Types of drugs

To date, the world has a variety of types of drugs. All of them are divided according to the type of effect that has on the human body:

  • stimulants;
  • sedative;
  • hallucinogens;
  • aphrodisiac.

By origin, they can be plant, synthetic and mixed. Most belong to the latter group.

All types of drugs are psychoactive. This means that under their influence, a person's behavior, sensations, and way of thinking change. They have unpredictable effects on mental and physical health, in addition to this there is such a thing as addiction.

Any, even the newest types of drugs have side effects:

  1. There is a sense of anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, psychosis.
  2. Some of these relate to stimulants. Their use leads to depression, insomnia, exhaustion.
  3. Act on mental development.
  4. Even drugs of plant origin can be poisonous to humans and provoke various diseases( coma, kidney failure) and even death.

Marijuana is a plant that is specially grown or wild in nature. It is used in three kinds. The most popular is resin( hard lumps or bars).Also used leaves and oil. Marijuana is added to tobacco and smoked.

Impact: a person feels happy, becomes sociable and cheerful. Exacerbated sensory organs, growing hunger.

Side effects: reduced ability to concentrate, remember. Some people have a feeling of panic, anxiety, delirium and hallucinations.

Risks: Despite its natural origin, marijuana negatively affects a person. Long-term use leads to addiction, which significantly increases the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, problems with childbearing function.

Ecstasy is an artificially created drug in the laboratories. Sold in the form of tablets and may contain other narcotic substances.

Impact: gives a feeling of calm, happiness and love for others. A person is filled with energy, thanks to which you can dance all night.

Side effects: causes rapid heartbeat, increases blood pressure and temperature. May cause dizziness, muscle pain, clenching of the jaws, trembling in the body, disorientation, dehydration, fatigue.

Risks: After application, there is fatigue, depression. Long-term use threatens various mental illnesses, heart attacks, asthma, heart attack.

Heroin - known to everyone who has ever used drugs. The types of herbal preparations to which heroin belongs are extremely dangerous to health. It is obtained from morphine, which is contained in opium poppy. It is smoked or injected.

Exposure: immediately after the injection there is a surge of joy, tranquility, a dreamy state. A person becomes warm and calm. Reduced aggression, pain and sexual desire.

Side effects: violation of respiratory functions, constipation. Overdoses are possible.

Risks: infection with hepatitis B and C, HIV infection. Regular use quickly leads to addiction. Overdose can be fatal.

Solvents are types of drugs derived from household products( thinner, glue, gasoline and so on).As a rule, they are inhaled or drunk.

Impact: generates a condition similar to alcoholic intoxication. There are hallucinations and confusion.

Side effects: there is aggressiveness, vomiting, hangover, headaches.

Risks: Confusion and inability to control yourself can lead to accidents and accidents. Some drugs come with cardiac arrest.

Today different types of drugs are known and all of them harm health in one way or another.