What is the hormonal correction after 40 years

At an age approaching Balzac, women tend to notice that not only does their appearance undergo serious changes, they change their state of health, and with it the mood. All this, of course, is not a disease, but a signal that the body needs a correction of the hormonal background. hormonal correction after 40 years

Who is at risk most

Experts argue that there is a certain group of women who, before others, will notice changes in the general condition and the approach of withering. It, as a rule, includes ladies who:

  • previously complained of pronounced premenstrual syndrome( the so-called PMS);
  • suffer from vegetovascular dystonia;
  • have problems with the endocrine system( eg, thyroid disease);
  • are prone to obesity or are diabetic.

Everyone on this list usually needs a hormonal correction after 40 years. But how to implement it?

How to maintain your hormonal background

Of course, if you notice serious problems in the form of hair loss or their heightened growth on the body, constant insomnia, irritability, hot flashes and such ailments, you should consult your doctor. But you can do a lot of useful things yourself. For example, make sure that the body regularly receives vitamins B, C, E, A and folic acid.

Hormonal correction after 40 years is first and foremost a properly formulated diet. So, the introduction of soy cottage cheese - tofu( 100 g once a week) - will help to push the onset of menopause, and with it, and ill health, for several years. Soy not only normalizes the level of estrogens, but also prevents the appearance of malignant tumors. A full-value alternative to soy is peas, beans and lentils.

Hormonal correction after 40 years also implies the use of low-fat meat, which plays a serious role in the production of estrogen, and fish and seafood, which must be eaten at least 3 times a week, will help the walls of blood vessels to retain their elasticity. We should not forget about raw vegetables and fruits, as well as nuts and vegetable oils. All these products will help you to maintain youth and body health longer. hormonal correction

Female herbs

Hormonal correction after 40 years is possible with the help of traditional medicine, which offers a lot of money for this. We are talking about the so-called female herbs, able to simulate the production of estrogen, progesterone, and normalize the menstrual cycle. These include sage, goose syringe, meadow chamber, cuff, oregano, hops, linden, flax, mallow, nettle and other medicinal plants.

And most importantly - to love yourself, rejoice in every day that comes and smile more, then old age will retreat for a long time!