The drug "Lizoformin 3000": instructions for use, description, price. Reviews about "Lysoformine 3000"

Disinfectants are actively used not only in hospitals and polyclinics, but also at home. A few consumers know about the properties of such substances, how they should be used and where they can be purchased. Therefore, in this article, we decided to highlight this topic.

Today we will tell you about such a disinfectant as "Lizoformin 3000".The instruction, the description of the preparation, the features of its use and the composition will be discussed below.

lisoformin 3000 user manual

Packaging, description, form and composition of the preparation

The medication "Lizoformin 3000", the instruction for which is enclosed in a box of cardboard, is a sterilizing and disinfectant with an activator.

One bottle of this disinfectant contains glyoxal( 7.5%), glutaraldehyde( 9.5%) and didecyldimethylammonium chloride( 9.6%).Also, this preparation contains various auxiliary ingredients.

As for the activator, it consists of alkaline components, inert additives and distilled water.

This product is sold in polyethylene cans of 1000 ml. The activator is also placed in polyethylene bottles( 100 ml).

lisoformin 3000 user manual

Pharmacology cleanser

What properties are inherent in such a tool as "Lizoformin 3000"?Instruction for use( the price of the drug is indicated below) reports that this medicine has a bactericidal( including sporicidal and tuberculosis), virucidal and fungicidal effects.

This product retains its properties even after freezing and further thawing.

Features of the preparation

What should a consumer know before using Lizoformin 3000?Instructions for use indicate that the drug in question has fixing properties. This requires preliminary cleaning of products intended for medical use, from organic impurities( before direct disinfection).

It should also be noted that the antimicrobial properties of this drug are enhanced by using the activator supplied. the instruction to a preparation lizoformin 3000 r r 20ml

Indications for use of

The instruction for the use of the preparation "Lizoformin 3000" states that this preparation is intended for use in medical and preventive institutions with a view to:

  • eliminating and preventing mold in non-residential premises( cellars, warehouses and others, except grocery);
  • disinfection of technical and sanitary equipment, surfaces in the premises and cleaning material in the presence of bacterial infections( including tuberculosis), viral and fungal( including candidiasis, dermatophytosis) origin;
  • disinfection of technical and sanitary equipment, surfaces in premises and cleaning material for very dangerous infections( for example, such as plague, cholera, sap, tularemia, melioidosis);
  • disinfection of medical devices( including dental and surgical instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes and instruments to them) from various materials with similar infections( including pre-sterilization cleaning by adding Blanisol Pur);
  • disinfection of TLDs( high-level endoscopes);
  • treatment of medical devices for very dangerous infections( for example, with anthrax);
  • disinfection of dental prostheses made of metals, dental prints made of silicone, alginate, polyester resin, plastic and ceramics, as well as articulators made of corrosion-resistant materials( via an activated 10% solution);
  • of the final or so-called pre-sterilization cleaning of medical devices, which is combined with disinfection with the drug "Blanisol-Pur".

lizoformin 3000 instructions description of the preparation

Activity of

Which microorganisms are particularly active in the preparation of "Lizoformin 3000"?Instruction for use informs that this agent shows itself well against bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosi, gram-positive microflora, gram-negative microbes, influenza virus, parainfluenza and other pathogens of acute respiratory viral infection.

One can not help saying that this disinfectant is effective in pathogenic fungi, candida, dermatophytons, melioidosis, anthrax, sapa, cholera, tularemia and the plague.

Instruction for the preparation "Lizoformin 3000"

R-p( 20 ml, 100 ml or 150 ml per square meter) "Lizoformina 3000" is used for surface treatment in rooms. It raises rags, and then carefully wipe it with technical and sanitary equipment and other equipment.

To eliminate mold, the surface is previously cleaned with a 1% solution of the product, after which it is wiped with a cotton cloth well soaked in the preparation.

The period of disinfection is about two hours( until the time of re-treatment).

instruction on the use of the lysoformin 3000

Specific recommendations for the use of the disinfectant

Is the "Lizoformin 3000" product toxic? The instruction for use states that according to the toxicity parameters this medication belongs to the third class of moderately hazardous substances. When ingested, it has a pronounced irritant effect.

Also, this agent can promote mild irritation of the mucous membranes and skin. When preparing an 8% working solution, which has an elevated temperature( 50 degrees), it has a sensitizing effect.

The activator when introduced into the stomach also belongs to the third class of moderately hazardous substances. And when you apply this product to the skin and with inhalation - to the fourth class of low-risk elements.

Activator has a mild irritant effect on the skin. However, it does not have sensitizing effects.

The worker, or the so-called activated 10% solution of "Lysoformin 3000" when introduced into the stomach is classified as a third class of moderately hazardous substances, and when applied to the skin - to the fourth class of low-hazardous substances. It should also be noted that it has a weak sensitizing and mild irritant effect on the mucous membranes of the eyes and skin.

reviews about lysoformine 3000

Shelf life and price

How long can I store the drug we are considering? In a packaged form, the disinfectant can be stored for 2.5 years. As for the working staff, it should be applied within two weeks.

The cost of this disinfectant may vary slightly. The average price of this drug( per 1 l / kg) is about 1,450 rubles.

Reviews about "Lysoformin 3000"

According to the experts, "Lizoformin 3000" is the best disinfectant. It cleans well the medical equipment, surfaces of non-residential premises, dental and surgical instruments.

lisoformin 3000 user manual

It should also be noted that this product is available in a convenient form. It is enough to moisten the rag with a solution and immediately use it for its intended purpose.

Unfortunately, experts say that it is undesirable to use such a product at home, as it is very toxic. In addition, they are prohibited from treating surfaces in food premises. If the drug gets inside, it can cause severe poisoning, and the mucous membranes and skin - irritation.