Electronic cigarette Joyetech eGo-C: description, reviews, ratings

Overcoming nicotine dependence is a complex and lengthy process. Smokers with experience who do not have enough willpower to completely and immediately abandon the bad habit, switch to electronic cigarettes, believing that this reduces the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

The device and features of smoking an electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette is a kind of small inhaler that consists of several parts: an

  • ultrasound evaporator( atomizer, from an English atomizer) that feeds nicotine;
  • replacement container or cartridge, which is filled with a special liquid for refilling electronic cigarettes;
  • battery, power supply or battery pack( BB), from which an electric current is supplied to the spiral;
  • microprocessor, which activates the evaporator;
  • sensor, fixing the air flow during the tightening;
  • LED on the tip, which simulates the burning of a cigarette.

Atomizer of electronic cigarette

Evaporator of electronic cigarette is a device in which a stock of nicotine-containing liquid is stored. It is fed to the spiral, heating the spiral and vaporization.

Evaporator of electronic cigarette

Evaporators of different firms differ from each other:

  • by the way of realization of airflow, that is the place of air intake and its entry to the spiral;
  • by the method of storage( where and in what state) liquids for electronic cigarettes;
  • by the method of supplying liquid to the spiral. Wicks can be two, on the supply and evaporation, or one common.

Evaporators can be maintenance-free or serviced, in which the smoker can install a new spiral and wick and service the device in between the replacement of windings( helix + wick).

In size, evaporators can also be divided into several groups:

  • , the thinnest with a diameter of just over 9 mm, resemble conventional cigarettes;
  • eGo-format with a diameter of 14 mm. Electronic devices of this size represent a successful combination of dimensions, and hence the usability and technical characteristics;
  • inter-formatted diameters 16-17 and 20 mm;
  • large devices with a diameter of 22-23 mm. This size is typical for serviced evaporators.

There is still an endangered class with a diameter of 11 mm, occasionally there are heavy and inconvenient in operation evaporators with a diameter of more than 23 mm.

Today, evaporators for electronic cigarettes can be interchangeable. Electronic cigarettes eGo-T and eGo-C are completed with interchangeable atomizers of type "A" and "B", which differ in the form and volume of the cartridges.

Power sources

A power supply is a device that supplies a certain voltage to an atomizer. These can be factory disassembled and non-separable batteries, battery packs with replaceable batteries, varivolts. The power sources are produced in a basically circular form and are repeated by the size of the evaporators. An important characteristic of devices is the possibility of voltage regulation.

Many battery packs supply voltage from the battery to the spiral directly. That is, the battery is gradually discharged and the voltage drops, and therefore the heating of the spiral.

In the design of eGo-batteries( stabilized power supplies) there is an electronic board, which, regardless of the state of the battery, supplies a stable voltage to the evaporator.

The battery pack with electronics, called varivolt, not only provides a stable supply voltage, but also allows the smoker to independently set the voltage. This allows you to achieve certain characteristics of the steam.

Varivatt is a device in which the electronics independently maintain the power set by the smoker on a spiral regardless of the resistance of the evaporator.

The battery life is generated with the amount of recharge that can vary from 400 to 800.

Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Nicotine for electronic cigarettes is in a special liquid. In addition, the liquid usually consists of propylene glycol, glycerin and distilled water, which are used for ease of evaporation and, consequently, the delivery of nicotine to the body. Another component of the liquid includes a variety of flavors. The composition and the ratio of components in it, the taste and smell may differ depending on the manufacturer. The most common liquids are dark liquids Dekang with a fairly wide range and soft to the taste of Mr. Black, giving more steam. Nmkotin for electronic cigarettes

The liquid for refilling contains nicotine in various doses, on which the strength of cigarettes depends:

  • very high dose - 24 mg;
  • strong - 18 mg;
  • facilitated - 12-16 mg;
  • very light - 6-11 mg;
  • without nicotine - 0 mg.

Chinese manufacturers, including Joyetech, use letter indices in the labeling of liquids: HIGH, MID, LOW, NO, ie high, medium, low nicotine for electronic cigarettes and non-nicotine fluid. In liquids Joyetech high in nicotine( labeling HIGH) is considered 16 mg for all tastes.

Nicotine is harmful to the body. Everyone knows this truth. And the more nicotine is contained in the liquid, the more damage is done to the body, so the best option will be non-nicotine cigarettes. But heavy smokers are recommended to gradually reduce the strength of cartridges, about once every two months.

The principle of the electronic cigarette

Nicotine for electronic cigarettes is located in a liquid that passes through the wick of a non-flammable material to the evaporation element.

The battery of the electronic cigarette is energized and heats the evaporation element( spiral).When the helix is ​​heated, the liquid passes into a vapor state. When the smoker puffs, the steam with nicotine, along with the flow of air passing through the evaporator, enters the lungs.

The spiral is made of a thin wire, the material of which has a high resistivity( for example, nichrome).When heated, it quickly glows red-hot.

A dry, non-flammable wick with a spiral is periodically burned to clean the evaporator of liquid and carbon residues.

The process of smoking an electronic cigarette is very common: inhaling, inhaling nicotine. The difference is that the sensation with such smoking is weaker, because there are no tar and toxic substances that irritate the throat during normal smoking. This weakness of puffs is only apparent, so the desire to smoke more can increase the intake of nicotine into the body at times, which, of course, is dangerous.

How to minimize harm from electronic cigarettes

You need to choose an electronic cigarette for yourself not only in appearance. Pay attention to the composition of the cartridges. Almost all contain propylene glycol, which is included even in medicines. But other additives should be avoided. Harm from electronic cigarettes

If the cartridge is not non-nicotine, then it is necessary to control the dosage, trying not to smoke at the computer or in front of the TV.

Therefore, you need to select a liquid with the appropriate content of nicotine and control the time spent smoking. The average ordinary cigarette is designed for 10-25 puffs. On the same number you need to navigate when smoking an electronic cigarette.

It's better not to use cheap devices from unknown manufacturers. On how much an electronic cigarette costs, its quality, composition and quality of a liquid for it directly depends. And, consequently, the harm from electronic cigarettes for the health of a smoker can be incommensurably greater.

Differences in electronic cigarette models

The dimensions of the electronic cigarette determine the fluid supply and the capacity of the battery. From these indicators depends on the operating time of the device. The more electronic cigarette, the less it must be refueled and charged. In addition, a large evaporator provides volumetric steam and a brighter taste.

The use of different designs in power supply devices, and therefore the possibility of power adjustment, also affects the characteristics of steam and the intensity of saturation of the body with nicotine.

The possibility of adjusting the air supply and the flow rate of liquid for electronic cigarettes, that is, structural solutions, provide different characteristics of steam and taste.

Electronic cigarettes can vary greatly in quality and price. Having learned how much an electronic cigarette costs, it is possible to say with certainty how serious the manufacturer is and whether it is possible to trust it. How much does an electronic cigarette cost? A large and reputable Chinese manufacturer Joyetech is not alone in the niche of eGo-batteries. There are many manufacturers little, if not completely unknown, and often the quality of their products at low prices leaves much to be desired.

Electronic cigarette joyetech eGo-C

The instruction for a cigarette warns of the use of original products, including chargers and refills liquids. Electronic cigarette joyetech eGo-C consists of a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. Electronic cigarette joyetech eGo-C

Accessories and liquids are consumables. They can be changed, restoring the efficiency of the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette Joyetech eGo-C differs from other modifications with a replaceable evaporator. electronic cigarette e

Service atomizer while it becomes significantly cheaper, because you do not need to change it entirely, if it is clogged or out of order - just change the evaporator of the electronic cigarette, which costs twice cheaper.

Typically, evaporators use metapen, which clogs with time, and the cigarette is badly pulled. In the evaporator of the electronic cigarette Joyetech eGo-C it is absent, that is, there is nothing to clog.

Another feature of the evaporator is easy access to the spiral( filament).This simplifies the burning procedure and increases the life of the atomizer.

The type of atomizer can be varied. The smoker can choose a cone type "A" with 1.2 ml cartridges( analogue of 18 cigarettes), or a cylindrical type "B" with larger volume cartridges of 2 ml( analogue of 30 cigarettes).

Parameters and configuration of e-cigarette joye eGo-C

The electronic cigarette joyetech eGo-C is equipped with devices with high parameters:

  1. The 1000 mAh battery is equipped with an advanced short circuit protection and battery level indication: it can be fully charged in two hours;
  2. Atomizer with a 2.2 ohm resistance consists of a base, a replaceable evaporator and a cone. The working voltage of the spiral is 3.3 V;
  3. Cartridge of 1.0 ml has a resource of 200 puffs.

The kit includes two 1000 mAh batteries and two atomizers, five replaceable evaporators and cartridges, a 100-240 V AC adapter and a USB charger. electronic cigarette joyetech eGo-c user guide

There is also a cover for storing an electronic cigarette. The instructions clearly stipulate that the device with external damages, even just scratches, is not subject to warranty replacement. The instruction itself is written simply and with clear illustrations.

It is generally accepted that electronic cigarettes are a panacea for those who quit smoking. But since there have been no serious studies confirming the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes, the World Health Organization does not approve of these devices as nicotine replacement therapy. Compositions of liquids in cartridges are also not regulated by any serious documents.

Therefore, the sale of electronic cigarettes is prohibited in many countries. But manufacturers continue to improve and release new devices and fluids to them. According to the users' feedback, the electronic cigarette joyetecheGo-C of the most famous manufacturer-the Chinese company JoyeTech today is the most popular model for constructive solutions, the quality of the device and the fluid for refilling the cartridges.