What is the best time to conceive a child?

Responsible parenthood is a modern trend in society. According to experts, more and more people come to the opinion that it is necessary to become popes and mothers, having prepared a material basis in advance, adjusting their own health and building a career that in the future will find continuation. Only after this, responsible parents begin to choose the best time for conceiving a child. How it's done?

Earlier, scientists believed that seasonality is not related to the health of the unborn child and can not affect intrauterine development. True, for a better pregnancy, it was assumed that its beginning is better planned for the fall - the time when the female body fully received a charge of vitamins in the season of fresh fruits and vegetables, enjoyed the sun's rays - in general, became stronger for a full and trouble-free carrying of the baby. But the latest research conducted by scientists from Princeton University between 1994 and 2006, showed that the best time to conceive a child is not the autumn time.

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Initially, the question asked by scientists was: "Why do children born in winter have weaker health than" summer "babies?"Previously it was believed that the reason for this - the cold season and the activity of epidemics of viral diseases, which undermine the health of the baby soon after birth. But after additional studies it was found out that the epidemics of influenza and ARVI have nothing to do with it. For some reason, the main role was played by the socio-economic factor. It turned out that in the first half of the year, children are predominantly women without higher education and unmarried. It is in this category of people appear, often, less healthy children. And by results, they are born just in the winter season. So, if you want to calculate the time of conception in order to give birth to a healthy baby, it is of course not to be afraid of the first months of the year, but to strive at this time to the beginning of pregnancy is also not the best decision - after all the female organism at this time is quite worn outwinter avitaminosis, and it is better to strengthen it in advance.

But what is the best time to conceive a child? The scientists found out that in order for the baby to be born strong, healthy and with a good body weight, it is necessary to work on its appearance in the summer - according to statistics, in women who became pregnant from June to August, children were born with a body weight larger than the others. In addition, this time for conception of the baby is suitable, as the body relaxes during the summer months, gives the opportunity to feed itself with the necessary substances, and during the holidays it experiences less stress, which significantly facilitates the course of pregnancy in the future.

But May was the least suitable month for planning offspring. As it turned out, women who become pregnant this month, the pregnancy lasts a week less than the summer "pregnant women."And this subsequently makes itself felt, affecting the health of the child. Therefore, in general, the period between January and May is not the best time for conceiving a child. In such children, the immune system is not very strong, hearing and vision problems may occur, as well as developmental delays.

Therefore, if you are just going to have children, wait for the summer season - eat fresh fruits and vegetables, relax, sunbathe on the beach, and with fresh forces start to conceive a new life, healthy and strong.