Psychological activity and physical activity. The importance and benefits of physical activity

Every person has heard this phrase more than once in his life: "Life is a movement, and without movement there is no life."But very few people understand what it means, but in fact everything is exactly like that. The essence of physical activity of the human being is in motion, and complete peace is death. But first we'll figure out what kinds of physical activity exist and what is its use for the human body.

Physical activity: what is it?

The human body consists of 600 different muscles, and their constituent is a protein. This product is considered the most valuable for the body. We are arranged in such a way that the muscle and protein mass can accumulate and persist only if the muscles work regularly, and when they are in a state of rest, they atrophy. Therefore, any activity is important, and physical activity as well. activity and physical activity

One of the optimal types of physical activity is active rest. It means a pleasant free time, during which a rest does not lie just on the couch, but replaces one activity with another. It can be any kind of sport, cycling, morning jogging or active outdoor games. But the best active rest, according to experts, is walking on nature.

Types of physical activity

There are many types of physical activity, and each of them positively affects certain types of muscles:

  • Yawning and sipping. This is one of the important actions that a person performs immediately after awakening. When we wake up, we begin to stretch and stretch out our muscles, which are stale during a night's sleep. This gesture no one teaches their children, they are sipped instinctively, as the body itself demands. In the old age, people forget about this kind of activity, and in vain, it is just very necessary.
  • Jogging. This is another type of activity that perfectly strengthens the muscles of the legs and the cardiovascular system. Few people like to run, but it's very important for health, and it's not necessary to do it in the morning, experts say that 5-6 times a week for 40 minutes is the best activity. And physical activity of this kind will be useful at any age.
  • Walking. Chinese sages rightly noted that a person must undergo 10,000 steps a day in order to stay healthy.
  • Sports games.
  • Cycling.

All of the above is physical activity that does not allow our muscles to atrophy and strengthen internal organs. Many exercises can easily act as a medicine, but nothing in the world can replace physical activity.

physical activity and health

The benefits of physical activity for health

Physical activity and human health - these two concepts are inseparable. Only balanced and regular exercise will ensure the proper functioning of the body. For people with cardiac pathologies, health training is significantly different from that for healthy people. But for them also develop special techniques that imply constant monitoring of ECG tests. All the principles of physical activity must be observed, only in this case you can get the desired health effect.

The physical activity and health of each person are directly related, but one can achieve a state of fitness in one case: if it is regular, and not when the desire has appeared. The energy potential in a person grows only when it is restored after the loads. One of the main recommendations concerning physical activity is the choice of the regularity of training and the duration of each individual session, taking into account the intensity. As a result, every person should spend up to 3000 calories per day. But physical activity is important not only for adults, it also helps the proper development of the child's body.

Significance of physical activity in the development of children

Since the early years of pediatricians recommend doing with the newborn a charge. It is not as complex and intense as in adults, but it also helps the active development of each muscle. In kindergarten, and then in school, every child goes to physical education, where he specializes in sports - this can be a normal exercise, but all exercises are aimed at making the muscles in the child's body work.

The importance of physical activity in childhood and adolescence is very great, because it helps to develop properly the whole body and strengthens each organ, preparing for a further life at an accelerated pace. It is noted that this affects the state of the psyche positively. physical activity

Recently, psychologists have appeared in every kindergarten and school. Their task is to prepare children for adulthood so that their psyche is strong and does not suffer from the slightest stress.

Why do many people give up physical activity?

Many people simply can not fully understand how important activity is. Both physical activity and psychological are very important, the quality of our life depends on this. But in the modern world, the issue of hypodynamia is acute. Most of the population of our country spend hours at the computer, already the kids prefer to bury themselves in the TV screen or computer monitor, and not run with friends on the street. Here, of course, all the blame lies with the parents.

They should, by their own example, show the importance of physical activity for the normal functioning of the body. No wonder the doctors say: "Movement - this is life."Constant inactivity leads to weakening of the muscular system, inhibition of bone tissue renewal, which inevitably leads to irreversible changes in the entire body.

The age of high technologies is, of course, good, but excessive hobby for computers leads to the fact that already in the primary school classes almost all children have a wrong posture. Parents and teachers at school should explain to children that physical activity of a person is very important, without it the normal work of all systems of organs is impossible.

Fortunately, recently there has been a trend towards the popularization of a healthy lifestyle, and therefore, sports. It is already not at all fashionable to sit in a park on a bench with a cigarette in your mouth and a jar of beer in your hands, and this pleases.

Physical activity returns youth

As mentioned earlier, if you do not pay attention to physical activity, then old age can come very early. But, as scientists have proved, due to the loads, it is possible to preserve the length of telomeres, the kind of "caps" on the ends of DNA chains that protect chromosomes from destruction. Gradually, they lose their power, which eventually leads to the destruction of cells, and as a result, it is aging, and then death. Therefore, any activity is important. And physical activity makes it possible for a long time to keep the desired length of telomeres, and this means that youth can be prolonged. the benefits of physical activity

Any exercise helps to energize the cell's energy stations. There is also a stimulation of genes that are responsible for the work of each of the organs, which ultimately leads to the fact that even a flabby old man can rejuvenate his body and become stronger.

Physical exercise helps to consume useful food

As already mentioned, physical activity and human health are interrelated, because loads induce to eat only useful foods. This changes the area of ​​the brain, which is responsible for impulsive behavior. The scientists concluded that because of the constant temptation to advertise food products that provoke overeating and the appearance of extra pounds, the part of the brain responsible for the braking control mechanism is constantly in great strain.

And physical activity will help to correct the process of overeating and make the brain work correctly. In addition, regular stress suppresses the release of a hormone that stimulates hunger. But it is worth remembering that prolonged loads can, on the contrary, provoke overeating and lead to an increase in body weight.

Recommendations for physical activity activities

The value of physical activity is great, but you need to know how to do it correctly. The frequency should be about 5 times a week, but not less than three. You can do it every other day. Duration of each person determines individually, but not less than 30 minutes. And it needs to be divided into three phases:

  • The warm-up( 5-10 minutes) is necessary for warming up the muscles.
  • Immediate performance of physical exercises should take from 10 to 40 minutes.
  • Relaxation. This stage is aimed at relaxing the muscles after the load and stretching them. Usually lasts no more than 5-10 minutes.

It is necessary to monitor the level of the load by the pulse, and it is quite simple to do this. Before you do a lot of physical exercises, you should consult a doctor, especially if there are co-morbid conditions. The load should be dosed and selected with regard to age and general physical fitness.

the significance of physical activity

The role of physical activity

Every modern person should understand that only his health depends on him. In Soviet times, few people talked about what is the main role of physical activity, but in our age of innovation you can find a lot of useful information and independently monitor yourself and your loved ones.

Thanks to the information you can independently adjust for yourself the workload and save yourself from the rapid aging and malfunctioning of each organ. Such efforts will very quickly be rewarded, and the person will feel that his life is fundamentally changing for the better, because the benefits of physical activity are enormous:

  • The mood improves.
  • Stress is relieved.
  • Sleep is normalized.
  • Heart and vessels are strengthened. the role of physical activity
  • The carbon dioxide content increases.
  • The musculoskeletal system is strengthened.
  • The immune system is stimulated.
  • Improves mental abilities.
  • Increases insulin sensitivity.
  • Metabolism is normalized.

But it is worth remembering that there is also psychological activity. Physical activity has already been considered, it's time to move on to the psychic, which also takes place.

Types of mental activity

If you follow the theory of Buddhism, then each person's psyche is built on 5 types of mental activity:

  • Perception.
  • Emotions.

psychic activity

  • Reflections.
  • Intentions.
  • Consciousness.

The first three types of each person perfectly knows:

1. The perception of determines the ability of a person to receive all the necessary information through 5 senses.

2. Emotions is something that allows you to dream, desire, attract or repel.

3. Intelligence allows us to build the realities of our lives in the mind and manipulate them without touching the reality for a long time.

But the last two items have become popular in recent years.

If mental, physical activity is considered, the latter is more understandable for everyone. But we must understand that without mental activity it is impossible to know the surrounding world.

Consciousness in every person is a kind of activity of the psyche. Pure awareness is the basis of all kinds of knowledge. It is also worth remembering that mental activity is severely affected by the work of the mind during the whole working day.

Mental performance

Human performance is any resistance to fatigue: physical, mental and any other. Most often it depends on the endurance of the body, but that it is higher than others, it must be prepared for this. Help in this exercise.

The mental performance of a person is not constant throughout the day. Immediately after awakening, it is very low, then it starts to rise and a short time is kept at altitude, and already near the end of the day it decreases. But such outbursts and falls can occur during the day several times.

During the working week, you can also see the ups and downs of efficiency. On Monday, it is just beginning to grow, not for nothing that they say: "Monday is a hard day."The most splash hits the middle of the week, and by Friday it's declining. And all these changes greatly affect the human psyche, and if even at work a person is reloaded, then fatigue comes quickly, a stressful state develops, which leads to mental activity.

For this reason, experts recommend that every person relieve stress through exercise, because they help to reduce fatigue and prepare the body for a high degree of mental performance.


Summarizing the above, it can be accurately said that mental and physical activity are directly related. The mental state of a person can improve after physical exertion, when all the stresses and unpleasant thoughts are left behind and it remains only to feel pleasant fatigue in the muscles. Physical activity is important for both adults and children, so you should not avoid it, but you must give it 30 minutes of free time 5 times a week, because even walking in intensive rhythm is already one of the activities.