"Tongkat Ali Premium": reviews, instructions for use and efficiency

In our pharmacies and on the Internet, a lot of drugs are sold, positioned as drugs to enhance male potency. All of them have almost the same composition and differ, by and large, only the name of the manufacturer. One of such means is "Tongkat Ali Premium".Reviews about this tool will be presented in the article.

This is a biologically active food additive, which increases the production of testosterone and the restoration of erectile function. This drug is a source of substances such as flavonoids, resveratrol, citrulline, coenzyme Q 10, vitamin B12, Icariin, yohimbine. In this material, we will talk about this drug, its merits and how to properly take it. tongkat ali premium reviews

What is it?

This drug is considered a natural stimulant for testosterone. In the instructions of most of the tools of this kind it is written that they will raise testosterone. But testosterone is a fairly broad concept. It should be noted that the increase in total testosterone is not very good for the body, since it needs so-called free testosterone. In this form it is actively used to increase muscle mass and strength, as well as increase libido.

Men's reviews of the "Tongkat Ali Premium" are in abundance.

The problem in this case is that in many of them the total testosterone is normal, but the level of SHBG( globulin binding sex hormones) is increased. This globulin keeps testosterone and makes it inactive, that is, it can not be used in the body."Tongkat Ali Premium" affects the body in such a way that there is a greater production of total testosterone and limiting the effect of SHBG in the patient's body.

This scheme is free from side effects inherent in synthetic testosterone. The reception of this drug helps to restore your own mechanism of converting bound testosterone into a useful, necessary for the formation of muscle mass and libido. Studies among patients who took this drug showed that the testosterone level rises by an order of magnitude two weeks after the start of admission.

tongkat ali premium reviews of men

What is "Tongkat Ali Premium" for?

The reviews confirm that the expected results include the following: maintaining physical and mental energy at a higher level, improving sports performance, fatigue, maintaining free testosterone at a normal level, good general well-being, normalizing the hormonal background, increasing erectile function, active synthesisandrogens. Also, the drug helps to reduce fat mass and increase muscle.

About "Tongkat Ali" negative reviews of doctors are also available.

Composition and form of release

This product is available in the form of capsules. The composition of the remedy is represented mainly by natural ingredients: dry extract of herb grass, extract of the roots of eurycoma, royal jelly, root extract of the Japanese mountaineer, ubiquinone, black pepper extract, yohimbe bark extract, vitamin B12, etc.

The main component of this remedy is root extracteuricom, which is the strongest aphrodisiac and known to mankind for many centuries. This plant helps restore hormonal balance in the male body, normalize the production of testosterone. Cora yohimbe is responsible for increasing sexual desire, increasing energy and resistance of the body to stressful situations and unfavorable external factors.

tangkat ali premium real reviews

Real reviews of "Tongkat Ali Premium" are of interest to many.

The presence of vitamin B12 provides regulation of the passage of nerve impulses and the normalization of metabolism, as well as increasing the body's resistance to infections.

Extract of black pepper has a strengthening effect on the walls of blood vessels, restores blood circulation in the pelvic organs, promotes increased energy and endurance.

Japanese pepper helps in the production of testosterone, revitalizes prostate tissue, reduces the risk of developing chronic prostatitis. The presence of Ikaryin provides the production of nitric oxide and blood filling of the cavernous bodies, has a preventive effect on the cardiovascular system and minimizes the signs of aging.

With the help of bees milk stimulates immunity, increases physical activity, restores the balance of sex hormones, there is resistance to physical stress and stressful situations. L-citrulline helps to increase sexual desire, improve the motility of spermatozoa, increase male fertility and maintain a long-lasting erection. The use of coenzyme Q10 allows you to slow down aging, helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body, and this element positively affects the quality of intimate communication, has a preventive effect on erectile function in vascular pathologies.

About the tool "Tongkat Ali Premium" reviews will be considered below.

toggkat ali premium for potency

Indications for use

The drug is used for erectile dysfunction, to improve the overall tone of the body and for preventive purposes.


The drug should not be taken with severe liver and kidney disease, cardiovascular disorders, high or vice versa, low arterial pressure, severe atherosclerosis, insomnia. In addition, the agent is not used during the therapy with the use of adrenomimetics. Also, a contraindication is the presence of an individual intolerance of any component of the remedy. Undesirable reception in the evening before bedtime and with increased nervous excitability. It is better not to use it on your own, you should consult your doctor.

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Usage and dosage

Usually, one capsule is taken once a day during meals. Duration of admission can be up to three to four weeks.
"Tongkat Ali Premium" for potency is more effective when taking courses in 2-3 months, because it has a cumulative effect.

Special instructions

Shelf life of the drug is two years. Keep in a dry place, at a temperature of not more than 25 ° C, do not allow children to get into the product. It should again be recalled that this is not a class of medicines, but a food biologically active supplement.

"Tongkat Ali Premium": feedback from

The reviews of men who took this remedy are mostly positive. First of all, patients are comfortable with the price-quality ratio. The absence of synthetic additives in the composition of the medium also makes it attractive to the user. In addition, all note the complex nature of the impact: strengthening the immune system, increasing the physical capacity of men. Men note that the quality of intimate life increases significantly without harming one's health. The minimum of contraindications and the absence of age restrictions also add points to this remedy. reviews of sexual dysfunction

Comments of doctors

Doctors-urologists recommend the use of "Tongkat Ali" in case of violation of sexual function. There are comments in this regard. This is a safe tool for normalizing the work of the hormonal system of the male body. The complex composition of this dietary supplements, according to experts, perfectly copes with the tasks set. The drug was clinically tested, and according to their results, all participants in the study improved erectile function, there was an increase in libido.

This composition contains powerful stimulants and health-improving components, which have a positive effect on the male body. According to doctors, the use of this remedy is excellent for restoring the blood circulation of the pelvic organs and blood flow to the penis, and the problem of early ejaculation is solved relatively easily.

The drug contributes to the enhancement of sexual desire and as a result of increased male self-esteem. In addition, doctors note that "Tongkat" perfectly strengthens the immune system and helps to increase the overall tone of the body. As a bonus after the application of this tool a man gets energy, restlessness and good physical shape. The drug also positively affects the duration of intimate contact, enhances a man's sensitivity to attention from women.

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Negative feedback from

Negative comments on the drug can not be found. The only thing that buyers complain about is the possibility of developing an individual intolerance. Also, some men completely lacked any effect after applying the remedy.

About the tool "Tongkat Ali Platinum" for potency reviews of men we examined.