Maxima - lens solution: why it is better to choose it

Those who have ever tried to wear contact lenses know how important it is to choose the right solution for their care. Without it, you can use only one-time vision correction. It is the solution that provides comfortable wearing of lenses, cleans and disinfects them. But now there are many different brands of such products, so it's hard to choose which is better. One of the firms that has been popular for many years is Maxima. The solution for lenses they release long ago and made it very comfortable for the patient. Why do many of the large number of pharmacies choose it? maxima lens solution

Advantages of Maxima

solution For normal wearing of lenses, the following rules must be observed:

  • , they must be cleaned of contaminants and protein deposits;
  • disinfect from emerging bacteria;
  • moisturize so that there is no discomfort in the eyes;
  • should be stored correctly.

Previously, there were different means for this, and care of the lenses turned into a complicated procedure. The main advantage that the solution for Maxima contact lenses possesses is that it is universal. That is, this drug is designed for cleaning, moisturizing, disinfecting and storing contact vision correction products.

contact lens solution maxima

Maxima has been popular for many years in the market of ophthalmic products. A solution for the lenses of its production belongs to the third generation of such means. Therefore, it has stronger cleaning and disinfecting properties, removing any protein and lipid deposits and almost all pathogenic microorganisms.

The pH value of the solution is identical to that of the human eye, so it is suitable for any person without causing discomfort. This solution is compatible with all types of lenses. It is suitable for soft and hard, vosokodioptrynyh correction. Even care for colored lenses with it is more effective.

Unique cleansing qualities increase the duration of the action and allow longer storage of contact vision correction products. That's why now more and more people are choosing Maxima - a solution for lenses.

Price, composition and form of this product

The solution is available in a convenient bottle with a narrow neck, which allows to economize it. Packed in bottles of 100, 250 and 360 ml. Those who constantly use this solution, it is more profitable to buy a large bottle. In addition, complete with a container for lenses. maxima lens solution price To those who have decided only to get acquainted with this remedy, it is better to buy while the bottle is smaller and try. But, most likely, they too will like Maxima - a solution for lenses. Its price is not higher than that of other funds, and ranges from 170 to 550 rubles, depending on the volume and place of purchase. It is consumed quite sparingly, very rarely causes allergies and cleans and moisturizes the lenses very well, making them very comfortable to wear.

Its effectiveness can be explained by the following composition:

  • it contains NaCl and phosphate buffer providing the comfort of the eye mucosa;
  • disinfectant components that effectively destroy various microorganisms;
  • special substances for deep cleaning and moistening of the lens surface.

Features of

solution action How the solution works:

  • removes fat and protein deposits easily and quickly on the lens surface;
  • is suitable for sensitive eyes, as the composition is close to tear;
  • fights against fungal and bacterial infections;
  • works very quickly, which allows the use of lenses again after a few hours;
  • perfectly cleanses and moisturizes contact eyesight correction means, creating on their surface a film that does not allow drying out;
  • Maxima( lens solution) allows you to store them for up to 30 days, and after that using visual aids will be just as comfortable;
  • can be used as eye drops, moisturizing the lens and mucous throughout the day. maxima lens solution reviews

Maxima - lens solution: reviews

Most users are positive about this tool. Many like everything from a beautiful package design and a low price to the possibility of using it as eye drops. Some tried a lot of means, but in the end they chose Maxima. The lens solution effectively cleanses and moisturizes them. He makes wearing correction tools and caring for them very simple and comfortable. But there are also users who did not like the solution. They note that it caused burning sensation in the eyes, lacrimation and even conjunctivitis. Of course, there is an individual intolerance, but most often the solution is well tolerated.