Preparation "Bezornil"( ointment): instructions for use, description, reviews, analogues

Many people face such a delicate problem as hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Unfortunately, not every person treats her with a doctor. However, this must be done, since the lack of proper treatment of this disease can lead to serious complications. bezornil ointment

As a rule, patients use different candles to treat hemorrhoids. However, experienced specialists say that this form of the drug is not always effective. To medicate directly on the inflammation, doctors recommend using ointments. One of the most effective is "Bezornil" ointment. Analogues, composition, cost, properties and contraindications of this remedy will be presented below.

Description, packaging and composition of

The preparation "Bezornil"( ointment), which reviews are mostly of a positive nature, is intended for rectal and external use. It contains the following components:

  • pearls;
  • artificial musk( muscon);
  • amber;
  • artificial bezoar;
  • zinc carbonate( calamine);
  • borneol.

This medication is available in the form of a thick and homogeneous mass of brown with a characteristic odor. It is placed in plastic tubes and packs of cardboard, respectively. Also in the kit there are 4 tips for rectal administration of the drug.

Description of the medicament

What is the rectal preparation "Bezornil"( ointment)?Instruction for use informs that this complex antihemorrhoidal remedy with local anti-edema, astringent, hemostatic, disinfecting and analgesic action.

bezornil ointment price

The effectiveness of this medication is due to the presence of biologically active substances, which form the basis of the drug.

Such an active ingredient, like calamine, removes the secret produced by damage to the mucous walls, as well as purulent formations.

Borneo is an antibacterial substance, and pearls have a local analgesic effect.

Its strong regenerating properties this medicine is obliged to amber. As for artificial musk, it has anti-inflammatory effects.

Experts say that from hemorrhoids "Bezornil" helps better than other local drugs. It effectively blocks pain syndromes, and also eliminates rectal bleeding, and promotes the healing of anal fissures.

Indications for use

Under what indications is the local preparation "Bezornil"( ointment) used? Experts say that this remedy is highly effective in the inflammation of hemorrhoids and the presence of anal fissures. It should also be noted that sometimes the medication in question can be used for burns and after insect bites. bezornil ointment reviews


In what cases can not be appointed "Bezornil"( ointment)?The instruction for use says that this remedy is contraindicated when the patient is highly sensitive to natural ingredients that act as the basis of the drug.

With regard to pregnant and lactating women, the use of this ointment in this category of people should be determined by a doctor.

Preparation "Bezornil"( ointment): instructions for use

Use the agent in question for the treatment of inflamed hemorrhoids should only be as prescribed by the doctor. Although in most cases, patients use this medication alone, without consulting a proctologist.

For proper application of the ointment, it is necessary to carefully read the enclosed instructions. According to her, with external injuries, the medication should be applied to the affected area twice a day.

For the best result, experts recommend placing the drug on a sterile napkin, and then applying it to the inflamed area. The course of such therapy can be carried out within two weeks.

How to use the drug "Bezornil"( ointment) with internal hemorrhoids? Instruction for use informs that for the rectal administration of a medicament a special tip should be used. It is injected deep into the anus, and then lightly pressed onto the tube. During this procedure, about 2 cm of ointment should be consumed. It is advisable to carry out medical measures early in the morning and at bedtime, and after each emptying of the intestine. hemorrhoids bezornil

Side effects of

In most cases, the preparation "Bezornil"( ointment), the price of which is indicated below, is tolerated very well by patients. Only sometimes this remedy can cause allergic reactions, but only in patients predisposed to them. In this case, the medication should be discontinued and consult a proctologist for another drug.

Special recommendations

After applying the ointment to the rectal area, the patient may feel a slight tingling or even a pleasant chill. This is considered the norm of the drug. After a while, such reactions disappear on their own.

Cost and analogues

How much is the preparation "Bezornil"( ointment)?The price of this tool is quite high. Its cost varies between 370-450 rubles( per one tube).

There are no structural analogs to this medication. However, if urgently needed, it can be replaced by means with similar effects. They include the following: "Hemorron", "Proctan", "Anuzol", "Belladonna Extract", "Aurobin", "Procto-Glivenol", "Betiol", "Pileks", "Proctosan" and others.

Comments from consumers

Many people leave only positive reviews about Bezornil. They claim that only this tool helped them in the fight against hemorrhoids or anal fissures.

After applying the medication to the rectal area, the pain sensations immediately disappear, and after a few days the inflammation disappears completely.

The drawbacks of this drug include its high cost, as well as a not very pleasant smell, which is often felt even by surrounding people. ointment blew analogs

It should also be noted that in some cases, the Bezornil ointment caused allergic reactions in the form of severe burning and itching in patients. In such patients, the use of the drug is contraindicated.