Polyclinic 166( Domodedovskaya street, 9): photo, mode of work, address and reviews

The state medical institution polyclinic 166 in Domodedovo Street serves residents of several districts of the capital. The structure of the clinic includes three branches that provide outreach to the adult population.


The city polyclinic 166 is a state institution and provides medical services to the adult population of Moscow. The service is implemented on the basis of policies of CHI, LCA and on a commercial basis. A preliminary appointment is required to visit the clinic. The staff of the medical staff has the necessary level of professional qualification.

During the last few years, polyclinic 166 has undergone a period of modernization and has been equipped with modern equipment that allows a number of necessary analyzes and diagnostic activities to be carried out with high accuracy and for a short time. For each doctor a separate room with the necessary tools is allocated. The institution is provided with medical treatment in an outpatient setting, prophylactic measures are being implemented, medical examination of the population is carried out, and educational activities are conducted.

166 polyclinic of Moscow

In the clinic, patients have the opportunity to undergo medical examinations, receive necessary consultations. Attachment to the institution is carried out on a voluntary basis in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation. Citizens of foreign countries receive the necessary services only on a commercial basis.

Polyclinic 166 includes three branches:

  • Branch No. 1 - polyclinic No. 26 on Yerevan street, building 23.
  • Branch No. 2 - polyclinic No. 148, located on Kavkazsky Boulevard, building 45.
  • Branch No. 3 - polyclinic No. 204( Domodedovskaya street, building 29, building 1).

The head office is located at: ul. Domodedovskaya, 9, polyclinic 166. The institution provides primary, pre-medical, medical and specialized medical assistance in the ambulance and day-care center.

polyclinic 166


Polyclinic 166 provides patients with the following diagnostic types:

  • Laboratory and clinical tests.
  • Ultrasound diagnosis.
  • X-ray diagnostics( including computed tomography).
  • Mammography, fluorography.
  • Functional diagnostics.

The reception is recorded electronically, including through infomats located in the lobby of the polyclinic, sites for the provision of medical services to the public.

Diagnostic Reviews

A large number of reviews received 166 polyclinics( Moscow) for the quality of diagnostic procedures. Many patients told that specialists carefully carry out all necessary manipulations, patients with chronic diseases that require constant diagnostic control, thank the nurses and doctors for their courtesy, professionalism and ensuring comfortable carrying out of all manipulations.

polyclinic 166 домодедовская ул.9

Negative feedback tells about long queues both under the cabinets and in the virtual record. Some diagnostic measures patients have to wait for several months, despite critical health. Also, many patients criticized the work of the registry, where it is difficult to get through.

It is mentioned that employees of this department of the polyclinic rarely answer questions and are poorly oriented in the work of the institution, many have the impression that they do not have medical education. Complaints concern frequent cases of loss of outpatient cards, rude treatment of patients, ignoring questions from visitors.

Treatment of

Polyclinic 166( Domodedovo ul., 9) treats patients in departments:

  • Seven therapeutic departments.
  • Specialized departments - neurology, ophthalmology, cardiology, otolaryngology, prophylaxis, endocrinology, surgery( including urology).
  • Offices of specialized specialists - allergologist-immunologist, rheumatologist, palliative care, pulmonologist, dentist, endoscopist.
  • Three women's consultations.
  • Day hospital.
  • Offices of assistance - procedural, vaccination, infectious, pre-medical control, medical rehabilitation, etc.

Polyclinic at Domodedovo( 166) provides patients with a full range of polyclinic services, treatment is prescribed after complete diagnosis. Doctors of the clinic strive to prescribe medications with minimal side effects and are focused on the provision of preventive care for the purpose of early diagnosis of diseases.

polyclinic 166 reviews

Positive feedback

Polyclinic 166( Domodedovo ul., 9) received positive reviews of many doctors who provided timely and effective medical care. The patients told about the wonderful doctors and nurses of the women's consultation. Regular visitors note that for several years the department has significantly changed for the better, a team of professionals gathered, whose treatment causes complete trust. The effectiveness of doctors and their methods is confirmed by the increased number of satisfied results of patients.

Positive reviews left by visitors about the department of surgery. Patients talk about their experience of communicating with doctors and received treatment, as a result of which many ailments were forgotten, and the state of health was stabilized. Many reviews with thanks were written to the specialists of the departments of gravitational blood surgery, allergology, dentistry, etc.

166 polyclinic reviews

Neutral feedback from

There are also weighted reviews that 166 polyclinics have received. General reviews tell us about the sufficient equipment of all departments of the medical institution. It is indicated that there is equipment that is somewhat outdated, but it is functioning properly. Visitors noted that in the clinic, as in many other medical institutions, both excellent specialists and those who do not zealously fulfill their duties work. In order not to waste your nerves, to receive quality service, a recommendation is made to monitor reviews about doctors and record to those who cause trust.

As a useful service, it is estimated that it is possible to undergo prophylactic medical examination, which helps to identify many diseases in the early stages and take appropriate measures. It is indicated that the clinic does not care very much about cleanliness, but this is rarely evident, and in general the situation is under control.

polyclinic 166 domodedovskaya street

Negative feedback on the services of

In most reviews, the polyclinic at Domodedovo( 166) has a negative evaluation. A lot of criticism is caused by the work of doctors - being late for the reception, impolite behavior, lack of interest in their work and recovery of the patient - such reproaches are often found in the stories of visitors. Many patients felt that the specialists either are lazy to find out the diagnosis and prescribe the treatment, or are incompetent in the case, which they are engaged in.

It is indicated that specialists are more concerned with the transfer of clients from MHI policies to commercial services than by providing professional advice and treatment. Many patients indicated that medical and medical personnel often behave negatively, irritated for no reason and often denied additional appointments for diagnosis or repeated admission from narrow specialists. The largest number of complaints from patients describe the rudeness of staff at all levels, lack of professionalism and ignoring their duties.

Domodedovo 9 polyclinic 166

Useful information

Operating mode of the institution:

  • On weekdays, from Monday to Friday( inclusive) - 08:00 to 20:00.
  • On Saturdays, the reception starts at 09:00 and lasts until 18:00.
  • On Sundays and public holidays, patients can contact the clinic between 09:00 and 16:00.

Address of the clinic - Domodedovskaya street, building 9. You can reach the clinic by public transport:

  • From the metro station "Domodedovskaya" - by bus number 717 to the stop "Polyclinic 166".
  • From metro station "Orekhovskaya" - by buses of routes 717 or 765 to the stop "Polyclinic 166"( Domodedovskaya ul.).
  • From metro stations "Shipilovskaya" and "Alma-Ata" - by bus No. 765( stop "Polyclinic 166").
  • From the metro station "Kashirskaya" - bus number 148( stop "Polyclinic 166").