Nutrition for atherosclerosis. Products that reduce cholesterol and cleansing vessels

Nutrition for atherosclerosis is an important part of complex treatment. The cause of the disease is the deposition of harmful fats on the walls of the vessels, which causes the formation of plaques. This disrupts the blood flow and can lead to severe complications, such as a stroke or a heart attack. Coping with atherosclerosis by medicamental methods alone, not observing a diet, is impossible. The patient needs not only to exclude from the diet foods that contain harmful fats. It is very important to eat foods that reduce cholesterol and clearing vessels. Follow the diet for a long time, sometimes even for life.

Is cholesterol always harmful to

Patients with atherosclerosis are aware of the dangers of cholesterol. But do lipids always lead to impaired vascular patency? In medicine and dietology, fats are divided into harmful and useful. Lipids of low density contribute to the formation of deposits on the walls of the vessels, which leads to atherosclerosis. High-density fats prevent the formation

of plaques. They help the removal of harmful cholesterol from the body.

Fatty compounds of low density are found mainly in food. Therefore, the patient should avoid eating foods high in such substances. This is one of the main principles of nutrition in atherosclerosis.

High-density cholesterol is produced by liver cells and is practically not contained in food. However, there are types of food that help increase the amount of beneficial lipids in the body. It is necessary to include such dishes in the diet regularly. Products that reduce cholesterol and cleansing vessels will be discussed further.

nutrition with atherosclerosis

General rules for feeding atherosclerosis

In cardiovascular diseases, doctors prescribe table number 10.This is a common diet, many of its recommendations concern nutrition at arteriosclerosis. But with the formation of lipid plaques in the vessels need to adhere to even more stringent restrictions. Patients suffering from atherosclerosis, it is necessary to exclude from the menu edging pork, as well as some types of cereals( peeled rice, mango), pasta. Egg dishes can be eaten no more than 2 times a week.

This variant of nutrition is called table №10-а, it is prescribed for atherosclerosis. Features of this diet are as follows:

  1. It is necessary to sharply limit the use of animal fat. These products contain a large number of harmful lipids. As for vegetable fats, doctors do not impose a strict ban on their consumption, and some types of such food are even useful.
  2. Need to reduce the consumption of chicken eggs. However, it is not necessary to completely exclude this product from the diet, because it contains many useful substances. In a week you can eat 2-3 chicken eggs, it does not hurt the body. The product contains fatty acids and lecithin, which can even benefit. You should not just abuse this dish. From quail eggs it is better to refuse, since they contain more cholesterol than chicken.
  3. You should not also get involved in the use of the liver, this product is rich in harmful fats.
  4. Butter is best completely excluded from the menu, like any other fat of animal origin. Food for the patient with atherosclerosis is prepared in vegetable oil.
  5. It is useful to eat poultry meat, some types of fish, seafood.
  6. You should try to consume as much vegetables as possible.
  7. When using cereals, unrefined varieties should be preferred.
  8. No spicy food.
  9. It is not recommended to fry vegetables, fish and meat. It is preferable to cook or stew products. You can also cook food in a double boiler or bake in the oven.
  10. The consumption of salt should be minimal.
  11. The menu should be made in such a way that the food contains a sufficient amount of useful substances.

products that reduce cholesterol and cleansing vessels

Principles of nutrition in atherosclerosis provide for a decrease in the calorie content of the diet to 2500 Kcal per day. This is necessary to prevent obesity. If the patient already has excess weight, then the calorific value should be limited to 2000 Kcal per day.

For atherosclerosis, it is necessary to eat frequently. In this case, portions of dishes should be small. If a person eats rarely and abundantly, the food is digested worse and harmful lipids settle on the vessels.

The main amount of food should be taken in the morning and in the afternoon. In the evening, you can prepare a light dinner of dishes that are well absorbed by the body( fish, marine and sour-milk products).The last meal should be 1.5-2.0 hours before bedtime.

Authorized products

What can I eat with atherosclerosis? In dietetics, it is customary to allocate permitted, conditionally permitted and forbidden meals. In vascular diseases, the following products are considered useful and harmless:

  1. Vegetarian soups on vegetable broths. The first dishes should be served to the table with fresh herbs. Parsley and dill contribute to reducing edema, which often suffer patients. In the menu for atherosclerosis, vegetarian beet soup should be included, this dish is rich in fiber and vitamins.
  2. Dietary types of meat. You should stop using beef, lamb, pork, especially fatty varieties. It is useful to include in the menu poultry( chicken, turkey), rabbit. Sometimes you can eat lean veal. Meat should be boiled, stewed or baked.
  3. Fish. This product should be included in the diet, as it is a source of protein and useful omega-acids. What kind of fish can you eat with arteriosclerosis of blood vessels? Preference should be given to non-fatty species. Sea fish is more useful than river fish.
  4. Vegetable dishes from beets, cabbage, zucchini, eggplant. They can be boiled or stewed. Nutrition for atherosclerosis requires daily consumption of raw vegetables. Salads of cucumbers and tomatoes are useful, but they should not be flavored with mayonnaise. As a dressing, you need to use vegetable oils.
  5. Products from unrefined cereals. They can be consumed in the form of cereals and side dishes.
  6. Morse, compotes, juices( except grape).You can also drink a weak black or green tea.
  7. Fruits. This product is useful, because it is a source of vitamins. However, one should not abuse sweet fruit.
  8. Dairy products. Such food should be included in the diet daily. However, it must be remembered that milk, cottage cheese or sour cream with a high percentage of fat in atherosclerosis is harmful.

what you can eat with atherosclerosis

Conditionally authorized types of food

Some dishes with atherosclerosis are allowed to eat in limited quantities. They are not prohibited, but they should not be abused. They should be included occasionally in the diet so that the patient does not feel hungry. These types of food include:

  1. Seafood. The patient can consume mussels, squid or sea kale in small quantities. This will enrich the body with iodine.
  2. Eggs. Proteins can be eaten every day, they do not contain harmful lipids. As for yolks, they are included in the diet no more than 2-3 times a week.
  3. Oily fish of the sea. This type of food is recommended for aortic lesions. If a patient has an atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, then such a product is excluded from the menu.
  4. Rye bread products. They can be eaten very moderately.
  5. Drink from chicory. Patients with atherosclerosis are strictly prohibited coffee. This drink raises blood pressure and negatively affects the blood vessels. If the patient is used to coffee taste, then you can use a surrogate from chicory.
  6. Cheeses. This product is allowed to eat in very small quantities. At the same time, you need to choose non-quick varieties.
  7. Fruits. Patients with atherosclerosis can not eat sweets: chocolate, ice cream, cakes. Therefore, many patients do not have enough sugar. To compensate for this deficit, a small amount of sweet fruits and dried fruits is introduced into the diet: bananas, pears, prunes, dried apricots.
  8. Green. Parsley and dill for atherosclerosis are useful, but from spinach, sorrel and raw onions should be discarded. Garlic is usually not recommended. However, when atherosclerosis doctors advise to use garlic tincture in moderate doses. This is a folk remedy for plaques in the vessels.

Many patients are interested in: is it possible to eat potatoes during atherosclerosis. When diseases of blood vessels doctors usually recommend eating vegetables. But it must be remembered that potatoes belong to quite high-calorie foods. Therefore, eat it moderately, as a patient with atherosclerosis does not want to gain weight. Potatoes are cooked in boiled or baked form. Do not fry this vegetable, such food is harmful. It is very useful to eat potato juice, it is a good folk remedy for the treatment of atherosclerosis.

products for atherosclerosis

Prohibited types of food

Some products with atherosclerosis are strictly prohibited. These include the following types of food:

  • any conservation;
  • pickled vegetables;
  • baking;
  • salted fish( eg herring);
  • sausages( especially smoked and with fat);
  • fat and other animal fat;
  • soups with a rich broth, broths from fatty meat;Smoked meat and fish products
  • .

Alcohol is contraindicated for all patients with vascular pathologies. You should also avoid drinking coffee and strong black tea. These drinks often lead to hypertension.

Which food cleanses the blood vessels?

Some foods increase the amount of beneficial lipids in the body. This helps to clear the blood vessels from the plaques. These types of food include the following products:

  1. Fish. It is useful to include in the menu dishes from salmon, mackerel and tuna. These types of fish contain a large number of omega-3 fatty acids. These substances reduce the amount of harmful triglycerides, and increase the production of high-density lipids.
  2. Olive oil. This product is recommended to fill vegetable salads. Olive oil contains oleic acid, which increases the level of healthy cholesterol.
  3. Broccoli cabbage. The composition of the vegetable includes amino acids, which prevent the formation of plaques in the vessels.
  4. Walnuts. They are rich in omega-acids, and are able to reduce the level of harmful lipids and increase the amount of beneficial.
  5. Green tea. The drink contains vitamin-like substances - catechins. They help the body to process cholesterol and clean the vessels. White tea is even more rich in catechins, but this drink is quite rare.
  6. Persimmon. Its composition includes polyphenols, which reduce the amount of fat in the body. This fruit has a sweet taste, but it can be eaten without fear. Persimmon does not cause a rise in blood glucose and is low in calories.
  7. Cranberry. The berry is rich in potassium. This element promotes the production of useful lipids in the body.

nursing care for atherosclerosis

You should try to include these products as often as possible in the diet. Usually, with atherosclerosis, doctors prescribe drugs that reduce cholesterol. Drug therapy in conjunction with diet and the use of products that cleanse the vessels can give good results.


Should a patient with atherosclerosis completely abandon the use of fats? Lipids are necessary for the body to work properly in the brain. Therefore completely to exclude fats from a diet it is inexpedient.

One should only make sure that the diet contains as little harmful animal lipids as possible. They are found in foods such as lard, butter, fatty meats. In this case, you can safely fill dishes with olive oil, there is avocado, fish, mussels. These foods contain useful types of fats.

menu for atherosclerosis


Harm to the body with atherosclerosis cause products with a high content of starch and simple carbohydrates. These include sugar and butter products. However, harmful starch can be replaced with products with fiber. They give a feeling of saturation. This dish of potatoes and other vegetables, bread from white flour.


Protein is needed for the strength of the musculoskeletal system. You should try to include in the menu products that include these substances. But it is important to pay attention to the content of cholesterol. It is necessary to give preference to white poultry meat( fillet, chicken breast or turkey).This product contains enough protein, but few lipids. Useful substances are also found in low-fat dairy products and dishes from beans( peas, beans).


The patients' diet should be rich in vitamins. These substances are antioxidants. They remove from the body the oxidation products and thereby contribute to the purification of blood vessels.

Vitamins in atherosclerosis are an important part of complex treatment. They are used both in the form of medicinal preparations, and with food. It is recommended vitamin B6, C, E, as well as nicotinic acid. These substances are found in fish, meat, fruits and vegetables.

vitamins for atherosclerosis

Nursing care

Nursing care for atherosclerosis is carried out while in hospital. The task of paramedical personnel includes not only monitoring the patient's hygiene and the timely administration of prescribed medications. It is very important to explain to a person with atherosclerosis the need to follow a diet. Also, the nurse should conduct a conversation with the patient's relatives and tell them about the principles of nutrition in vascular diseases. It often happens that the patient after discharge from the hospital stops adhering to the recommended diet, which leads to dangerous complications. It is necessary to tell the patient about the inadmissibility of eating fatty foods, because atherosclerosis is most often a consequence of malnutrition.