Ectomorph is. .. Training program for ectomorphs

It's hard to argue with the fact that we are all different people. This applies not only to our characters and appearance, but also to the types of physique. Physiologically, there are three types of the human constitution: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph. The mesomorph is distinguished by pronounced musculature. For this constitution, the presence of subcutaneous fat is not characteristic. Men with this type of physique have a massive trunk, the bones are wide and thick, the muscles are bulky. A more rounded and soft body with a high content of subcutaneous fat is inherent in endomorphs. Ectomorph is a type of constitution of a body prone to leanness. These people can often be seen on the covers of glossy magazines. These people experience difficulties with weight gain and muscle building.

Features of the ectomorphic physique

Ectomorph is a person with a fairly low level of physical strength. It is characterized by:

  • small bones and joints;
  • long limbs;
  • small shoulders, chest and buttocks
  • almost complete absence of subcutaneous fat;
  • rapid metabolism, overeating does not threaten;
  • difficulty in weight gain;
  • high endurance;
  • hyperactivity;
  • is a heavy and long process of muscle building.

Advantages of the ectomorphic constitution

Good nutrition and a well-chosen training program for ectomorphs are the key ingredients of success in how to increase muscle mass without gaining fat. A beautiful, athletic body with a tight silhouette is not an unattainable goal for this type of build. Especially since there are not so many "pure" ectomorphs in nature. Most often the physique of a person is a mixed set of those or other features. And the severity of certain traits manifests itself under the influence of nutrition and lifestyle.

Often these people do not have problems with the fat tissue in the abdomen. Treasured cubes of the press in ectomorphs are already manifested with minimal loads and with the most simple exercises.

Suitable lifestyle

If you want to correct your appearance, ectomorphs should start with lifestyle adjustments. Any stress is a significant obstacle to weight gain. Representatives of this type of body constitution should reconsider their lives and try to reduce external stresses. They do not have to worry about trifles. Relieve nervous tension will help massage, meditation, yoga. It is good to relax people of this type will allow a dream. Despite the fact that people-ectomorphs often suffer from insomnia, one must learn to sleep at least 8 hours a day. In the regime of the day is included and a day sleep from half an hour to 2 hours. This will help to curb the rapid metabolism.

Power supply system and weight set

The mass set for ectomorphs is an important but difficult task. Good results in the collection of muscle mass can be achieved only by using sports nutrition. Nutrients entering the body with food, ectomorphs for weight gain are often not enough. Ectomorph is a person who often has a few meals a day. If there is a desire to gain weight, then this habit must be broken. Ectomorphs should be eaten 5-6 times a day with an interval of no more than 2.5 hours. Eat at the same time you need medium portions. The amount of liquid absorbed should not be less than 2 liters per day.

And a few more of the recommendations below will help people with a lean constitution get more pleasant sports forms:

  • The daily rate of vegetable fat intake should be 20%.It is desirable to use fish oil containing useful omega-3 acids.
  • Proteins are taken at the rate of 1-1.5 g per 1 kg of weight. The source of protein foods can be meat, eggs, cottage cheese, fish.
  • Protein content in the menu should be 30%, carbohydrates - 50%, fat - 20%.The source of carbohydrates will be porridge( oatmeal, buckwheat, wheat), vegetables and flour products from whole-grain flour.
  • The use of monosaccharides( sugar, jam, etc.) should be replaced with complex polysaccharides, for example, starch, rice, potatoes.
  • Do not abuse foods that accelerate metabolism: nuts, dried fruits, beans.
  • Fruits, greens and additional micronutrients and nutrients are always needed. But a large amount of fiber, present in green, can overload the gastrointestinal tract.

Build-up of muscle mass

The training program for the ectomorph is intense, but short. This is due to the fact that he lacks strength and endurance for long physical exertion. The training program for the ectomorphs should include a minimum of aerobic and cardio loads. It should be built on heavy basic exercises for the split-system. What does it mean?

The split system implies a conditional division of the body into 2 or 3 parts. And during the training, which is held 2-3 times a week, one day we work, for example, over the top of the body, in the second - above the bottom. If the preference was divided into three parts, then the first day worked out the chest and biceps, the second - the legs and shoulders, the third - the back and triceps.

Exercises for the ectomorph on each muscle group should include several basic exercises. Each muscular group is studied only once a week. The number of repetitions in the set is 7-10 times, the number of approaches for one muscle or muscle group averages 7 times. Have a rest between the approaches for at least a minute. Between the exercises, designed for different muscles, you need to rest at least 5 minutes. The intensity of training for the ectomorphs should be increased solely by increasing the weight, the number of sets and repetitions. But not at the expense of reducing the intervals of rest between repetitions. The muscles of the ectomorphs are restored longer, so you should pay attention to rest between training sessions. You can use additional means for restoration, for example, massage, sauna, meditations.

The training program for the ectomorphs has several distinctive features: the

  • duration is 45 minutes under the condition of maximum intensity;
  • complexes should be changed every month.

In summer, ectomorphs should work with their own weight, that is, do push-ups, pull-ups, exercises that develop flexibility and stretching.

Food before and after training

Before training, one should eat a porridge( any, except semolina), fruits with low sugar content( kiwi, peach, pear, apple, orange) or vegetables( tomato, cabbage any, zucchini, pepper).

All these are slow carbohydrates, which will provide the body for the period of training with glucose, which maintains efficiency. Drink during training should be every 15 minutes. Half an hour after exercise should be followed by a tight meal, with a good carbohydrate and protein content.

Muscle mass for ectomorphs: use of additives

Supplements can greatly facilitate the process of increasing muscle mass and significantly reduce the time it takes to reach the target. Very useful in this case, multivitamins, which are able to completely provide the body with the necessary nutrients. The best "friends" for the ectomorph, striving to overcome their leanness, will be the gainers, protein-carbohydrate mixtures and protein drinks. Three portions of the weight gain, added to the normal daily diet, and systematic training will contribute to a steady increase in muscle mass.

In case of intensive physical exertion, creatine will help to increase efficiency, strength and muscle mass. This natural compound, involved in energy metabolism in muscle cells, allows the body to withstand the longest loads and to recover faster between sets. And the reception of enzymes will help the body to process and absorb the increased caloric content of the diet. They are accepted not constantly, but by the course. It should also be noted that there are dietary supplements enriched with enzymes. In this case, no additional application is required.

Ectomorph and Bodybuilding

Despite the inherent characteristics of ectomorphs, this sport is not forbidden for them. Purposeful and disciplined people can succeed in any field. Ectomorphs-bodybuilders note that, as a rule, do not observe any complex diets, but with the relief press of these athletes can envy any mesomorph.

Ectomorph is a person with a quality dry muscle mass and long muscles that are difficult to pump. But under the guidance of a competent trainer and with a balanced diet with a high-quality intake of carbohydrates, proteins and correct fats, you can achieve amazing results.