What if my sputum does not go away? What is sputum? Sputum in adults, in the child: causes, color

Sputum is formed in the body due to various circumstances. Sometimes this phenomenon is normal. The patient does not need treatment. But in some cases it is a sign of the development of serious diseases. Therefore, with increased sputum production, especially if it is poorly separated, it is necessary to consult a doctor. This will eliminate the risk of developing severe ailments. So, phlegm - what is it? What diseases can she indicate?

phlegm what is

Sputum - what is a pathology or a norm?

This fluid is present in every organism. Her education is a physiological process. It is produced in an insignificant quantity by the body for the normal functioning of the respiratory system. Thus, it becomes clear: phlegm - what is it. This is a physiological fluid, without which the body can not function properly.

An increase in the volume of secretions indicates the development of inflammation. Most often, sputum appears in acute infectious and colds ailments. It is formed at the very beginning of the disease, in the region of the nasopharynx. With the development of pathology, mucus already occurs in the trachea and bronchi. It should be understood when this sputum appears, that such a phenomenon is no longer considered a physiological fluid. This mucus is a symptom of the disease.

With timely treatment of the infection, abundant discharge stops and the person recovers.

Causes of sputum forming

The main source of increased mucus production is colds. However, there may be other causes that lead to the formation of sputum, which does not depart well. To determine what caused this phenomenon, it is necessary to undergo diagnostics.

Sputum contains a large number of bacteria. They are capable of provoking inflammation of the nasopharynx, harming the digestive system. The constant presence of mucous clots in the throat causes coughing attacks, creates discomfort during swallowing. Coughing up, a person gets rid of a part of the sputum. But then it forms again.

sputum in the baby

Why does sputum develop?

The reasons for the doctors-otolaryngologists are the following:

  1. Adverse environmental conditions. The presence in the air of a large amount of dust and chemicals.
  2. Bad habits. Smoking and alcohol irritate the mucous membranes.
  3. Chronic rhinitis or sinusitis.
  4. Diseases of the lower respiratory tract.
  5. Diseases of the digestive system.
  6. Allergic reactions. In this case, the body tries to protect itself from external influences, exposing the obstruction in the form of mucus.

Sputum is not a disease, but an indicator of the presence in the body of pathologies that require medical intervention.

As indicated by the color of mucus

Sputum is of different shades. It is important to pay attention to that mucus, which, although in small amounts, but still leaves the body.

Sputum color may indicate the following diseases:

  1. Green - lung and bronchial diseases, colds.
  2. Yellow - sinusitis, pneumonia, bronchitis. Yellow gives phlegm to the pus.
  3. White - curdled consistency indicates tuberculosis or fungal infection;watery structure indicates the presence of the virus, chronic respiratory diseases or allergic reactions.
  4. Brown - pneumonia, bronchitis, cold, accompanied by inflammation.
  5. Pink - bleeding, pneumococcal pneumonia, lung cancer, tuberculosis, pulmonary embolism.
  6. Purulent - tuberculosis, lung abscess, lung cancer.
  7. Black - pneumoconiosis( chronic diseases of respiratory organs, resulting from prolonged work in harmful industries).

Normally, sputum is odorless. Except when there are rotting processes in the body. For example, with gangrene or abscess of the lungs.


Sputum in the child's throat

If mucus is abundant in children, the doctor should be consulted immediately. It's no wonder that she does not go well with the crumbs. The kid does not yet know how to clear his throat. Therefore, sputum in a child can accumulate in the throat. And this leads to the appearance of diseases of the bronchi and lungs.

Massage - an effective tool

If the baby gets sputum, what should I do in this situation? To facilitate her exit, you can do a massage. Pre-give the baby an expectorant.

But it is important to remember that massage can not be performed at high body temperature. During the procedure, you need to communicate with the child, distracting him.

Massage order:

  1. Place the baby on the stomach. Rub the back from the lumbar region to the neck. The skin should turn a little red. Then make light tingle of fingers and tapping with the edge of the palm. End the back massage with very light pressure on the fists.
  2. Asking the child to clear his throat.
  3. Turn the baby on his back, gently rub the chest.
  4. The child should clear his throat.

This massage helps to speed up the excretion of phlegm.

color of phlegm

Recipes of traditional medicine

If the sputum does not go away in the child, you can use grandmother's recipes.

The following remedies contribute to the induction of mucus from the body:

  1. A mixture of honey with nuts or cranberry juice. Radish juice with honey.
  2. Hot milk mixed with pureed figs( take 2 times a day in a glass).
  3. A glass of warm water mixed with two drops of iodine( taken before going to bed).Onion juice with honey.
  4. Warm natural cow's milk( drink before bedtime).You can drink in pure form or with the addition of honey.
  5. Milk mixed with garlic( per 1 liter of milk 5 crushed garlic cloves).
  6. Cowberry syrup with honey.
  7. Milk with oats( for 1 liter of milk take a glass of oats and cook for 1 hour).It turns out a semi-liquid porridge, which you need to drink for a few tricks. You can add garlic or honey to it.
  8. Milk with freshly squeezed carrot juice.
  9. Thyme broth( brew 2 teaspoons of herbs in a glass of boiling water and leave for a quarter of an hour).Take several times a day for a glass of broth.
  10. A piece of butter. Take on an empty stomach, drink warm tea.

sputum for a reason

Preparations of traditional medicine

Folk remedies do not always help get rid of sputum. Therefore, medicinal drugs are also used to relieve the condition in children.

Drugs for small patients are available in the form of a syrup:

  • Ambroxol.
  • "Bromhexine".
  • "Lazolvan".

For infants it is good to apply "Fluimucil" in granules, which should be dissolved in water and allowed to drink to the baby.

All medicines are prescribed exclusively by a doctor and are applied strictly on the advice of a pediatrician.

Inhalation is an excellent method for getting rid of sputum

Such procedures can be used for children over two years old. Inhalations provide a rapid escape of sputum and effectively relieve cough.

During the procedure, the following rules should be observed:

  1. Adult should always be near the child.
  2. Begin inhalation only after boiling water has cooled slightly. Ten minutes for cooling is enough.
  3. Carry out the procedure for 5 minutes.
  4. After inhalation, put the baby on the bed. Do not let him breathe the cold air.

Recipes for inhalation:

  1. Honey stir in the water( 1 part honey to 5 parts water).Heat to a temperature of 40 degrees. With more heating, honey loses its healing properties.
  2. If the sputum is very hard to retire, then the following prescription for inhalation can help.4 tablespoons of alkaline mineral water( before use, hold open, to get out the gas) mix with 1 liter of hot water.
  3. Medicinal herbs - chamomile, mint, eucalyptus, birch leaves, sage - they are brewed separately or mixed.
  4. Mix the onion juice or garlic with water( 1 part juice into 10 parts water).Such inhalations are recommended for sore throats.

It is also useful to reduce a child to a sauna, but only after consulting a doctor.

sputum in adults

Treatment of adults

Drugs that provide better expectoration of mucus and eliminate the inflammatory processes that caused sputum are divided into two types:

  1. Drugs taken with a dry cough for liquefaction of sputum.
  2. Drugs that stimulate the bronchi. Under the influence of such drugs, they effectively reduce and contribute to the expectoration of mucus.

Medicines for liquefying sputum can be purchased at a pharmacy. They are sold without a prescription. But it's better to consult a doctor before starting any medication, which will diagnose and prescribe an individual treatment.

Folk remedies

Sputum in adults is perfectly treatable by folk remedies. Ancient recipes are very effective in combating various ailments provoking stagnation of mucus.

Adults can improve sputum evacuation by the following means:

  1. Inhalation is an effective procedure. It promotes the dilution of phlegm. There are many recipes for inhalations. You can use the following. Boil potatoes in a uniform, cut in half and put in a wide container. The patient should inhale the pairs of potatoes, covering himself with a towel so that the surrounding air does not interfere with inhalation. The procedure should be repeated several times a day. After a couple of days, the sputum will start to depart perfectly. No less effective is a recipe. Prepare herbal decoction. You can take eucalyptus, sage or pine buds. Pour into a large bowl and, like with potato inhalation, breathe a couple of broth.
  2. Gorchiki warm and help the secretion of mucus. You can also put an iodine net on your chest. Contraindication for this procedure is high fever.
  3. Drink warm milk or radish juice mixed with honey.

phlegm what to do

However, remember that such procedures are not suitable for all patients. Traditional methods of treatment have contraindications.

For example, not every organism is able to tolerate certain types of herbs. Menthol can provoke an asthmatic cough. But potato inhalation has practically no contraindications. But all the same, it is better to consult with a competent specialist about folk remedies.