How to reduce prolactin folk remedies?

The human body can be compared to a very complex mechanism, in which each cog in the field must be in place, fulfilling the function assigned to it. A special role in providing the work of this mechanism is played by the hormonal background. Hormones regulate all processes in the body. If the development of any hormone is knocked out of the norm, then the well-being deteriorates significantly. Take, for example, prolactin. What kind of hormone is it, how does an excess of its production affect a person, how to reduce prolactin if necessary?


Prolactin and its function

Prolactin is a hormone produced in the anterior pituitary gland. In the medical literature, other names of this hormone are often found: lactotropic, luteotropic, lactogenic, mammothropic and so on.

Prolactin production is directly related to reproductive function. It affects the growth of the breasts in girls, the appearance of milk in nursing mothers, the maintenance of a yellow body in the ovaries of a woman, the full formation of the embryo during pregnancy and much more. This is not a complete list, but it is already possible to judge the importance of this hormone for a person. However, excess of normal output also indicates health problems. What is the norm for a hormone like prolactin? How can I lower it if necessary?

how to reduce prolactin

Normal production rates for women

Prolactin production in women varies depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle:

  • for the follicular phase is considered to be the norm from 4, 5 to 33 ng / ml;
  • for the ovulatory phase, the normal value is 6.3 - 49 ng / ml;
  • for the luteal phase are normal values ​​from 4.9 to 40 ng / ml.

However, these values ​​are only valid if the woman is not pregnant, because during pregnancy the level of prolactin is much higher.

When to lower the level of prolactin

How should a person behave if his pituitary gland exceeds the production of a hormone like prolactin? How to lower its level, in which case is it necessary?

Excess prolactin levels are hyperprolactinaemia. Such a state can have a physiological, pathological and pharmacological nature. Physiological elevation is not a disease. The concentration of the hormone increases in the deep phase of sleep, at a time of increased physical activity, during breastfeeding, during pregnancy, during sex, due to prolonged stress. In this case, it may be justified to increase the level of a hormone such as prolactin. How to lower this level, it is not necessary to know, because the organism will regulate it itself.

how to reduce prolactin in women

Quite another matter - pathological hyperprolactinemia. In this case, increasing the concentration of the hormone can be a symptom of various diseases of the pituitary gland, hypothalamus and other systems and organs.

The pharmacological nature of increasing hormone levels can be associated with the administration of neuroleptics, antiemetics, antihistamines, estrogens and other medications.

But information on how to lower prolactin may be useful. Especially if the patient begins to experience some discomfort due to his level. A person must consciously avoid deteriorating the quality of life. It is advisable to consult in this regard with qualified specialists.

The main symptoms of increased prolactin in women

The most common question is how to reduce prolactin in women? The main symptoms of exceeding the concentration of prolactin are:

  • a sharp increase in mammary glands;while the process can affect both both, and one breast;
  • milk allocation in unkraft women;
  • change in the timing and duration of the menstrual cycle;
  • weight gain, right down to obesity;
  • decreased sensitivity during sex, up to frigidity;
  • enhance hair growth in the nipple area, on the face, in the lower abdomen;
  • deterioration of the body's solid tissues. Frequent fractures of bones, caries.

how to reduce prolactin to get pregnant

It is these symptoms that should make the doctor visit and find out what the hormonal background is related to. In addition to the prescribed treatment, it will be possible to use the recipes of traditional medicine, which gives a lot of advice on how to reduce prolactin in women. The main thing is to rationally combine medical and folk therapy to successfully cope with the problem.

Why can not I get pregnant?

A high level of prolactin can affect a woman's monthly cycle. Often, this indicator is the reason for the absence of ovulation, causing infertility. After the examination before the patients, the question often arises: how to reduce prolactin in order to become pregnant?

With minor increases in concentration, having a physiological nature, it may be sufficient to change the place of work in order to reduce physical stress, to leave professional or amateur sports, to calm down and to avoid stressful situations. If the level of prolactin is too high, then the cause is pathological, and it is necessary to overcome the underlying disease that causes the growth of the hormone concentration. Very often this is the surgical removal of tumors, followed by treatment.


Traditional medicine

How to reduce prolactin to get pregnant? Folk remedies in this case are aimed at stabilizing the emotional state. First of all, it is necessary to overcome nervous tension and insomnia. In this case, a soothing remedy works well, which includes mint, hops, valerian root, and a little motherwort. Herbs are brewed like tea and drunk at night. In the soothing collection may be a little hawthorn and St. John's wort, but to use these herbs often is not worth it.

An excellent anti-stress effect has an alcoholic infusion of a rod. It allows you to normalize the hormonal background with a slight imbalance, and improves your well-being due to the content of vitamins, organic acids and essential oils.

For the removal of nervous tension, you can use decoctions and infusions of elderberry. You can also eat homemade jelly and jelly from this berry. However, it must always be remembered that folk medicine does not help to completely eliminate the problem, but only slightly corrects the hormonal background, so the fulfillment of medical prescriptions and observance of the regimen of the day are very important factors in the fight against increased prolactin.

how to reduce prolactin in order to become pregnant with folk remedies

Prolactin in men

Many people might think that prolactin is present only in the female body. But this is an erroneous opinion. In the male body, this hormone also plays an important role. Here, he is also responsible for the reproductive function, affects the formation of testosterone and the development of secretion of the prostate gland.

The question of how to reduce prolactin in men occurs in the following cases:

  • with atypical enlargement of mammary glands;
  • with frequent cases of erectile dysfunction;
  • in case of problems with conception, due to decreased motility of spermatozoa;
  • with frequent headaches with visual impairment.

how to reduce prolactin in men

The main causes of increased prolactin in the body of men

High levels of prolactin in the blood of men can be concentrated in the following cases: tumors in the pituitary gland, taking antidepressants, taking drugs to reduce pressure, irritation of all kinds in the sternum( surgical scars, uncomfortable underwear, skin diseases), the use of certain foods, stress, hypothyroidism and so on.

How to reduce prolactin in men? Food should not contain too much protein. The meal should be regular, you can not tolerate prolonged fasting. Physical activity( hard work and playing sports) should be bounced back. Allow overvoltage is not worth it. It is necessary to avoid stressful situations and calm the nervous nerves. This can be done by the same set of herbs that are recommended to women( except for hops).In addition, a man must observe the regime of the day and be sure to get enough sleep, since insomnia also increases the concentration of prolactin.

how to reduce prolactin in men foods

If these measures do not lead to the desired result, then it is necessary to take medications, remove tumors and correct the thyroid gland. One can not hesitate to consult a doctor, because only a doctor can determine why prolactin has been raised, how to lower its concentration and how to restore normal production.