Eye drops to improve vision: how to choose?

Most patients who go to see an ophthalmologist complain of a blurred vision. And the problem is found in many people, regardless of age and sex. Eye drops for improving eyesight are currently the most common method of dealing with ophthalmic diseases. To find such a medicine a specialist will help, having preliminary established the exact diagnosis and the cause of the development of the disease.

Why does vision deteriorate?

Statistics show that eye diseases are getting younger and affecting more and more people. The most common causes of vision impairment are called constant eye strain and muscle weakness. These problems are relevant for today, because most people are forced to sit in front of computer monitors for a long time and focus their sight at the same distance. In this case, the room can be too bright light or, conversely, dim lighting. As a result, we get weakness in the muscles of the lens and eye strain, which eventually leads to poor eyesight.

Eye drops to improve vision

Age-related changes can also cause a pathological condition. The retina is subject to the retina of the eye, which contains a pigment that allows you to see. Constant tension and a wrong way of life only accelerate this irreversible process. To poor eyesight can lead to a "dry" eye, worsening of blood circulation, viral diseases.

Will eye drops help improve eyesight?

Most patients with ophthalmic problems prefer to use eye drops. To improve vision and prevent pathologies, specialists also prescribe funds in this form. It should be understood that it is extremely undesirable to independently select eye preparations, therefore as one and the same medicine can help one person, BUT will be completely useless to another.

Eye drops for vision improvement with myopia

Eye drops for vision improvement are often prescribed to people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor, with myopia and farsightedness. Depending on the purpose and composition, they will have a different therapeutic effect. Correctly selected eye drops will help to significantly improve vision, remove the unpleasant sensations in the form of burning and redness caused by overexertion.

Types of eye drops to improve vision

Modern pharmaceutical companies offer a huge number of drops to restore vision. To remove the symptoms of eye fatigue, you can use vitaminized drops. Such agents have in the composition useful substances for the retina, improving metabolic processes. Doctors recommend using them for prolonged periods of time.

Preparations of artificial tears are prescribed to eliminate discomfort and redness of the eyes. Drops effectively eliminate irritation caused by a deficiency in producing tears( dry eye syndrome).The most popular are the following drugs:

  • "Systemin";
  • Oftagel;
  • "Natural Tear";
  • "Vidisik".

Eye redness is one of the signs of fatigue, which can be caused by a variety of causes and is also accompanied by a worsening of vision. The most common of them - lack of sleep and a long time in front of the computer monitor. Vasoconstricting eye drops( "Vizin", "Octylia") can be applied no more than 5 days.

In pediatric practice, eye drops are also used to improve vision. For children should be selected tested and safe drugs, for example, "Blueberry Fort", "Vizualon", "Lutaflunol", "Optics".

Eye drops for myopia

Myopia( myopia) - ophthalmic pathology associated with changes in the shape of the eyeball. Patients with this diagnosis can not clearly see objects that are at a great distance. The ailment causes unpleasant sensations, increased dryness of the eyes, rapid fatigue. Partial correction of the situation will be helped by eye drops to improve vision with myopia.

Eye drops to improve vision at hyperopia

Drugs in this category contain substances that help the eyeball return to its normal position. The most effective are "Taufon", "Irifrin", "Emox".Good results are also provided by vitamin eye drops - "Riboflavin", "Ogovit", "Quinax".They are recommended to be used not only in medical, but also for preventive purposes. In the latter case, they should be used for several months.

Drops "Taufon"

Among a huge number of drugs for restoring eyesight, you should pay attention to the drops of "Taufon", based on taurine. The substance is an amino acid that is produced in the human body and takes part in the processes of metabolism and promotes the restoration of damaged cells.

Eye drops to improve vision Taufon

Eye drops for vision improvement "Taufon" are prescribed in the following cases:

  • dystrophic changes in the retina or cornea;
  • acute angular glaucoma;
  • cataract;
  • corneal injury.

Once in the eye, the active substance of the drug activates metabolic processes and improves cell nutrition. Necessary amino acids begin to be produced independently, which contributes to the normalization of vision with myopia.

What kind of drops will help with farsightedness?

Hypermetropia is a disease in which the image is fixed behind the retina of the eye, not on it. One of the main symptoms of eye pathology is a blurred vision of objects near. Drugs for the treatment of this disease does not yet exist. To ease some of the symptoms, eye drops help to improve vision.

Eye drops to improve vision for children

With hyperopia treatment with medication is used as part of complex therapy. Eye drops with vitamin A can be prescribed. The metabolism of the drop will be improved by "Vita-Yodourol", "Viziomax", "Focus".