Dolphin therapy in Anapa - treatment of children and adults

Anapa is not only a chic resort town on the Black Sea coast. This is also an opportunity to get highly qualified dolphin therapy sessions. For the sake of this treatment, thousands of adults and children with their parents go to Anapa. Dolphin therapy has no analogues. And as a result of the procedures performed, one can be cured from many diseases for good.

dolphin therapy in Anapa

By communicating with dolphins, it is possible to correct and normalize the processes in the nervous system, improve the condition of the whole organism as a whole, significantly reduce fatigue, relieve fatigue and pain, and get rid of stress. These cute creatures come to the aid of everyone who has psychological problems.

What are dolphins treated for?

Dolphin therapy in Anapa is an opportunity to cure such problems as:

  • DSM;
  • neuroses, stresses, phobias;
  • cerebral palsy;
  • enuresis and stammering;
  • lesions of the central nervous system;
  • hearing and speech disorders, as well as mild degrees of mental retardation;
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  • depressive disorder;
  • memory impairment, learning;
  • genetic pathologies, including Down syndrome;
  • autism and many others.

дельфинотерапия "Немо" Анапа

Be sure to consult a doctor before the procedures. After all, dolphin therapy is not a panacea. And this treatment has contraindications. Among them there are:

  • skin problems;
  • epilepsy;
  • infection in acute stage;
  • for schizophrenia;
  • oncology;
  • allergy to fish and chlorine-containing products;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system.

How do dolphins work?

Dolphins affect a person from different angles, in a complex way. So, dolphin therapy in Anapa is:

  • Positive emotions from the very communication with animals. And this is the first step on the road to success.
  • Constant motion.
  • Ultrasound for the body.
  • Sea water, which contains a mass of necessary substances for humans.

How's the session going?

Each lesson with dolphins is a well thought out algorithm of actions. First comes the greeting. You need to establish contact with the dolphin. This stage lasts about 5-10 minutes. And an important role here is played by a psychologist who is present at the lesson. The second part of the lesson is adaptation. It passes still on the platform and includes not only a deepening of contact with the animal, but also a number of relaxing exercises. This helps to feel comfortable for the patient. Then follows the game stage. At this time, with the help of special exercises, art therapy and fairy tale therapy, there is an enthusiastic interaction with the dolphin.

dolphin therapy in Anapa reviews

Only then you can go to water procedures. They include not just swimming with the dolphin, but also games, as well as special exercises for interaction. The final stage is farewell. This is the most emotional moment during the session. The patient should have exceptionally positive emotions and memories from therapy.


Dolphin therapy in Anapa reviews is very different. Everyone who has ever resorted to such health-improving sessions assures that they need to contact one of the 2 centers:

  • Anapa dolphinarium. Real professionals work here. Sessions are held all year round. At the same time the cost of treatment in winter is much lower than in the warm season.
  • Very popular dolphinotherapy "Nemo"( Anapa).This is a children's dolphinarium, where, in addition to presentations, professionals hold sessions for children.

And absolutely everyone who has ever come across this method of treatment assures that dolphin therapy in Anapa is really a miracle tool!