How much calories are spent in a state of calm by a person?

Any person who wants to lose weight, is interested in how much calories are spent in a state of calm. This information is necessary in order to correctly calculate the amount of food and not to harm the flow of important processes in the body. We also count on counting.

how much calories are spent in a state of calm

Body works around the clock

Even if a person is not busy doing physical exercises or does not perform complex calculations, this does not mean that his body does not consume energy. Our body works continuously in a state of calm, lying, standing or sitting. Simply with increased activity of the body, internal systems need more resources. Do you want to know how much calories are wasted in a state of calm? A person, depending on age and sex, and also on the individual characteristics of the organism, can expend a different amount of energy. In this article we will derive average indicators for different categories of persons. In addition, the calculation takes into account the characteristics of metabolic processes and the lifestyle of each individual.

Depending on the age of the

In calorie consumption, the age of a person is of prime importance. Often there is such a picture: young people can eat any food they want, while they do not get fat. In adulthood, this trick is unlikely to succeed. So, people who have crossed the forty-year boundary, often deny themselves food, but can not get rid of excess fat.

how much calories are spent in a state of tranquility per day

This happens because the peak of calorie consumption falls on the age between 16 and 25 years. And after 25 years, when the formation of the body is complete, no additional resources are required for the body. How much calories are spent in a state of calm in youth? Depending on the sex and size of the body, young people on average spend about 2 thousand calories per day. Below we give the exact formulas for calculations.

Depending on sex and body weight

An important factor in calculating calorie intake is weight. Since men are mostly taller and larger than representatives of the fair half of humanity, therefore, their body spends more energy. There is nothing surprising in that the average man eats at one meal more food. So, we wondered how much calories are wasted in a state of calm. An approximate calculation of the indicators will be presented right now. We already know that the higher a person's growth, the more calories are consumed to participate in metabolic processes of the body.

How much calories are spent in a state of tranquility

Calculation formula

In the specialized literature, you can find many formulas that calculate the energy consumption in a quiet state. Here is the most popular version:

655 +( 9.6 x body weight) +( 1.8 x height) -( 4.7 x age) =?

Body weight in kilograms, height in centimeters. According to this formula, we can accurately find out how much calories are spent in a state of tranquility by a thirty-year-old man weighing 80 kilograms with a height of 180 centimeters. We substitute all the missing indicators and get 1606 calories. Thus, after 25 years, the human body begins to need less energy. Now substitute your indicators and find out how many calories your body needs daily.

What is the base calculation for?

The number obtained in the calculations indicates how much energy the human body spends without any physical exertion( for example, if the whole day does not get out of bed).This indicator is usually called the base level of energy consumption. It is necessary to know it in order to keep the body weight in the norm. So, for example, if the hypothetical person for whom we made the calculations will consume not 1600, but 1700 calories per day, then the unencumbered energy will accumulate in the form of surplus fat on the sides and other parts of the body. A year later, "extra" 100 calories are transformed into 4.5 kg of fat.

How much calories are spent in a state of calm calculation

As you understand, in this case there are two ways: to reduce the consumption of calories to the calculated rate, or to burn the excess with the help of exercises. So, for example, morning exercises can burn up to 270 calories. The same can be said about homework. If you consume too much food, then pay attention to jogging or cycling. These activities help to consume up to 500 calories daily. Of course, there are more intense loads. However, it is better not to overeat. If you know how much calories are spent in a state of tranquility, just adhere to the above rule, making an amendment to exercise or work. And then problems with excess weight do not threaten you.

If you want to lose weight

And now consider the situation when you need to lose those extra pounds. If you are overweight( more than 10 kilograms), do not force events and sharply reduce the amount of food consumed. This is dangerous to health, and with prolonged rigid diets, the body, which does not receive sufficient energy for its vital activity, is depleted. In order to avoid tragedy, we need to know how much calories are spent in a state of calm. Categorically it is not recommended to reduce the basic energy consumption even by half. A real catastrophe for a young organism is the consumption of 500 calories. An exception can only become a day of rest. Therefore, reduce the number of calories consumed insignificantly, make a bet on healthy organic food. In this case, you can always get rid of extra pounds with additional physical activity.

How much calories are wasted in a person

What happens to the body with a lack of energy

In this publication, we calculate how much calories are spent in a state of calm a day. Now let's take a closer look at the processes that take place in the body when it receives less than the required amount of energy. Nature with the creation of the human body was laid down a unique function of self-preservation, which was successfully used by cavemen. It's no secret that our ancestors could stay in search of food for a long time, but successfully survived. The principle of the protective mechanism remains the same to this day.

When the amount of energy consumed is reduced, the body regards the deliberate refusal of nutrition as critical conditions and goes into an economical mode of existence. First of all, metabolic processes will be slowed down, and this will stop fat burning. Slowed by an artificial way, metabolism, in turn, will affect the person's health, lead to a decline in strength, cause headaches, and in some cases even depression. That's why you need to know how much calories are wasted in a state of calm. Calculation by the formula provided by us, it is not difficult to produce at all.

How much calories are spent in a state of calm approximate calculation

Who needs more energy?

There is a special category of people who need to consume more calories than the average person. It is about pregnant and lactating mothers. For these women calculation by the formula specified earlier is unacceptable. Otherwise, the baby in the womb or babe will not receive important nutrients. For pregnant and lactating women to find out how much calories are spent in a state of calm, an approximate calculation will help to produce a gynecologist.

For which processes does the body need energy?

So, when we lie down and have nothing to do, our body produces work. He needs resources to maintain the respiratory, brain, heart, liver and kidneys. In addition, the body needs to constantly maintain the biochemical balance, as well as provide energy intracellular processes. In a state of calm, energy is also needed for our muscles in order to maintain a minimum tone. Cells in the body are constantly divided, and this also requires energy costs.

how much calories are spent in a state of tranquility approximate calculation of showers

What determines the level of metabolism

An important factor in the consumption of calories is the level of metabolic processes. As we said earlier, the peak of metabolic processes falls on the age from 16 to 25 years. And the older a person becomes, the fewer calories he needs to maintain the basic functions of the body. Do you want to know how many calories are consumed in the state of calm of a mature person? Such calculations are also not difficult to produce. So, in 40 years, the average male body spends about 1560, and the female consumes about 1400 calories. As you understand, in 50 years the level of energy consumption will still slightly decrease. We hope that this information was useful for you.