodation, treatment, meals) are quite high: from 3000 rubles per day for a place( this is with treatment).

At the same time, you can buy a subscription only for treatment 1200 rubles per day or a health package from 2400 rubles per day( this includes meals, accommodation, mineral water, oxygen cocktail and swimming pool).I must say that you can get on rehabilitation after surgery only on the basis of the MHI policy.

The resort has a flexible system of discounts, promotions are held, now there are discounts for workers in agriculture, education and health. There is an action for pensioners.

Many guests who came to Barnaul, sanatorium "Ob", its medical services, food, accommodation conditions are evaluated to the highest standards, and this health center receives excellent points.