Hemorrhoids: causes of men, symptoms and treatment characteristics

Diseases of the intestinal tract are increasingly affecting a person in recent decades. Many believe that they begin because of poor nutrition and poor ecology. However, these are not the only prerequisites for the development of a particular pathology. This article will tell you about a disease like hemorrhoids in men. Symptoms, causes of the symptoms will be described for for a detailed review. Also you will learn about the ways of treating this pathology.

hemorrhoids causes in men

Hemorrhoids: types, stages

Causes, symptoms, treatment pathologies will be presented to you further. Before this, it is worth giving a description of the disease itself, as well as describing its main forms and types.

Hemorrhoids are a formation that is located on the walls of the rectum. It appears due to defects in the intestinal walls, as well as disruption of the blood vessels. During the progression of hemorrhoids, the walls of the vein greatly expand, and the blood stagnates and thickens. Subsequently, the inflammatory process begins. By its location, the hemorrhoidal node can be internal and external. Also, education has the main 4 stages:

  • 1 - nodes of small size and practically do not show themselves at all;
  • 2 - the first signs of hemorrhoids are determined, the inflammatory process begins;
  • 3 - the nodes do not reset themselves after the fall, but they can be put back into place by hand;
  • 4 - there is no possibility to fix the fallen nodes, a strong inflammatory process progresses, palpation is unbearably painful.

In addition to the described species, hemorrhoids can be congenital and acquired. The second type of pathology occurs in 80 percent of all cases. Also, acquired hemorrhoids are an independent disease or a consequence of another pathology.

hemorrhoids causes men to develop treatment

Why does it appear?

Often the representatives of the stronger sex are tormented by the question of what are the causes of hemorrhoids. Why do men have a disease? It is not possible to answer it unequivocally. Until now, factors that contribute to the progression of the disease are being studied. If you contact a specialist, the doctor will probably be able to find the true cause of your illness. Every person can have it individually.

As you have already noticed, men are more interested in this problem. The age of patients usually varies from 30 to 50 years. Young people are less likely to suffer. Indeed, representatives of the stronger sex are more likely to face a problem. Women can also have hemorrhoids, but most of them will immediately turn to a specialist. Men do not want to talk about their problem to the last. In this case, a vicious circle appears, passes into the next stage of hemorrhoids. The causes of men in this pathology can be different. Consider why the disease develops, which are the basic prerequisites for this.

Constipation and malnutrition

Why does hemorrhoids appear? Causes in men, which can be called the main ones, are a violation of digestion and difficulty in the work of the intestines.

Most members of the stronger sex refuse to eat properly. They prefer to eat fatty meat food, fast food, various sauces and a lot of spices. All this leads to the formation of slags and plaques in the vessels. Due to lack of fiber, braking of the intestine occurs. As a result, constipation occurs. So, in the presence of nodes, most patients can not normally empty the intestine.

Drinking alcohol and smoking

Hemorrhoids causes men to develop in the form of bad habits. Almost every second patient regularly consumes alcoholic beverages. In this case, the higher their strength, the more likely the development of pathology.

During the use of alcohol and smoking, blood pressure rises. The veins of the lower extremities and the small pelvis are filled with blood. Vessels begin to stretch, forming nodes. It is aggravated by morning diarrhea. After all, often after drinking a lot of alcohol, a person experiences intestinal disorders.

signs of hemorrhoids in men and the main causes

Strong physical activity

In recent years, heavy sport has become very popular. Men can watch dumbbells and barbells for hours, without thinking about the consequences. Some members of the stronger sex are forced to raise their burdens in connection with their professional activities.

All such strains lead to the development of hemorrhoids. In the presence of pathology, physical activity can provoke their loss. In this case, the continuation of the lessons will only aggravate the situation.

Professional activity and hemorrhoids

Causes in men are often associated with prolonged sitting. The disease develops in drivers, programmers, accountants, computer games enthusiasts and simply lazy people, leading a sedentary lifestyle.

If a man has to sit up to 6 hours a day, then there is a stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. To aggravate the situation can clothes: narrow trunks, jeans, trousers. As a result, after a few years of a similar way of life, a hemorrhoidal knot arises.

causes hemorrhoids in men why there is a disease

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of pathology usually manifest themselves in a complex manner. At the very beginning of the disease a person may not notice the disease at all. However, in the absence of timely examination and treatment, the disease begins to show itself more every day.

  • Most often, patients complain of pain. It can be accompanied by itching, burning. Pain appears during defecation and persists for some time after the act. In the later stages, unpleasant sensations do not leave the patient at all.
  • Most men suffering from hemorrhoids, mark the discharge of blood and mucus from the anus. This occurs after defecation or after lifting weights. It is worth noting that the higher the stage of the disease, the more serious the situation may be. In severe cases, the patient suffers from anemia, severe blood loss.
  • Constipation and discomfort are the eternal signs of hemorrhoids. To ease bowel movements, most patients use laxatives of rapid action, but this only exacerbates the problem. A man suffering from hemorrhoids, always feels a foreign body in the rectum, he has a feeling of incomplete emptying.
  • Knee failure is a clear sign of hemorrhoids, which appears on stage 3-4 of the disease. The patient can independently detect nodules in the anal area. In most cases, they are painful.

If you have one or more symptoms of a pathology, then it is necessary to appear to the doctor. The specialist will tell in detail what hemorrhoids are caused by men. Treatment will also be selected individually, according to your characteristics.

causes of hemorrhoids in men

Lifestyle change

You already know what are the causes of hemorrhoids in men. Women this pathology affects less often. To get rid of the disease, a representative of the stronger sex should always revise their lifestyle.

First you need to switch to normal power. Try to exclude fatty, heavy foods. Eat more fiber. It is found in all types of vegetables and fruits, greens. Drink plenty of clean water, eliminate carbonated drinks and alcohol. Give preference to walking. Go to work on foot, and during the work day, periodically stroll every two hours of continuous seating. Now you know what causes hemorrhoids. And the methods of treatment should be appropriate. If the disease develops due to constant training and exercise, then such a sport should be excluded.

hemorrhoids in men signs cause symptoms

Conservative therapy

At the earliest stages of the disease, the patient can very well improve his health with the help of medications. However, the appointment should be made by the doctor after examination and delivery of tests. Much depends on the type of pathology.

For the treatment of external hemorrhoids ointments are used( "Gepatrombin", "Heparin", "Vishnevsky" and so on).They are applied exclusively to the cleaned anus. If the education is located inside, candles are recommended( "Proctoglivenol", "Relief" and others).They should be inserted only after the bowel has been emptied. Often, these forms of medication are combined with oral medications( Detralex, Troxevasin, Venarus).You can take medication for a short time, and in the absence of an effect, you should think about other ways of correction.

hemorrhoids causes and ways of treatment

Minimally Invasive Treatments for

If there is no effect of taking medications, then you need to turn to other methods of treatment. The most popular methods are such as ligation and sclerotherapy.

When carrying out ligation, the hemorrhoidal node is compressed by a silicone ring. Thus, there is a cessation of tissue nutrition, and hemorrhoids fall away. During sclerosing, the doctor enters the desired drug into separate nodes. Then they are replaced with a connective tissue. After the described procedures, continuous prevention of pathology is necessary.

Hemorrhoids Types of Stage Causes Symptoms Treatment

A small conclusion: the results of

From the presented article you learned the main signs of hemorrhoids in men. And the main reasons are presented to your attention. Remember that at the first manifestations of the disease you need to contact a specialist. The sooner you start treatment, the better the result. Do not take any medications yourself. Incorrect therapy can only aggravate the problem.