"Misoprostol": analogues, instructions, reviews

The drug "Misoprostol" is a very effective and popular means with which you can conduct medical abortion. In order for this procedure to be performed as correctly as possible, two drugs should be used simultaneously: "Mifepristone" and "Misoprostol".Analogues of these drugs you can find in any pharmacy, but it is not recommended to make a decision on their use on their own.

The main principle of the action of the tablets "Misoprostol" lies in the stimulation of uterine contraction. And this, in turn, promotes the premature exit of the fetal egg. But after taking a drug such as Mifepristone in two days, it is possible to provide a placental melting detachment.

How the preparation

works The tablets "Misoprostol", analogues of which are presented below, are a synthetic prostaglandin of the group E. With its correct concentration, the hormone prostaglandin begins to be actively produced in the body. It is he who is able to stimulate the beginning of childbirth.

This medication is also very often used by gynecologists in cases where the process of giving birth to a child takes too long, and this has a negative impact on the health of the baby.

misoprostol analogues

By adopting "Misoprostol"( analogues - drugs having the same ATS-code) in the early stages of pregnancy, it is also possible to provoke the onset of premature birth.

It can be said that this drug has a deceptive effect on the female body. When the end of pregnancy approaches, prostaglandin is produced in the body by itself as a result of the synthesis of fatty acids. However, the body can be deceived, using the "Misoprostol" tablets for this purpose. Analogues "Cytorek", "Mirolut" also contribute to the beginning of premature birth.

Once the active substances of the drugs are in the circulatory system, the reproductive organs immediately begin to be prepared for the delivery process. At the same time the duration of pregnancy has absolutely no significance, since the body begins to think that the fetus is already fully formed.

Instructions for the use of tablets "Misoprostol"

Analogues of "Misoprostol", just like the drug itself, it is very important to take correctly. This will depend not only on the correct course of the delivery process, but also on the health of the woman herself.

According to the instructions for use, as well as the advice of gynecologists, you must first take three tablets of "Mifepristone", then wait for forty-eight hours. And only after that you need to take four milligrams of "Misoprostol".Typically, this dosage is contained in two tablets.

Further all passes especially individually. Usually, after a few hours, the woman begins to bleed in utero. This suggests that the uterine mucosa is torn away together with the fetal egg itself. That is, the process of medical abortion begins.

mifepristone and misoprostol analogues

Most often after using this drug, women notice pulling pains in the lower abdomen, as well as minor bloody discharge, which smoothly flow into the bleeding. Most often, these symptoms occur within one to two hours after the drug is used. However, in some women they can appear only after twenty-four hours. This is considered the norm. Such an effect is provided by the tablets "Misoprostol".Analogues of the generic "Saitotec" and "Mirolut" have a similar effect, since they have a prostaglandin in their composition.

Doctors recommend to do ultrasound, as well as pass a gynecological examination one to two weeks after this procedure. This is done to clarify the results of abortion.

What factors affect the effectiveness of

Very often the effectiveness of medical abortion is affected by the high content of female sex hormones in the body. As you know, progesterone is responsible for preparing the woman's body for pregnancy. Therefore, if its number is increased, the reproductive system will actively resist this type of abortion.

With reduced content of female sex hormones, the procedure is usually quite simple. With this condition, some women begin self-abortion.

Be sure to note that this method of abortion is prescribed only after a comprehensive examination of the female body. It is from the content of progesterone in it that the dosage of the drug will depend.


The speed of the Misoprostol tablets( instructions for use, reviews, analogues described in this article) depends on what the girl consumes. If the representative of the fair sex before the reception of the funds ate a large amount of fat, the active substances will begin to be absorbed into the blood with a slight delay. Usually for thirty to sixty minutes.

misoprostol analogues generics

Entering the gastrointestinal tract and the liver, the derivatives of artificial prostaglandin are biotransformed naturally, turning into misoprostolic acid. It is as a result of this that the production of prostaglandin begins. Usually after one and a half to two hours, bleeding begins, accompanied by a release of turbid secretions and the fetus itself.

Mandatory monitoring of the results of

"Misoprostol", the action of which is described in detail in this article, is far from always effective. There is a category of women who are not sensitive to this drug, so it is impossible to stimulate medical abortion.

How can one understand that the procedure did not give the proper effect? Pay attention to such symptoms:

  • no bleeding within a few hours after applying the medication;
  • in the abdomen there are no unpleasant sensations of aching nature.

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Can there be side effects of

The preparation "Misoprostol"( instruction, analogs given in this article) very often leads to the formation of side effects. Many girls complain of diarrhea and digestive tract disorder. If these signs were not seen, then, most likely, the drug did not work at all.

In that case, urgently go to the hospital. Perhaps the doctor picked up the wrong dosage for you. If the medical type of abortion was unsuccessful, then you will be offered a method of surgical intervention.

Does the body need to be restored after the procedure

Analogues of "Misoprostol" in the pharmacy to buy is easy. But is it worth it? Do not take the initiative in this matter. Clearly adhere to all the recommendations of your doctor, otherwise you risk serious damage to your health.

Carrying out medical abortion is a very serious procedure that requires the restoration of the body. In particular, the endocrine system gets under attack. However, the very "Misoprostol" is very quickly excreted from the body.

According to doctors, it takes about four to five weeks to completely restore the female body. If by the end of this period menstruation has not begun, be sure to see a doctor and establish the cause.

The duration of recovery depends not only on the individual characteristics of the woman, but also on the duration of the pregnancy. Please note, the longer the period, the higher the content of progesterone, the greater the concentration of the active substance should be used.

analogues of misoprostol in the pharmacy


The drug "Misoprostol" has a large number of analogues with similar actions. They all have a hormonal structure and are derived from prostaglandin. This component leads to a reduction in the uterus. All drugs intended for medical abortion have in the composition misoprostol. Consider the most popular of them.


"Saitotec".This tool is recommended by doctors not only for abortion, but also for the treatment of peptic ulcer diseases.

The drug is used for medical abortion, as well as in cases of "frozen" pregnancy. However, as in the case of Misoprostol, Saitotec should also be used only in conjunction with Mifepristone.

"Mirolyut".It is a relatively safe medicine, since it does not adversely affect the female hormonal system. However, please note that even so, you can use the medicine only under the strict supervision of the gynecologist.

There are other analogues of the drug "Misoprostol", such as "Cytotec", "Mizonuvel."They are all available in the form of tablets with 200 μg of active substance.

"Misoprostol": reviews of women

Medical abortion with the drug "Misoprostol", as well as its analogs - it is a relatively safe and quite reliable method of abortion. According to women who took this medication, after this method of abortion, you can get pregnant and give birth to an absolutely healthy baby, which is a very big plus.

misoprostol action

Doctors prescribe this medication only after a comprehensive examination. The shorter the gestation period, the procedure is safer and more effective.

In any case, think about whether to interrupt pregnancy. If you decide that it is still worthwhile, then medical abortion with the drug "Misoprostol" will be the best solution. Be healthy and take care of yourself, and then such radical methods will not be useful to you.