What vitamins are in tomatoes? Tomatoes: benefit and harm

Tomatoes like almost everything. This fragrant tasty vegetable grows on beds in the middle of summer. And so nice after a hard working day in the garden to break the tomato and taste it! There is nothing tastier than the tomatoes planted and torn by their own hands. If you do not own a kitchen garden, then in the market and in the supermarket you can stock up on this yummy. Fortunately, the choice is now great, and even in the winter the counter is packed to completion with vegetables and fruits.

Tomatoes are not only very tasty, but also useful. They contain a lot of nutrients, without which the body can not do without. What vitamins in tomatoes prevail, what is their benefit, we learn right now.

Vitamins of the B group

The tomato contains vitamins that belong to this category. These are B1, B2, B5, B6, B9 and H.

Without B1, for example, different metabolic processes - fatty, protein, carbohydrate and water-salt - would be impossible. It also improves the work of the heart and blood vessels, promotes normal digestion and calms the nervous system.

B2 is the main brick in the regeneration of skin cells, it also increases immunity and improves vision.

Without B5, the synthesis of sex hormones would be impossible. Thanks to him, bones and tissues grow, fat metabolism, antibodies are formed. It helps to digest antibiotics.

B6 plays no less important role - it synthesizes the hormone of happiness, it affects the heart, liver, nervous system. Relieves spasms.

B9 assists in different metabolic processes. With his lack of a person falls ill with anemia.

Vitamin N. It gives sulfur to the body, and without it, the synthesis of collagen is impossible.

Retinol and Tocopherol

What vitamin is contained in a tomato and gives our vision clear, clear and sharp? Of course, vitamin A, or retinol. If it is used in sufficient quantity, the skin will be smooth and problem-free, the immunity will get stronger, the tissues will easily regenerate, and the heart will work like a motor. Also, vitamin A has become famous as a strong antioxidant.

Vitamins contained in tomatoes also slow down the aging of the body. And a big role in this is played by tocopherol, more popularly known as vitamin E. Thanks to it, the pressure comes back to normal, the cells are saturated with oxygen, the vessels are strengthened. Vitamin E improves the functioning of the sexual organs and helps digest useful substances.

Vitamins C and K

What vitamins in tomatoes help to absorb calcium? Of course, this C and K are so different, yet equally necessary. Without them, the bones, teeth, hair and nails of a person will be in terrible condition. In addition, vitamin C also increases resistance to various infections. Blood without it will not be renewed, and the body will not purify itself of toxins. Ascorbic acid has an anti-allergic function and helps assimilate beneficial substances.

As for vitamin K, its main job is protein synthesis and good coagulation. Exchange processes with its help pass easily and without failures, especially in the tissues of bone and connective systems. This is an invaluable assistant for the kidneys. Tomatoes contain vitamins C and K in a very large number, so the person feels great, and his organs and systems work correctly.

"Tomato" trace elements

What vitamins in tomatoes contribute to normal life, we already know. Now let us take up other substances, without which man also can not be healthy. It's about micronutrients. Tomatoes contain:

  1. Iron - is involved actively in the renewal of blood, and it also prevents the development of anemia.
  2. Phosphorus - activates metabolic processes.
  3. Magnesium is an antidepressant for the body.
  4. Zinc - normalizes the condition of hair and skin. Calcium is a building material for the bone system.
  5. Potassium is necessary for vessels and heart.

All these utilities are contained in different varieties of tomatoes. For example, if you are interested in what vitamins are in cherry tomatoes, then all of the above comes up to this kind of vegetable. The value of pink, yellow, plum and other tomatoes is the same and proportional.

The benefits of tomatoes

Vitamins in tomatoes are found in large quantities, trace elements too. Therefore, with confidence, we can say that this vegetable is very useful and nutritious. For people who suffer from atherosclerosis and are prone to thrombosis, it is simply irreplaceable.

Antioxidant lycopene is also concentrated in tomatoes - it is much more effective even than vitamin E, although tocopherol is also more than enough. Tomatoes positively affect the work of all organs - kidneys, heart, vessels. They stabilize the pressure, without them, the formation of hemoglobin is impossible. Fiber promotes excellent digestion, and tyramine increases mood, as it takes an active part in the synthesis of the hormone of happiness.

Selenium in the pink tomato variety contributes to the fight against cancer. If you eat two vegetables a day, then this is a good prevention of the appearance of tumors. Also this substance positively influences the work of the brain, increases its ability to work.

Children who do not eat well are also recommended to give one tomato per day, as the acids contained in it cause an appetite. In addition, tomatoes protect against bacteria and viruses. What vitamin is contained in a tomato and is a shield from attacking the body of disease? Of course, an indispensable ascorbic acid, which is very much there.

This vegetable helps the body to delay aging. After all, it has a lot of carotene, and it is able to withstand the oxidation of fats in the cells. It is interesting that its content in tomatoes depends primarily on the degree of maturity. The more a vegetable is ripe, the more carotene it contains, the more delicious, wholesome and nutritious it is.

How to lose weight with the help of tomatoes

One of the most productive functions of a tomato is to help people who are overweight. Vegetables are low-calorie, so you can eat a lot and do not get fat. And the presence of cellulose and chromium, included in its composition, lulls hunger and gives a feeling of satiety.

A tomato diet usually lasts about a week. During this time you can throw about three kilograms. The menu every day is completely identical:

  1. Breakfast. Eat three or four tomatoes, drink tomato juice in any amount.
  2. Lunch. Lenten meat in boiled form - about 200 grams. For a snack - one tomato and juice.
  3. Dinner. A little boiled meat or fish - 100 grams. Tomato juice. Vegetable salad. What vitamins are there in tomatoes and cucumbers? There are a lot of them here. You are guaranteed to satisfy hunger. Well, if you still want to have a snack before going to bed, you are allowed to drink a glass of fat-free yogurt. Remember that during a tomato diet it is important to drink plenty of water, except tomato juice. You can also take vitamins.

Tomatoes: contraindications

Tomatoes can bear not only good, but also harm. The danger is their use in large quantities, because it can trigger allergic reactions, skin rashes and dyspepsia.

Vegetables should be abandoned to people who suffer from cholelithiasis, have chronic and acute kidney disease, gout or arthritis. If a person has frequent heartburn, it should also limit the use of tomatoes.

Marinated and salted tomatoes should be excluded from the menu for hypertensive people. And green tomatoes are generally forbidden to anyone, even a healthy person, because they contain a lot of toxins.

In other cases this vegetable is very important and necessary in the diet. After all, vitamins in tomatoes improve all the functions of the body, the work of each of its systems separately and in general.

How to buy tomatoes

To this vegetable has brought us only good, you need to learn how to choose it correctly. Tomatoes should not be rotten or burst. Ripe tomato - not very soft, but not hard. A characteristic tomato smell should come from it.

If you want to make a tomato salad, buy an ordinary variety. For canning, the ideal option is plum tomatoes. For the preparation of pasta, Roman is suitable, since there are few seeds in them. Cherry is often used as a separate snack. They can be decorated with mayonnaise and served entirely on the table.

Using these tips, you will buy the right kind of tomatoes for specific purposes. And if someone from the household doubts their usefulness and asks which vitamins in tomatoes are contained, respond boldly that this vegetable is priceless for health, good figure and excellent mood.