Cashew nuts: useful properties and contraindications

How often we, when eating different foods, do not even think how useful or harmful they are to the human body. Because of this, various illnesses arise, for it is not for nothing that they say: "We are what we eat".Therefore, if you already have diseases( especially chronic ones), or you feel periodic illnesses, be sure to review your diet.

cashews useful properties and contraindications

And in this article we will consider a product such as cashew nut, useful properties and contraindications.

Cashew origin

This nut was first discovered in Brazil, and today it grows in many warm states such as Indonesia, Thailand, Nigeria, India, Vietnam, the countries of South and Central America. The fruit itself has two parts - soft, very similar to an apple( because of what nuts still have the name "apple cashew"), and hard, that is, the nut itself. Soft part is also used for food, only it needs to be eaten immediately, since it is stored for no more than a day( therefore it is not transportable to other countries, and it can be tried only where it grows).From such an "apple" you can make compote, juice, jelly, alcoholic beverages.

cashew useful properties rate per day

But the solid part, cashew nut, can now be bought in any supermarket. Everyone knows that the fruit has many useful substances, it has excellent taste qualities, so it can be added to various culinary dishes. Next we will look at other information about the cashew nut, useful properties and contraindications of this product.

Caloric content and nut composition

So, what about the caloric value of this nut? Can I use it during weight loss? What useful substances does it contain? At once it is possible to tell, that fats in it are much less, than in almonds or walnuts. But much more carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, starch and natural sugar. Cashews also contain vitamins B, E and PP, diverse minerals( zinc, iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, manganese, copper, selenium).This nut is one of the products that has a large amount of saturated fatty acids Omega-3.

cashew nut useful properties and contraindications

Thus, you can provide your body with the above substances if you include cashew nut in your diet. Useful properties( the norm per day of this nut is only thirty grams), which we will discuss below, allow us to establish various functions in the human body, as well as to resist many diseases.

Benefits of nuts, medicinal properties

Now let's see in more detail what has cashew nut useful properties and contraindications. First, let us dwell on the positive aspects. Now all over the world this product is recommended to include in the diet of dentists, since scientists have identified in its composition special substances that can fight harmful bacteria that destroy tooth enamel. African doctors use crushed nuts to treat already sick teeth, as well as inflamed gums.

Useful properties of cashews for women and men are that it positively affects the reproductive organs due to the presence of vitamin E. This is why some experts consider this nut to be an aphrodisiac, which stimulates sexual attraction. However, this quality is not proved.

Cashews are recommended to include in the diet of people suffering from skin diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis or others, which arise due to metabolic disorders. Even if you do not have such problems, daily consumption of nuts is their good prevention. If you want to get rid of warts, dermatitis or cracks on the skin, then the decoction of cashew shell will help you.

cashews useful properties and contraindications to pregnant women

The product well strengthens the body's immunity. If you eat nuts every day in small portions, your body will get good resistance to infectious diseases and other ailments. In addition, you have normalized cholesterol in the blood, will leave excess unnecessary and unnecessary. And all this is due to unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3.

Other positive properties of cashew nuts are a tonic, antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobic effect. Where they grow, fruits are used not only in pure form, but also in broths. They help with almost all diseases of the respiratory tract( bronchitis, asthma), and are also useful for influenza and some inflammatory processes.

Cashews are prescribed for strengthening the health of the cardiovascular system, as well as in the presence of diabetes or gastric disorders. There is another interesting property of nuts - this is their use during weight loss, as well as weight gain. The product is well absorbed and saturates the body with everything necessary.

Cashew against cancer

It should be noted that cashew has a positive effect on the body if it is affected by a cancerous tumor. The product has anticarcinogenic activity due to polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition, cashew contains proanthocyanidin, which has the ability to suppress tumor growth factor. And in other nuts it is not, therefore oncologists recommend to include cashews in the diet as well as the prevention of cancer. Of course, he will not cure the disease, but he can warn.

Why do you need these nuts for women?

It is necessary to eat cashews for women, as for normal functioning of reproductive organs it is necessary to receive all necessary substances with which this nut is so rich. If you have painful menstruation or premenstrual syndrome, regular consumption of the product will reduce pain( thanks to a large amount of magnesium).It is also recommended to eat it if your body gets a lot of exercise( physical or emotional).

useful cashew properties for women

Nuts on the female skin are positively affected due to the presence of nicotinic acid, vitamin E and omega-acid. Therefore, in cosmetics, oil from this fruit is often added. Let's consider also what other cashews have useful properties and contraindications. Pregnant women are often advised to use this fruit. In addition to obtaining the right substances, the product stabilizes the pressure and work of the heart, provides prevention of anemia, helps to form the skeleton of the child and maintain proper immunity. But watch your condition. If these nuts cause allergies, then do not include them in the menu.

Cashew Nuts Damage

In this article, we consider what cashews have useful properties and contraindications for women and men, as well as for children. In principle, there are few contraindications. The most important thing is individual intolerance of components, that is allergy. It is also recommended to reduce the dose of nuts, if you have kidney disease, because this product has oxalates that can crystallize in large quantities, which increases the risk of kidney stones. This also applies to those who already have osteoporosis.

cashews useful properties and contraindications for women

Separately, it should be said about the overdose of nuts. In this case, you can slightly poison, that is, you may experience nausea, diarrhea, swelling, zui and other symptoms. Therefore, eat a day not more than the recommended dose. You also can not eat untreated nuts, since they have a toxic film( this is advice to those who see a tree growing on a tree and decides to tear it).Cashew specialists are specialists who know how to do this, so the fruits already ready for consumption are already being sold.

Where you can use cashew nuts

We have studied in detail what a cashew nut, useful properties and contraindications, its effect on the human body is. Now you should tell where you can use this product. Often nuts are used in cosmetology in the form of oils and extracts, adding to various masks, shampoos, creams and so on.

cashews useful properties and contraindications

Also cashews are put in various dishes as a flavor. For example, in salads or meat delicacies. An excellent option - the addition of walnut in various confectionery products. Fruits can simply roll in honey or glaze.

How to choose and store the walnut

In detail, having examined cashews, useful properties and contra-indications of nuts, their use can be said that they are stored in coolness. In the refrigerator storage time increases to several months, and the freezer - up to a year. In the warmth, nuts lose medicinal properties, begin to be bitter and become unfit for consumption. Therefore, when choosing cashews, be guided by their color. They must be whole and be uniformly golden brown in color.


So, we have studied what cashews have useful properties and contraindications. Photos of this product are also presented in our review. Remember that the nuts should be roasted. Also, do not zealous in their use, so as not to spoil the stomach.