"Afobazol" in pregnancy: indications, instructions for use, analogues, reviews

Pregnancy is an exciting and full of expectation of the baby and often enough, unfortunately, filled with anxiety and fear. In addition, hormonal storms cause the entire body( and in particular the nervous system) to work at the limit, and therefore very often the future moms are emotionally labile. Afobazol in early pregnancy

Constant stress during pregnancy can cause baby hypoxia, and in some cases, premature birth. There are various ways to combat stress in pregnant women( with drugs, gymnastics and so on).Whether it is possible to take "Afobazol" during pregnancy, this article will tell.

What is "Afobazol"

This drug is classified as a calming and anxiety-reducing agent( that is, anxiolytics-tranquilizers)."Afobazol" does not cause dependence, does not affect concentration of attention and memory, does not lower muscle tone, which is confirmed not only by clinical trials, but also by patient reviews. With the therapy of "Afobazolom" there is no withdrawal syndrome.

According to the instruction, the drug has a dual effect: it removes the alarm and has a slight stimulating effect. As a result, both the mental and physical state of the patient improves.

By reducing anxiety, the drug eliminates gastrointestinal, muscle, cardiovascular and respiratory symptoms that accompany somatic disorders. afobazole analogues In addition, "Afobazol" reduces the severity of vegetative disorders( dizziness, dryness of the oral mucosa, sweating).

The drug intake has a beneficial effect on attention concentration and memory, which is reflected in numerous reviews. A positive effect is observed a week after the first administration of Afobazol. The maximum effect of the drug is observed at the 3-4 th week of therapy and remains so for about 2 weeks.

"Afobazol" perfectly helps patients with self-doubt, suspicion, emotional lability and vulnerability.

The drug has a high absorption in the gastrointestinal tract and has a high degree of binding to plasma proteins."Afobazol" is released quickly, thereby reducing the likelihood of an overdose of this drug.

"Afobazol": indications

The purpose of "Afobazol" is justified in the following cases:

  • Somatic diseases: arrhythmia, SLE, irritable bowel syndrome, ischemia, bronchial asthma, hypertension.
  • Alarming states: anxiety general disorders, adaptive adaptation, neurasthenia.
  • Sleep disturbances. afobazole indication
  • Alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
  • Neurocirculatory dystonia.
  • Dermatological or oncological pathology.
  • Relief of the state in the treatment of tobacco dependence.
  • Premenstrual Syndrome.

"Afobazol" in early pregnancy

Accordingly, the instructions, the drug "Afobazol" during pregnancy / lactation, is prohibited. Based on experimental studies of adverse effects, "Afobazol" did not affect the fetus of animals, such tests were not conducted on pregnant women. However, based on side effects and the fact that the drug is referred to the tranquilizer group, "Afobazol" during pregnancy is prohibited.

Behavior changes, anxiety and anxiety are typical for pregnant women( especially in the early stages), which is associated with hormonal storms in the body of a woman. However, it is in the first three months of pregnancy that a woman should restrict any medicines, as during this time all the systems and organs of the future baby are laid. afobazol during pregnancy

If the pregnancy was not planned and occurred during therapy with Afobazol, the drug should be immediately discontinued and consulted by a geneticist for reinsurance.

If you experience anxiety and anxiety during pregnancy, it is recommended that you take phytopreparations.

There are many herbal remedies that gently and harmlessly cope with nervousness, improve general condition and normalize sleep. However, any remedy, even the most innocuous, pregnant woman should appoint an obstetrician-gynecologist. Allowed to take before going to bed infusions of lavender or melissa, next place pads with special soothing supplies.

If anxiety and nervousness are associated with certain problems, it is recommended that you visit a psychotherapist or psychologist.

Yoga for pregnant women is a great way to cope with apathy, bad mood and anxiety. That is, "Afobazol" during pregnancy can always be replaced by safer means.

Analogs of

"Afobazol" may be replaced by other agents having the same properties or relating to the same group of drugs. You can only change the medication after consultation with your doctor.

Analogues of "Afobazol" are represented by the following preparations.


This drug is classified as anxiolytics. It has a tranquilizing effect. Quickly removes the effects of stress, fatigue, stress and a sense of fear. As well as "Afobazol", during pregnancy, "Adaptol" is prohibited.


A drug included in the pharmacological group of tranquilizers( that is, "Divaza" and "Afobazol" are analogs).When taking this medication, the cerebral circulation is normalized, fatigue and tension go away. afobazole application reviews

"Divaza" has, like Afobazol, indications similar for this group of drugs: vegetative disorders, disorders in the brain that are caused by neurodegenerative, ischemic pathologies and injuries;neuroinfections, increased anxiety, headaches and insomnia.


This drug is also referred to as tranquilizers. Fast enough( like Afobazol, the application described in the article) eliminates sleep disturbances, anxiety, headaches, emotional stress and stress. The question about the appointment of "Tenoten" for pregnant women is decided by the attending physician, no safety studies were conducted on pregnant women.


This product has a soothing and antispasmodic effects. The composition of the preparation includes plant components, which allow to remove anxiety, stress and irritation. Its use is also possible with insomnia, as "Persen" makes it easier to fall asleep, but does not cause drowsiness.


Highly active drug from the group of tranquilizers. Is it possible to take afobazol during pregnancy? "Phenosepam" exhibits anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, hypnotic, and central myorelaxic action. Appoints a remedy for psychoses, psychopathic and neurotic states and sleep disorders. Contraindicated in pregnancy.


Sedative preparation, created on the basis of plant constituents. The drug has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, eliminates nervous overstrain, stress and fatigue."Novopassit" is also effective in cases of sleep disorders and headaches.


The drug is a tranquilizer from the benzodiazepine group. Quite quickly( as evidenced by the reviews of patients) removes fatigue, stress, excitability. Effective drug with abstinent alcohol syndrome, PMS, headaches, neuroses, insomnia, myasthenia and myopathy.


is assigned to groups of nootropics and tranquilizers."Fenibut" restores normal brain activity and improves blood circulation. The drug intake improves efficiency, stimulates memory and mental activity, eliminates neuroses, overstrain and stress.


Daily tranquilizer. Has a mild sedative( soothing) effect, relieves fatigue, stress and anxiety.


Refers to a tranquilizer from a group of benzodiazepine derivatives. It is prescribed for severe fatigue, vegetative disorders, neuroses, emotional overstrain and sleep disorders.