Vitamins "Pikovit": reviews, instructions and composition. Preparation "Pikovit" for children from 1 year: reviews

Vitamins play a crucial role in the correct growth and development of the child. Therefore, parents should ensure that their baby's diet is as varied and full as possible. But very often moms and dads are faced with such a problem that the child is very poorly eating, which means that they are deficient in many vital elements. For such cases, there is the drug "Pikovit".Reviews confirm that these delicious syrups are enjoyed by children, and as a result, parents can be calm for their future. pikovit reviews

Description of the drug

This drug is specifically designed for children. The line is represented by vitamin syrups and vitamin-mineral supplements, which meet all the needs of a growing organism. All varieties of the preparation have excellent taste, and the form of the release is presented in a convenient form. The dosage is adapted to a certain age of the child. This led to the high popularity of the drug "Pikovit".Parents' reviews suggest that it is extremely convenient to give a child a spoonful of sweet syrup and not to worry about how to feed him a medicine. pikovit for children reviews

Properties of the drug

This is not a medicine, but it helps a lot in the period of intensive growth and development of the body, which means it is indispensable for young children. This complex is necessary in the period of high physical and mental loads, and kids every day learn something and do not sit still. That is why it is extremely important to provide them with everything necessary. What do parents say that give their children "Pikovit"?The reviews emphasize that children noticeably begin to ache less often, that is, plus the whole complex helps to increase the body's resistance to infections and viruses. In this regard, not only does the incidence of infectious diseases decrease, but the recovery period after them decreases.

There is one more important property of the drug "Pikovit".The reviews point out that children with poor appetite begin to eat much better. It is very important to take a vitamin complex for school children. In this regard, the child's cognitive functions are restored, memory and thinking, logic are observed. This is due to the normalization of metabolism. pikovit for children from 1 year reviews

Vitamin supplements or full-value natural food?

This is a subject of constant disputes between doctors and parents. In fact, it is much better if the child receives all the necessary vitamins and mineral complexes from food. However, it must be ensured that the products that were used to prepare the dishes are natural and safe. Can you know for sure that vegetables grew without the use of pesticides and various growth accelerators, and the chicken did not eat hormonal supplements? Probably not, what can I say about the abundance of products, stuffed with dyes and preservatives. Therefore, the quality of food should be given a lot of attention. If this condition is met, the child has a good sleep and appetite, and after physical exertion, he does not become sluggish, then we can say that he will not need to give vitamin complexes.

If everything is not so rosy, then it is worth considering the choice long before the health problems begin. Usually deficiency of necessary microelements leads to the fact that the child starts to get sick often, so soon your pediatrician will pay attention to the need to take vitamins. Many offer exactly "Pikovit" for children. The doctors say that this is a very convenient additive to food, which perfectly takes into account all the needs of the body. And since parents at all desire can not always provide the child with food that would contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals, this is simply an urgent necessity. pikovit of the year reviews

Allergic diseases in children

This is another problem category of children - those who almost always have a deficit of essential minerals and vitamins. The problem is that food allergy means limiting the use of a number of foods, which leads to a lack of nutrients in the growing body. For such cases the preparation "Pikovit" for children is ideal. The opinions of doctors confirm not only its high efficiency, but also its safety.

Vitamin complexes allow you to replenish strength and energy, they enable children to grow healthy and strong. Every day the children's organism experiences enormous loads, physical and psychological. In order to easily overcome them and every day to learn the world, and created vitamins "Pikovit" for children from 1 year. Parents' reviews indicate that the child, taking this vitamin complex, becomes much more active and at the same time more diligent, more capable in learning. pikovit for children from the year reviews

Purpose of the preparation

You can take this decision yourself, because the vitamin complex is not a drug. However, most often the doctor himself recommends taking the drug "Pikovit" for children from 1 year. The doctors' reviews emphasize that it is extremely important to consume it with a lack of minerals and vitamins, with an inadequate and unbalanced diet. It is recommended to take this medication also after a previous illness, against a background of low immunity. It is important to drink vitamins during the rehabilitation period after a serious illness or a surgery.

Composition, active elements of

The entire product line has the same composition, with the only difference that syrups are for small children and have a lower dosage of vitamins and minerals, and lozenges are more. The very first product of this series is the "Pikovit" vitamins from year to year. Parents' reviews suggest that children drink this delicious syrup with pleasure. At the same time, mother can be calm and confident that her child does not suffer from a lack of necessary substances. The preparation contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, C, D3, PP.In addition, the composition is enriched with folic acid, calcium and phosphorus, as well as the necessary vitamin E. Each balanced complex is designed strictly for a certain age, and therefore provides opportunities for optimal growth and development of the child every day.

For older children, you can choose the lozenges. They contain the same set of vitamins, but only the form of a delicious tablet is much more convenient for grown-up children than syrup. pikovit from 1 year reviews

Instruction for use

Let's start with how to apply "Pikovit" for children from year to year. Parents' reviews indicate that syrups were given to babies from a very young age, but later they did not depart from this form. Doctors confirm that it is possible to give schoolchildren syrup, but it is necessary to increase the dosage. From one to three years, you need to give your child one teaspoon twice a day. Children from three to six years give one teaspoon three times a day. From seven to fourteen years, give one teaspoon four times a day. Do not exceed the dosage.

The instruction says that the syrup can be consumed both in pure and diluted form. Most often, it is the second option that parents choose when they need to give the kids "Pikovit" vitamins from 1 year. Testimonials suggest that the necessary dosage can be poured into the drinker with juice, and then the child will drink with pleasure a vitaminized drink. The course of admission is usually a month. Then it is recommended to take a break, after which you can repeat.

Pastilles for older children

They should be rassevat until completely dissolved. Children from four years with pleasure eat lozenges, since they have a pleasant taste. From four to seven years it is recommended to use lozenges after eating one piece, 3-4 times a day. Since seven years, the dosage increases, now it is necessary to consume 5-7 pieces per day. Do not forget that it is strictly forbidden to combine this complex with other multivitamin preparations. vitamins pikovit reviews of doctors


However, even taking vitamin preparations, care must be taken. Vitamins "Pikovit"( doctors' reviews fully confirm this information) are quite safe, but if you did not give them to your child before, it's better to do with a small dose( half or a third put).Individual reaction of an organism in the form of allergic rashes is possible. If everything is normal, then you can continue taking the drug in the usual dosage.

Admission of this vitamin complex is contraindicated in diabetes, hypervitaminosis, as well as with high sensitivity to the components of the drug. In any case, before starting treatment, consult a doctor.