How to look older than your years

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How to look older? Such a seemingly stupid question can be asked only in youth. Still - it is unlikely that a thirty-year-old woman will want to throw herself five years. However, the same applies to men. In fact, the question of how to look older is asked on many forums on the Internet. Let's try to figure out who can be interested in the answer to it, and also how to achieve the desired for both men and girls: the ways will undoubtedly be different.

Time flies, life rapidly passes, and when the younger generation literally comes on the heels, you are unlikely to be interested in how to look older. Rather, it is the prerogative of people in adolescence to seek an answer to this question. Remember yourself - after all, we wanted so much to look at least 20 to start an independent life, to fascinate older kids, to finish school, and so on. There are some ways that will help you achieve the desired effect, since it's so necessary.

How to look older than a girl?

The best option is to change the style, make an unexpected hairstyle, update the wardrobe, habits, use makeup. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Otherwise, the make-up will be similar to the color of the Indian, the clothes will emphasize the shortcomings, and the hairstyle will completely amaze the people with an absurd look. Let's look at everything in more detail.

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  1. Hairstyle. You need to go to a competent stylist. He will choose the best color for your hair. It is believed that dark locks add years. The same can be said about short haircuts, such as quads. In any case, the "mouse" tail will not add years to you, it's generally terribly unattractive.
  2. Cosmetics. If you are interested in the answer to the question of how to look older than your years, then it's worth to fork out for good make-up. Mom does not fit. Make-up should be moderate, so that the face looks natural. The abundance of powder, shadows or lipstick on it will not add to you for years, you will simply look defiant or ridiculous. It is necessary to use dark tones, brown, gray, mascara should be black. If you decide to use a dark red lipstick, then you need to make up your eyes only lightly. Age adds not the amount of make-up, but the ability to impose it, which, as they say, "is obvious".
  3. Clothing. You should choose an elegant style. It is not necessary, of course, to dress up in "grandma's things."But in your wardrobe elegant blouses, strict trousers and beautiful dresses should be more, and shirts and jeans - less.

Of course, the appearance is of great importance for how you will be perceived by others. But do not forget to read smart books. The face must have an "imprint" of the intellect.

How to look older than a guy?

Everything is simple. Do not need to dress up in excessively strict business suits, if you look much younger than your years, it will look ridiculous. Better go in for sports, pump up muscles, start shaving, to give the image some brutality. Clothing should be youth, but stylish, quite expensive and suitable in size. Also pay attention to your behavior with others. If you answer a question with a dense blush, then you should work on increasing self-esteem.

And now "harmful" advice. They, of course, need to be read, but in life to do the opposite.

1. Eat harmful food, gain weight, with every extra kilogram you will look older.

2. Do not use cosmetics and skin care products.

3. Tan more, soon your skin will start to age.

4. Lead a lascivious lifestyle, your motto is now "more random connections."

5. Never read anything. Self-development does not need you.

6. Do not play sports.

7. Abuse alcohol, smoke.

You'll see, after some time, the answer to the question of how to look older than your years, will stop worrying you. Outwardly you will add more than one year, but ten.

But seriously, there is no need to ask how to look older. Appreciate your youth, it is so short-lived.