After removing appendicitis, what can you eat? Diet after surgery

What is appendicitis? This is an inflammation of the appendix, which is located on the border between the small and large intestines. This process of the caecum with inflammation requires surgical intervention, namely removal. The operation is usually carried out in an emergency.

Causes of appendicitis development:

  1. Infections of various origins.
  2. Inflammatory process in the intestine.
  3. Blocking the lumen of the appendix.
  4. Blunt or acute abdominal trauma.

For appendectomy, a traditional appendectomy is most often performed. During this operation, an incision is made in the lower right side of the abdomen and an inflamed process is cut out. This method has been used by doctors for several decades. An operation is performed under general or local anesthesia.

after removal of appendicitis what can be eaten

The most modern method is laparoscopic appendectomy. This operation is expensive, but the risk of postoperative complications decreases and blood loss is significantly reduced.

Nutrition in the first few days

After the operation, the patient is left for observation in the department for 5-7 days. After removal of appendicitis, what can you eat in the first hours? The first 14 hours the patient is forbidden to use anything. Even tea is banned. What can be after the operation to remove appendicitis, you will tell the doctor, immediately after you come to a normal state.

what you can eat after removal of appendicitis

Basically in the next two or three days you will be allowed: low-fat chicken broth, rice boiled without salt on the water, low-fat yogurt without fruit additives, boiled chicken breast. Food should be done in small portions about 6 times a day.

Fourth-seventh day ration

After the first days in the diet, some products are allowed to enter. However, doctors recommend to grind all the food prepared for the patient in a blender. This will ease the burden on the stomach. Very good during this period is suitable soup with the addition of vegetables.

what you can eat after removal of appendicitis

The fact is that after the operation the body needs vitamins, which we can get from vegetables or herbs. For example, vitamins A and C accelerate the healing process of internal tissues. A chicken with a high protein content and low fat content is ideal for eating in this period.

what can be after the operation to remove appendicitis

Since in the first days of the patient adheres to bed rest and moves little, there is a high risk of constipation. And this can not only slow down the recovery process, but also lead to complications. Mineral drinking table water can be drunk after removal of appendicitis in normal amounts. It will help to overcome dehydration of the body after the inflammatory process and surgical intervention. It also reduces the risk of constipation. For each patient, the list of allowed and prohibited products may differ, since much depends on the state of the organism and on how the operation was performed. Therefore, after removal of appendicitis, what you can eat and what not, you should check with your doctor. He, like no one else, will definitely answer you this question.

Nutrition after the seventh day

What can I eat after removing appendicitis after the first 7-9 days? Here the situation becomes easier, because the acute period has already passed. But it's worth remembering that it's too early to go back to the old food. It is necessary to exclude all fatty foods for two weeks. To reduce the use of salt or it is better to exclude it altogether. Sharp food can cause an attack of pain in the stomach, so its use is strictly prohibited. Some dairy products are also banned. But low-fat or low-fat content is allowed in small amounts and rarely. You will need a large amount of vitamins and minerals for rapid healing of the joints. It is advisable to purchase multivitamins in the pharmacy and start taking them the day after the operation.

The first period of stitches can hurt, pull, but they should in no case be sore and inflamed. If the pain becomes unbearable, you can take painkillers. A good sleep is another helper in the recovery process. During it, our body is actively gaining energy, while restoring itself.

Food and drink that is prohibited during the recovery period

Is it possible to drink heavily carbonated drinks after removal of appendicitis? No, because they can cause colic or spasms, lead to excessive gas formation. Alcohol is also prohibited after surgery in your body. Such fruits as grapes, nectarines, plums, peaches, pears, pineapples and persimmons are prohibited during your recovery. Remember, first of all you need strengths for correction and normalization of metabolism, try not to overload the stomach with heavy and difficult digestible food.

Is it possible to drink after removal of appendicitis

Broths of medicinal herbs, weak tea will help you gain strength and strength. Any kind of coffee is prohibited during the rehabilitation of the patient.

After the operation, the month passed

What can you eat after removal of appendicitis if it's been about a month? If your doctor is satisfied with the progress of the recovery process, he will allow you to add certain foods to the diet in moderation. But do not abuse them, the body is still in an unstable position, and your intestine is still not fully recovered. Therefore, a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract can be caused by any product used in excess of the norm. Any fast food, half-finished products, fast food products are prohibited. Exacerbation of diseases such as gastritis, stomach ulcer, cholecystitis, can reduce all your previous efforts to a minimum.

Pay attention to this!

Carefully observe the process of tightening the seams, measure body temperature, increasing it can indicate the presence of infection in the body. Try to avoid physical exertion, as this can cause seam rupture, repeated hospitalization and new suturing.

can drink after removal of appendicitis

After removal of appendicitis, what you can eat, the doctor should explain to you in detail. And also to make an individual diet, adhering to which, it will be easier for you to adapt to new conditions of nutrition for your body. If you notice a strange color stool, constipation or, conversely, too frequent diarrhea, consult a doctor.

The advice of

On how your operation went, depends largely on food after it. If appendicitis was purulent, and removal was followed by complications or with a large loss of blood, the diet would be much tougher. Perhaps you will be prescribed antibiotics, which will help reduce the risk of postoperative infection. Experience and stress prolong the process of recovery, so try to be as nervous and tense as possible during this period. In case you can not control your condition, tell the doctor about it. Perhaps he will prescribe a mild sedative.


At each repeated visit to the doctor in case of uncertainty, do you do everything correctly, ask the specialist: after removal of appendicitis, what can you eat at the moment? Your embarrassment and guesswork can lead to complications that will further damage the body. Be persistent and do not give in to desires to eat something harmful - it can cost you very dearly.