How to fix the gap between the teeth?

Many people suffer from a gap between their teeth. Unpleasantness not only affects the aesthetic perception of one's appearance, but also creates discomfort in everyday life. Fortunately, modern medical approaches include a number of ways and means to eliminate this defect. However, is this feature an imperfection?

The gap between the front teeth

Different approaches to one question

While some say that the gap between the teeth of the child looks exceptionally cute, touching, and the adult adds a highlight to the appearance, others are convinced that this is an important imperfection, for the sake of hiding it can completely abandon the habitopenly smile. In science, such a feature of the structure of the jaw is called a diastema. Dentists call to evaluate it not just as a cosmetic feature, but an important defect that needs to be corrected. The fact is that such a structure causes the increased load on certain teeth. They collapse quickly enough, the periodontitis appears.

Where did the problem come from?

The reasons why there is a gap between the teeth is somewhat. Most often this feature is due to genetic causes, a hereditary factor. Sometimes a crack appears in people if the milk teeth have lingered longer than the average term, and their change to permanent was accompanied by complications. The reason may be in the abnormal structure, the development of incisors, the upper lip that is set too low.

Even habits can play a role - for example, many chew pencils, nails, which leads to the formation of a gap between the teeth. The reason may be in other factors of psychosomatic nature. Increased the likelihood of the appearance of cracks in the absence of any tooth, since the gaps lead to the creeping of the existing ones.

Nuances of the problem

The gap between the front teeth can appear in both children and adults - there are no age restrictions for the formation of a defect. In adolescence and a more tender age, the prerequisite for the formation of a diastema is the change of teeth from temporary to indigenous. The genetics, individual features of growth play its role. But for the adult population the cause is more often gum disease, psychosomatic factors, operations of permanent teeth removal.

how the cleft is removed between the teeth

If there is a gap between the front teeth, do not pull with a trip to the dentist, since this feature is associated with certain dangers. The most basic is the aesthetic. It would seem that she does not deserve a mention, but many of our contemporaries, once discovering a diastema, do not simply refuse to smile, but gradually plunge into the abyss of complexes associated with appearance. This becomes the basis for serious depression disorders, which can lead to the most negative consequences. Psychological problems, provoked by a simple snap between teeth, can cause extremely difficult social adaptation.

Danger factor

A large gap between the teeth can cause tooth decay, lead to periodontitis. People who do not take measures to combat a defect are more likely to suffer from the destruction of the enamel covering the teeth.

The presence of lye can cause malocclusion. Often this leads to incorrect diction. Over time, this factor becomes the foundation of deformation of the jaw. The process proceeds gradually, slowly, so it is often very difficult to notice it.

To the doctor for help

On how to fix the gap between the teeth, the doctor will tell at the reception. Modern people have access to an abundance of various technologies for the elimination of a defect, however, the best option should be selected by a qualified specialist, otherwise there is only a risk of harming yourself. Determining the best approach, the doctor reveals for what reason the defect is formed, evaluates all the features of the situation( the number of slots, their size).Additionally, the oral cavity is examined to assess the general condition of all tissues and organs. Of course, the doctor will take into account the wishes of the client.

The gap between the teeth how to fix it?

Telling how to remove the gap between the front teeth, the doctor can offer to do a restoration operation, resort to plastic surgery, adjusting the frenum. You can make a cosmetic correction of the defect and take advantage of the possibilities of orthodontics.

What is what?

The simplest method, how to remove the gap between the teeth, is cosmetic correction. In terms of financial costs, it will also cost much less blood than other options. The doctor will put a special seal that can pull the teeth to each other, and the defect disappears. True, without shortcomings can not do. Cosmetic correction is suitable only for people with healthy, strong gums. Fix this way you can only a small gap. Finally, the seal is a relatively short-lived solution, and in the course of time it will be necessary either to repeat the exercise or to correct the teeth in another way.

Another common method of eliminating the gap between the teeth is restoration. It is worth a lot, and the action itself is troublesome, but effective. The doctor uses special technologies and equipment for splicing dental tissue. Usually, a composite material is used in the work that matches the natural color of the tooth enamel. The procedure requires anesthesia, in most cases ends in one approach. There are practically no drawbacks, but restoration is only applicable to healthy gums and teeth.

The option is

If a gap appears between the teeth, the doctor may suggest resorting to surgical plastics. This technology has proven itself over many years of active use. At a fairly affordable price, the result is high-quality, if it was possible to make an appointment with a qualified doctor. For correction, the doctor uses crowns. The method gives a lasting result and allows you to correct not only the crack, but also some other problems with the teeth. He has no shortcomings yet.

In some cases, lumineers, veneers are used. The gaps between the teeth can be removed with the help of prostheses. Masking systems the patient wears when he needs it, removes as needed. Veneers are recommended to use if the gums are in poor condition. Removable prostheses are often chosen by the elderly, but in some cases the doctor recommends resorting to this option for young people, if there is evidence.

Orthodontists will help

One option to remove the gap between the teeth - braces. The technology is completely safe, its use is not associated with any additional risk for the oral cavity. Currently, technology is widely used to adjust the position of teeth in children, adolescents, since the effectiveness is observed if the teeth are only growing. For an adult patient, braces are often meaningless, using them is inconvenient. They are noticeable, so the psychological problem of complexes is not solved because of external shortcomings. To correct the gap between the teeth should use the system for a long time, which is not always possible in adulthood.

Relatively recently, a new approach to the removal of the gap between the teeth was developed. It is based on familiar braces, but optimized. It's about invisible systems, kappas. These are such transparent cases that are attached to the incisors. As necessary, the elements can be removed - for example, before eating.

Large gap between teeth

When is it relevant?

Adult patients with braces( including improved models) are recommended if the problem progresses. The system is useful if a person suffers from bite, other pathologies that cover the jaw develop. Important price is affordable. On the other hand, doctors recommend contacting braces and similar systems only if there are obvious indications of the use of such a method. But for young patients, this is the only option that is universally approved by dentists.

Is operation necessary?

In some cases, the gap between the teeth can be eliminated if the bridle is slightly adjusted. It is shortened, cutting off a small piece. The approach is relevant, if the problem is secondary, has appeared because of the wrong size, the structure of the bridle of the upper lip. After the surgery and recovery period, teeth do not come together instantly - it takes some time. True, no special events are needed, it is enough to just wait, and after some time the jaw will come to a normal state.

Slit between teeth, braces

I do not want to see a doctor!

Many people who suffer from the described deficiency are panically afraid of admission to the dentist. Of course, I would like to believe that you can get rid of the crack at home, but in practice this is impossible. Home manipulations recommended by traditional healers are variations of the braces described above, but they often involve the use of some independent systems, which can only worsen the situation. The best option is to visit a specialist doctor who will advise which braces to choose, tell them how to use them at home, and give a general description of the situation, explain why the problem has occurred and which of the other correction methods in this case will be the mostsuccessful.

Strongly prohibited

It is believed that teeth can be pulled off by themselves, and this completely solves the problem of crack. What not to use! However, the most frequent option is the use of a thread to connect the teeth. Such an event will not have any positive effect, but it can provoke a disruption in the functionality of the protective coating, the tissue that forms the tooth. Ultimately, this leads to diseases of both teeth and gums.

How to remove the gap between the front teeth?

Such homemade dentures become the place of accumulation of food residues, which means that almost immediately putrefactive processes begin, the focus of inflammation is formed. The technique is truly barbaric, and its results sooner or later will force the doctor to go to the full treatment of teeth. It will cost much more than a simple installation of braces, which would help at the very beginning.

And I'm so good!

Some read that the crack between the teeth adds a special charm, makes a person more cute and attractive. Opinion, unquestionably, has its place, but it does not negate the need for correcting the position of the teeth. Sooner or later, the diastema will begin to grow, provoking secondary problems, disrupting the health of the oral cavity. The point is not only in the aesthetic component: the fan-shaped turn of the teeth is threatened, the loss due to floatingness.

Traditional medicine

With a diastema, folk healers recommend the use of certain special formulations, compresses and infusions that should make the teeth better. Most often, drugs are prepared on oak bark, calendula and chamomile. Having visited the doctor, it is necessary to specify, whether such measures are necessary in a specific case? Usually, the doctor gives a prescription for herbal medicine, which you need to use to regularly rinse your mouth.

The greatest effect infusions bring in the long term, if you practice rinsing regularly. They improve the oral cavity, help to eliminate the tendency to small bleedings, make the teeth tissues denser. After a lapse of time, the friability of the teeth disappears, and small scales can even disappear. This is due to the increased density of teeth. Compresses come to the rescue if the person seems to think that the teeth are sitting loosely, and the gums look loosely. True, this is effective only with weak manifestations of the problem. If the symptomatology worsens, it is necessary to immediately register with the dentist to determine the cause and fight it, and not with the manifestations of the problem.

Between the teeth appeared a gap

And how right?

Normal condition of the teeth - contact of individual elements with each other laterally. In this case, gaps are formed, but they are of microscopic size. Such a dentition will not be a problem to clean during the hygienic procedure. In the presence of microscopic gaps, the load throughout the entire row is distributed evenly. The problem can be not only crevices between the teeth, but too tight landing, when neighboring specimens literally get used to each other.