"Relief": Russian analogues."Relief"( candles): instructions and references

Hemorrhoids are a disease in the risk group of which more and more people are. Causes, including malnutrition, sedentary habits, bad habits, can be listed for a very long time. But if the disease is already there, then treatment is necessary.

The most popular drug is the "Relief" candles, analogues, which you can see below. Also in the article an overview of several analogues of the preparation of the Russian manufacturer will be offered.

What is hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids - a pathological condition of venous nodes near( and inside) the rectum. They become inflamed and increase in size, causing discomfort in sitting and bowel movements. Small bleedings may later be added. Depending on the stage of the disease, the protocol of treatment may consist of drug therapy or surgery.

Thanks to both its effectiveness and the advertising campaign, recently the "Relief" candles( analogues, cheap generics and the formulation - in the following sections) have become a popular drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

The active substance of the candles, according to the manufacturer, is shark liver oil. This component has analgesic, soothing, inflammatory properties. About the composition and instructions briefly you can read in the next section.

Analogues Relief Candles

"Relief" candles: instruction, analogues, contra-indications

There are three types of these candles, they differ in composition and, accordingly, in action.

  1. "Relief" - is intended for the treatment of hemorrhoids, has a healing effect, eliminates itching and swelling, stops bleeding. The main active substance in its composition: phenylephrine, shark liver oil plus auxiliary substances( cocoa butter and thyme, vitamin E and glycerin).
  2. «Relief Advance».This type of candles is intended for pain relief. Benzocaine in its composition relieves pain and discomfort, and shark oil stimulates the healing process.
  3. "Relief Ultra".In the composition of hydrocortisone and zinc. This type of candle is designed to eliminate itching and severe inflammation. It is prescribed as an emergency therapy with short courses, after which it is recommended to switch to "Relief".

Contraindications to the use of suppositories "Relief Ultra" are bacterial or fungal infections in the anus. Corticosteroids significantly reduce local and general immunity, in the presence of infections, their use can worsen the situation. It is forbidden to use candles of this kind for tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus.

Analogues of drugs should be selected only after consultation with the doctor. It can be candles "Anuzol", "Hemorol", "Natalsid", "Proctosan Neo" and others.


General action of

Suppositories of three species have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. They relieve inflammation and itching, locally anesthetize, normalize blood circulation in the nodes, stop spotting and promote healing. Their biggest disadvantage is the price, so very often patients look for analogues."Relif" - candles, which, as you have seen above, have a rather unusual composition. Having studied the composition of about 15 types of suppositories with a similar effect, we found only one preparation with shark liver oil in the composition - the Canadian "Hemorrhoids".Through the search for analogs, we were able to create a classification of the candles from hemorrhoids for the main active substance, which would be useful to know the patients.

analogues of candles, a release from hemorrhoids

Analogues( Relief): candles with similar action, grouped according to the composition of

. With some exceptions, suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids can be divided into separate groups according to their composition and main active substance into separate groups:

  • adrenal gland hormones( corticosteroids) - Proctosedil,"Doloprokt";
  • antithrombotic agents - "Gepatrombin G", "Proctosan Neo";
  • various plant extracts and extracts, extract of beladona - "Anuzol", "Betiol", "Pileks", "Krasavki extract";
  • mixed preparations with corticosteroids and plant extracts, or antithrombotic agents - Proctosideil. Candles from hemorrhoids with hormones in the composition. Pros and cons of

    Corticosteroids have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. They quickly relieve pain and inflammation. But there are also disadvantages in their reception. Interference in the hormonal background always has consequences. Apply suppositories from hemorrhoids with hormonal components for a long period is undesirable, as this increases the likelihood of side effects.

    Many analogues of "Relief" in its composition has glucocorticosteroids. This option has the most contraindications, as the treatment of non-steroidal hormonal drugs should be very thorough and serious. These candles are prescribed if there is a pronounced inflammation or itching. After the improvement of the condition, it is recommended to switch to the treatment with suppositories, in the composition of which these substances are absent.

    Analogues of the "Relief" of the Russian production

    The Russian analogue of "Relief" is the candles produced by the Nizhpharm corporation: Anuzol, Anestezol, Proctosan, Natalside and candles with sea buckthorn oil for healing wounds and anal fissures.

    These drugs are different in composition and action, the choice in favor of a particular remedy should be made by a specialist - proctologist or surgeon. Treatment in the early stages of the disease gives an ever less chance of the disease "catch on" and cause you a lot of trouble. Details on each of these drugs you will find below.

    analogue of the religion of the candle russia

    Candles "Anusol" and "Anestezol"

    Analog "Relief" - candles, Russia has been producing for several decades. They cost much less, the effect is proven. The main substance is of vegetable origin.

    The main active ingredients are the extract of belladonna and zinc. These suppositories anesthetize, dry the wounds, normalize blood circulation. They also have an antiseptic and astringent effect.

    Analogue of candles "Relief" from hemorrhoids - "Anusol" - among possible side effects has constipation and thirst, sometimes tachycardia and dilated pupils, dizziness and a state of permanent fatigue, drowsiness.

    The drug is contraindicated in children and pregnant women, as well as patients with severe sensitivity to one or more of the components of the drug.

    If you are looking for candle-analogues for Relief Advance, which can replace the drug and are cheaper, then you should know what the pharmaceutical company Nizhpharm offers them. This type of suppository is not only for treatment, but also for anesthesia. As part of "Anestezola" - benzocaine, it relieves pain, swelling, irritation and itching.

    Suppositories "Anestezol" are intended for anesthetizing and relieving itching and discomfort in case of hemorrhoids or proctitis( paraproctitis), anal fissures and postoperative conditions. The main component of the drug benzocaine is an anesthetic, it stops pain and spasm. Contraindication for use is thrombophlebitis.

    Side effects: allergic reactions and burning sensation in the anal area are possible. Violations of stool in patients were also noted.

    candle candles

    Candles with belladonna for hemorrhoids

    Candles with plant extracts should also be recommended by a specialist. It is not necessary to consider that such products have no side effects and contraindications

    Contraindications to the use of such candles:

    • individual intolerance of oneor several components of the drug,
    • for children,
    • pregnancy or lactation process

    Candles with bellies will suit people with hemorrhoids in the early stages.

    Suppositories Proctozan Neo

    The complex composition of these suppositories has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. The drug consists of several active substances: bismuth sub-gallate, titanium dioxide and lidocaine. The latter component is an anesthetic, it reduces painful sensationsand spasms, reduces discomfort

    The bismuth subgallate disinfects and exerts an astringent effect. The composition also contains bufeksamak - a synthetic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory component. Together, these substances enhance each other's effect, anesthetize, reduce discomfort, stop bleeding, normalize blood flow and lead to the healing of ulcers and cracks in the pranal area.

    Suppositories are prescribed for the treatment of hemorrhoids of the first and second degree, with anal fissures and microtrauma, proctitis and other inflammatory processes of the rectum.

    Contraindications to the drug: children's age and pregnancy, individual sensitivity to the components. Side effects are poorly expressed, it can be an allergic reaction in the form of itching or hives.

    Relax Advance Candles Analogues

    "Hemorrhoids" with shark oil - description and reviews

    Looking for the analogues we are considering( "Relief")?Candles "Hemorron" are the closest in composition to the original remedy. Complex effect of the drug is due to similar components of "Relief" - phenylephrine and shark liver oil.

    Suppositories eliminate swelling and inflammation, reduce pain and discomfort.

    Contraindications to suppositories are tachycardia and high blood pressure. You can not use them in case of liver failure.

    Side effects are minor. Among them - increased blood pressure, bradycardia, the effect of noise in the ears. Also sensations of nervous excitement, causeless fear, sleeplessness and irritability are possible. If side effects increase, it is necessary to stop taking the drug.

    The old good "Heparin ointment"

    One of the old and well-proven funds for the treatment of hemorrhoids is the "Heparin ointment".It is a good analogue of the candles "Relief Ultra" and "Relief Advance".It is prescribed for hemorrhoids and anal fissures with bleeding. Will relieve inflammation, normalizes blood circulation in the affected area, relieves discomfort. The main effect of the ointment is also aimed at reducing the formed blood clots and preventing the appearance of new ones. Also in the composition there is benzocaine, which relieves pain and discomfort.

    Indications for the use of ointment:

    • external hemorrhoids of chronic type;
    • hemorrhoids that arose in the process of complicated delivery;
    • prevention and treatment of inflamed veins.

    This ointment is a pretty good analogue of "Relief".Candles Russia does not produce this composition, the medicine is available only in this form.

    Contraindications to the use of ointment are general hypersensitivity and allergic reactions to one or more components of the ointment, as well as necrotic processes.

    Side effects are possible in the form of redness, increased temperature of the tissues at the site of application and allergic reactions.


    In conclusion

    As you can see, for treatment of external and internal hemorrhoids it is possible to apply not only candles "Relief".Analogues( cheap, but not less effective) can be found in pharmacies. However, always consult a specialist, self-medication can be at best ineffective, at worst - dangerous for your health.