Irrigator Panasonic EW 1211 for the oral cavity: manual, reviews

Until recently, it was possible to take care of the oral cavity mainly with the use of chemical agents - pastes, powders, rinsers. But not so long ago on sale there were very interesting devices, also intended for this purpose - irrigators. Cleaning of the oral cavity with their use is performed by means of water jets that flow under pressure. By design, all the irrigators currently available on the market are classified as stationary and mobile. The latest version of devices enjoys the greatest popularity among consumers. After all, such an irrigator can be used not only at home, but, for example, take along on the road - on the train.

irrigator panasonic ew 1211

One of the most high-quality, in the opinion of consumers, portable models of such a device is the irrigator Panasonic Dentacare EW 1211 . This is the very device and talk in our article.

What is the

model? This dental unit is well known in the market by the company Matsushita Electric Co

.Dimensions irrigator Panasonic EW 1211 im it's pretty small. All of its design can easily fit in your hand. In the complete set with the tool there is a compact charger with a plug and nozzles.

Body irrigator Panasonic EW 1211 is made of high-quality plastic. There is a water tank inside it. The volume of this irrigator is 135 ml. Dimensions of it are small, and so finding a place for him in the bathroom will be completely easy.

Is it convenient to use?

Based on customer feedback, it's very easy to use the Panasonic EW 1211 .With regard to ease of use for stationary models, this irrigator is second only to the volume of water to be filled. Unfortunately, the tank is not too big. In the process of cleaning teeth and the mouth, the owner has to add water several times.

irragator panasonic ew 1211 reviews

Another disadvantage of the device in comparison with stationary models is the weight. In the design Panasonic EW 1211 is included, among other things, and the battery. In stationary models, there is no such supplement, and consequently, they weigh less.

The main advantage of the device in comparison with stationary models is, of course, its mobility. Even in an apartment such a device is often convenient to use. After all, outlets for 220 V are not in all the bathrooms.

How long does it charge the

? Too often, the Panasonic Dentacare Handy EW 1211 irrigator is connected, customer reviews deserve good yet, and therefore, the home network owners do not have to. One battery charge of this device is usually enough for 10 days of use( 2 times a day).At the same time, it should only be on the charge for about 2 hours. The battery in the device is designed for quality. In any case, judging by the opinions of consumers, it serves long enough.

Package Contents

In addition to the charger, together with this irrigator, as already mentioned, two nozzles are also supplied. The functional of the device is not affected by any change. Form and design they have absolutely the same. They are necessary so that two members of the family can use the irrigator.

irrigator panasonic dentacare ew 1211

The nozzles, like the body of the device, are made of high-quality plastic. Each of them has rings of different colors. They are necessary so that family members do not confuse their attachments. One of the rings is usually painted in blue, and the other in red.

The instrument itself comes in a white plastic case with bright blue pads. The manufacturer also produces other color variations of this device. But in the domestic market, they practically do not occur.

What is different about Panasonic EW 1211 from other portable devices

Of course, there are quite a lot of mobile devices of this variety on the market today. Irrigator portable Panasonic EW 1211 in compared with the models of other manufacturers has one important advantage. For today it is the only similar device equipped with an air compressor. This element of the irrigator is designed for filling of the water stream into the oral cavity with air bubbles. Thanks to the presence of the compressor, the effect of "Jacuzzi".That is, the gum is massaged even more effectively.

Irrigator Panasonic EW 1211: instruction manual

A short manual on the use of the of that device, of course, also comes with it in the kit. To clean the mouth of devices om Panasonic EW 1211 Oce is uncomplicated. Turns on and off about but with one button. The latter is located on the front of the shell at the top. The modes of operation of this device are only three. They are also switched by one button. It is located on the front panel of the device handle below.

irrigator panasonic dentacare handy ew 1211

To connect the charger Irrigator cavity of the mouth Panasonic EW 1211 so is very easy. To do this, the device must be simply placed on top of it. The fact that the irrigator has begun to charge will be indicated by a red light that is on fire. The light bulb does not change at the end of the process. This is something the owners of the device should keep in mind.

Nozzles to change on the irrigator is also extremely simple. They are inserted on the nozzle until they click lightly. In order to remove the nozzle, you just need to press the small button on the rear panel of the device. Apparatus attachments, judging by the feedback of consumers, are very long. The only thing - sometimes they can be hammered.

Nozzles for irrigator Panasonic EW 1211, designed for the rest of the family, , if desired, can be purchased separately. If any of them gets clogged, it's likely that you'll still have to drop out of the .To clean the nozzle of the irrigator, for example, with the help of a needle, unfortunately, is very difficult.

Which water to use

The clogging of the nozzles is usually associated with improper application of the device. Fill in with irrigation system Panasonic EW 121 1 only clean, preferably filtered water should be used. No pastes and powders can be added to it. It is allowed to drip into the water only a little liquid balm.


Operate Irrigator Panasonic EW 1211 can be in three modes:

  1. Jet. This is the strongest mode without microbubbles. Use it basically just to knock out pieces of food from the cracks between the teeth.
  2. Normal Air in .This is a medium mode with microbubbles, used usually for washing the space between the teeth and cleaning the gums. The water pressure created by the device operating in Normal Air also allows a good massage of the latter.
  3. Soft Air in. This is the softest mode of operation of the device. It is used mainly for delicate gum massage.

irrigator of the oral cavity panasonic ew 1211

Features of application

Immediately after the purchase of , the irrigator Panasonic EW 1211 and should be put on charge for 15 hours. Otherwise, the device will not work. Begin to clean the oral cavity using this device should be from the very soft mode. Even in this case, the jet of water is fed from the device into the oral cavity under rather high pressure. With unaccustomed after a few cleansing gums, the owner of the device may begin to bleed. In this case, do not stop using the device. In a few days the gums will be "used to the massage".A week later, the owner of the device will be able to switch to the middle mode. The last, the strongest Jet is usually used only by people with bridges.

Press the button located on the bottom of the device until the green indicator next to the name of the desired mode is illuminated.

Which, according to the manufacturer, the irrigator has the advantages of

Sellers selling devices Panasonic EW 1211, to their advantages include:

  • effective removal of bacteria in the oral cavity;
  • cleaning even in places where brush bristles can not penetrate;
  • improvement of the gum condition in periodontitis and periodontitis;
  • the ability to prevent gingivitis;
  • possibility of effective cleaning around br e kets.

irrigator portable panasonic ew 1211

Positive feedback from consumers

Irrigator Panasonic D entacare EW 1211 The appeared on the domestic market relatively recently. Therefore, there are too many reviews about him yet. But, of course, people have already expressed their opinion on this device. According to many owners of Panasonic EW 1211, by the device for cleaning the oral cavity, it is quite good.

Despite the fact that this device is manufactured not in Japan itself, but in Thailand, the quality of its assembly, according to many consumers, is quite worthy. According to the reviews, the hand does not detract from the cleaning. Many people who have problems with gums and who use irrigation systems Panasonic EW 1211, according to their statements, are much less likely to visit the dentist.

In addition to efficiency and good build quality, many consumers attribute the advantages of this device to its rather attractive design. In any case, this device will not look superfluous even in a very beautifully designed bathroom.

Irrigator Panasonic EW 1211: negative reviews

The disadvantages of the device Panasonic EW 1211, , as most consumers believe, not too much. However, he still has some downsides. For example, it is not very popular with many customers that when charging, the color of the indicator of this device does not change to green. Because of this, it is very difficult to determine the time when the device should be disconnected from the network. At the most powerful charge, this irrigator, in the opinion of many consumers, gives too much powerful jets.

There are devices Panasonic EW 1211 and one more indirect disadvantage. The fact is that in the shipments delivered to Russia there may be defective products.

Some consumers also refer to the shortcomings of the Panasonic EW 1211 irrigators and their rather high cost. The price for such a device, depending on the supplier, may be 4 500-8 000 thousand rubles.

Reviews of dentists

A good opinion about these devices has developed not only among consumers. Praise the irrigators Panasonic EW 1211 and dentists. Often people who have problems with gums first learn about these devices from the doctor. After all, the irrigator is really able to save patients from many problems with the gums.

Remaining food Panasonic model EW 1211 removes from the oral cavity really effectively. In this case, and the plaque, the jet, striking from the device, removes almost 100%.That is why in most cases, this irrigator doctors advise their patients to buy advice.

Are there any contraindications to the use of

? All devices can use the Panasonic EW 1211 .There are no contraindications to their use. The only thing you can not use irrigators, including Panasonic EW 1211, in the postoperative period, or if there are any very serious diseases of the oral cavity.

irrigator panasonic dentacare handy ew 1211 reviews

If you have braces, use irrigation Panasonic EW 1211 doctors recommend in combination with a toothbrush. You can also purchase a special nozzle for this device in the store, designed to clean the orthodontic structures.


Irrigator Panasonic EW 1211 user reviews and , thus, deserved good and can be considered device om quite high quality. The Japanese manufacturer gives these devices on the a 2 year warranty. The buyer fills the coupon in the store. It must be done. Otherwise, if you fail, you will have to pay a fairly large amount for repairs. Of course, you should not throw out a box. Perhaps it will happen that the device is defective. In this case, the supplier is likely to replace it.

This product is shipped in a waterproof case. However, especially to lower it, for example, in a filled bath, of course, is not worth it. In this case, the device can easily break down. In the guarantee coupon, it is separately indicated that free repair of the device in case of water ingress into it is not performed.